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Nisantasi University
Nisantasi University
Nisantasi University
Nisantasi University

Nisantasi University

Year Founded: 2010
Visits: 633

Nisantasi University in Istanbul is one of the most prestigious universities that has a good history of giving and excellence in the field of undergraduate and graduate studies. Since its inception, it was taking preparing students academically with training skills and experience that help them develop the society, as a goal. The university has also provided all Modern technical means in teaching methods

Global Ranking: 6208

Local Ranking: 151

Initial Price: 2000 $

city: Istanbul

we will accompany you on A special tour to get to know one of the best universities in Turkey: Nisantasi University

Brief information About Nisantasi University

in Istanbul

The following is the most important preliminary information that you need to know about the university:

Where is Nisantasi University located?

The university is located in a central area in the center of the European city of Istanbul, and it has two distinct campuses:


  • The first campus is in the "Osmanbey" area
  • The second campus is in the "Maslak" area


What are the languages ​​supported by Nisantasi University?

The university adopted English and Turkish languages ​​in its curricula for the various undergraduate and postgraduate levels


Number of Students in Nisantasi Istanbul

Nisantasi University has more than 19,700 students, including about 9,500 undergraduate students, and the number of foreign students at the university has reached more than 1,650 students, from more than 70 foreign nationalities.

 the university has registered nearly 24,200 students Since its establishment


Internship Programs at Nisantasi University

 Nisantasi University has many facilities for training and students' development, and to simplify their university life, including:


  • Scientific projects coordination office
  • Scientific research and development club
  • Sports club
  • Dance art club
  • Economic club
  • Literary club
  • Photography club
  • Press club
  • Writers and authors club
  • Entrepreneur club
  • International student club "foreigners"
  • Architectural engineering club
  • Cooking and culinary arts club
  • Cinema club

The university also owns several gyms and private fitness clubs to contribute to students' entertainment and maintain their physical health.


Recognition of Nisantasi University

Nisantasi University is recognized by the following Arab countries:

  • Yemen
  • Sudan
  • Libya
  • Egypt
  • Lebanon
  • Palestine
  • Jordan
  • Iraq

Student exchange programs at Nisantasi University

Nisantasi University participates in many students exchange programs, especially the Erasmus program, which enables students at the university to participate in student exchange programs with major European universities.

The university also joins several student exchange programs with some Russian, Arab, and international universities, and the number of cooperating universities with Nisantasi University is estimated at 125 universities around the world.

Why do I choose Nisantasi University?

Nisantasi University has several reasons that make it at the forefront of the preferred options for foreign students in Turkey, the most important of which are:


  • This university is considered one of the most Turkish universities interested in digital technologies
  • Nisantasi University is classified as one of the fastest-growing universities in Turkey and it managed to attract a great number of students within a few years and has achieved advanced ranks globally and locally within a very short period.
  • The university provides ideal opportunities for student practical exchange with the most prestigious Turkish and international universities
  • The highest rate of undergraduate scholarships in Turkey is for Nisantasi University
  • The university achieved the highest rate of lecturing in Europe, as it recorded the ability to lecture more than 63 thousand people
  • The employment rate for undergraduates after graduation from Nisantasi University is about 72% of the total number of students graduating
  • The location of the university is distinguished, strategic, and easy to reach from any place in Istanbul
  • The university is distinguished by the moderate cost of studying there


Register at Nisantasi University in Istanbul

To register at Nisantasi University in Istanbul, you need the following documents:

  • A copy of your high school diploma
  • A copy of the high school transcript
  • A copy of your passport
  • personal Photo
  • Certificate of proficiency in the English language "TOEFL test" if any

Website and address:


Address: Taşyoncası Sokak, No: 1V ve No:1Y Sarıyer-İSTANBUL - Bina Kodu: Nişantaşı Üniversitesi NeoTech Kampüs, 34040 Sarıyer/İstanbul