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istinye university
istinye university
istinye university

istinye university

Year Founded: 2015
Visits: 633

The University of Astinia in Istanbul is a new edifice of science and culture in Turkey, has proven the academic efficiency of the great in a short period of time, and competed with the major Turkish and international universities since its inception and has achieved a clear development in the concept of university study, modern teaching methods, reliance on digital technologies, in addition to its commitment to distinctive and useful training programs to train students.

Global Ranking: 5870

Local Ranking: 145

Initial Price: 2592 $

city: Istanbul

Come with us to get to know this ambitious university that is making its way to the world with confidence: The University of Astinia

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About The University of Astinia in Istanbul
 Here's the most important information to identify for the University of Estonia:

Where is the University of Estonia?
The main campus of the university is located in the Top Capi area in the center of Istanbul, Europe, and has another campus located in the Olive Borno area as well as in the European section of Istanbul.

Number of students in Astinia Istanbul 
 The number of students at the university exceeds 6000 students, including a good percentage of Arab and foreign students, and the university plans to receive twice that number in the coming years according to its plans and objectives

Training programmes at the Private University of Estonia
The University of Estonia has the 3 most powerful private hospitals in Istanbul:

Liv Hospital
Medical Park
VM Medical Park
The university is also collaborating with 35 other hospitales in Turkey for direct training for students, and is the largest Turkish university with this huge training program.

Confessions of the Turkish University of Astinia                                         
The university is accredited by the Turkish Ministry of Higher Education and is recognized by several Arab countries, including:

Student exchange programs in Astinia, Turkey

The University provides an international student exchange program with many European countries, Erasmus, and has strong relationships with many universities in the United States.

Universities participate in several Turkish internal exchange programmes with public and private universities in Turkey.



University website:
Website: Hetbus.o.estenet.edo.ter/


Maltip, 7stinye Anaversity Topcapı Campsi, Tiaresi Sami Sk. No.3, 34010 Zetenpurno/8stanbul


Health Sciences: