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Advantages of universities in Turkey

Advantages of universities in Turkey

May 26, 2022
Study in Turkey
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Advantages of universities in Turkey Many, and this is the main reason why Turkey has been a destination for students in recent times, not only Arab students, but even students from European countries such as Poland, Russia, and Hungary, so after noticing the clear increase in the number of students going to Turkey, we must show you a detailed explanation of the advantages the country and its educational system.

Advantages of universities in Turkey

Why Turkey ? There are a large number of reasons and advantages that would push students from all over the world to want to study in Turkey, and one of the most important things known about Turkey is the quality of education provided in relation to the financial compensation required of the student, and the following are the most important educational advantages:

  1. Turkish universities are known to have a good educational quality, and are considered high and competitive compared to other neighboring countries.
  2. The rate and quality of university education in Turkey is considered one of the best rates around the world, and the best evidence of this is the classification of the Turkish Middle East University among the sixty best universities in the world, but in order for the picture to be clear, we must mention that not all Turkish universities are on the same degree of High educational and academic level.
  3. Turkish university degrees, especially public universities, are internationally and locally recognized, unlike some other countries such as Russia.
  4. Turkish public and private universities offer many scholarships and various cultural exchange opportunities, thanks to the strong international contacts and relations that Turkey enjoys with various universities around the world.
  5. Turkish universities are well-equipped in terms of infrastructure, and the basic needs that must be met in any university such as teachers, doctors, administrative staff, and campus facilities.
  6. Turkish public universities in particular enjoy a very strong ranking among a number of leading universities at the global level.
  7. Registration in Turkish universities, whether public or private, is very easy.
  8. Turkish university teachers and university education are known to be distinguished by sophistication and distinction, because the lowest rank teacher in Turkish universities is characterized by having a very long history in the field of teaching.
  9. Turkey is distinguished in that it is particularly interested in scientific fields, as it provides everything the student needs to advance scientifically, and to continue in scientific research after that.
  10. The student can easily pursue his studies after graduation in the form of postgraduate studies such as master's and doctorate.
  11. Turkish universities do not depend on the specialization you were affiliated with in high school, whether scientific or literary, where the influential thing is the result of the high school certificate, but despite that, in Turkish universities, the freedom to choose a specialization is more than some Arab countries.
  12. If you are a secondary school student, you can apply to reserve a seat at a Turkish university, where a high school diploma is not an obstacle to entry, but you must provide an alternative, which is a certificate of passing the American Chat Exam, which can be considered an alternative to a high school diploma.
  13. Turkish universities provide students with discounts of up to 50% in terms of transportation, the use of some government facilities, or entertainment, all you have to do to take advantage of this feature is to take out your university card.

Advantages of studying in Turkey

After we got acquainted with the advantages of universities in Turkey in terms of education, we learn about another aspect of studying in Turkey, which is the advantages of Turkey for tourism , as well as the advantages of living in a country like Turkey, and the following we present them to you:

  1. Turkey has a very important advantage, which is that studying in it from a financial point of view is suitable for most social groups in different countries, where the fees of public universities in particular are easy to pay, in addition to the fact that the cost of living is not expensive compared to some European countries such as Germany, Britain, and the United States of America, and Canada.
  2. As for housing in Turkey, it is widely available, whether in the form of modern university cities, or residential floors for students.
  3. Turkey provides sports and cultural facilities and clubs that students can benefit from.
  4. Turkish universities, according to many, are characterized by an environment full of warmth, friendship and enthusiasm for learning.
  5. Turkey as a country is vibrant and energetic as its people are characterized by that about 31% of them are between 12 or 24 years old.
  6. The Turkish people are known to be hospitable and welcome Muslims from different parts of the world, and they still adhere to the ancient and authentic customs and traditions.
  7. For Arab students, they will not feel much lonely in Turkey, because it is characterized by the same Arab customs and traditions, and they will not face any difficulty in taking their religious freedom, as there are a large number of mosques in Turkey, and most of the food is halal.
  8. The infrastructure in Turkey is very great, where all the services that a student could need are available, such as housing, transportation, communications, hospitals, restaurants, cafes, and everything.
  9. Every Turkish city has all kinds of markets, popular markets, and modern markets such as large malls.

Advantages of living in Turkey as a country

Below we show you the experience of studying in Turkey through some of the advantages of living in a country such as Turkey if you are a student, because in this way it is considered among the advantages of universities in Turkey, and the following we present it to you:

  1. All over Turkey, postal and telecommunications services are of the same quality, except for some remote rural areas, but all large Turkish cities have such services of high quality.
  2. Turkey is known to be a highly organized and developed country in terms of transportation and all its types, sea, land, and air. All means of transportation in Turkey are developed, so internal mobility in the country is very easy and available all the time.
  3. Turkey is a country that is considered to be very safe. Public security in Turkey is disciplined and stable, where foreign students can go about their lives normally without worrying or fearing anything.
  4. Like it or not, the Turkish people and the Turkish international are considered a copy of the Arab and Muslim peoples around the world, where social life in Turkey is similar to the character of the Middle East and Muslim societies, in addition to the fact that the entire Turkish people are Muslims, so we will notice a link between the people and the Arab peoples, and the peoples of the Middle East.

The most important advantages of choosing Turkey to study

After learning about the advantages of universities in Turkey, living in Turkey, and also learning about the advantages of the Turkish people, we show you the following benefits that you will get if you choose Turkey to complete your studies:

  1. Turkish universities provide foreign students with the right to residence, which is renewed annually as long as the student is still residing on Turkish territory. Through this residence, students can enjoy some special advantages such as health insurance in Turkish hospitals.
  2. Students also benefit from discounts on the transportation network within Turkish cities.
  3. Usually, when students choose Turkey as a country of study, they will benefit from learning a language that is considered one of the most important languages of the era, which is the Turkish language.

Advantages of universities in Turkey Too many, but besides these advantages, there are some disadvantages, but they are not effective, such as that most Turkish universities, especially public ones, study in the Turkish language, and this may be one of the disadvantages of studying in Turkey.