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Applying to universities in Turkey

Applying to universities in Turkey

April 26, 2022
Study in Turkey
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Applying to universities in Turkey, many Arabs wish to study abroad and there are those who want to obtain a grant to travel and study outside the country, especially within Turkish universities, because of the proximity of Turkish culture to the Arab and because the cost of studying there in Turkish universities is relatively low, unlike some international universities the other .


Also, the university degrees there are globally recognized and approved, and the conditions for studying there are not relatively complicated compared to the difficult conditions that some universities may impose. Through this article, you will learn how to apply to these universities in the following lines .


Conditions for registration in Turkish public universities .


There are many students who dream of studying abroad, especially in Turkey, because of its closeness in its culture to the Arab cultures, and also because the cost of studying there is low compared to studying abroad in countries other than the Turkish state .


Today, we will introduce you to the conditions for studying in Turkish public universities and how you can register there . The conditions for registration in Turkish public universities are as follows :

Public universities in Turkey require several conditions to accept incoming students, and one of these conditions is that the student must pass a test called YOS, and competition in those universities is difficult compared to other universities, and the reason for this is that studying inside Turkish public universities is a free study, and its cost is relatively low, and therefore The reason is that many students who wish to obtain an external study and that are not expensive, especially from Arab students wishing to study outside their country, go to it. The YOS test is a test designed specifically for students who have applied for a bachelor’s degree inside Turkish public universities, and this test includes questions Specific to mathematics and other questions that measure the level of intelligence of students applying to join Turkish government universities, and preparations are made to pass this exam by students up to 6 months before it so that they can overcome it and succeed in it and pass and join the university .



Applying to private Turkish universities .

If you want to study at a private Turkish university, we will inform you of the conditions that must be met for admission to private universities within the state of Turkey. These conditions include applying on the website of the university you want to join so that you can obtain the paper for admission to that university and also you must bring some files and papers required To apply in that university , it is as follows :

  1. A copy of your passport .
  2. Your graduation document with your grades .
  3. An English language test certificate if you have previously obtained it .
  4. If you want to apply to a private Turkish university in order to obtain a master’s degree, you must also bring your own letter, and this letter must be in the Turkish language .



How to apply to Turkish universities .

If you would like to study in Turkey and aspire to do so, and you have intended to go to study there, we will tell you how you can apply to Turkish universities there and what paper you must submit in order to be accepted and fulfill your dream of studying abroad in Turkish universities as some want and wish, in the following lines We will answer you this question .

To apply to universities in Turkey, you must do the following:

  1. You must know the start dates for applying within public and private Turkish universities. The application dates for these universities start from mid-April and the registration period ends in September, when the application period reaches the end of this month exactly .
  2. In order to know what papers are required to apply in Turkish universities, we will tell you the following : To register in Turkish universities, you must bring a personal photo, a photo of the original high school diploma, and an approved Turkish certificate such as the SAT .


Prices of public universities in Turkey .

Many would like to go to learn and study outside the country, especially in the country of Turkey, as it is close to us as Arabs, and also the cost of studying there is few and not many or very high, as happens in other universities in foreign countries, and therefore this reason is among the reasons why many students wish to study there and travel there To learn at its university and obtain an internationally accredited and internationally accredited university degree, and today, in the following lines in this article, we will introduce you to the cost you will need to live and study in Turkish universities :

  1. We will tell you about the costs of living in the European Turkish state and represent the cost of living in the state of Turkey as follows : The cost of living within the Turkish state reaches 150 dollars annually and starts from 100 dollars, which is considered the average living, and as for the cost of housing, it may reach 200 dollars and that starts from 150 dollars in general average .
  2. As for students, the holder of a university card will be deducted approximately fifty percent of the transportation fare .
  3. The costs of studying in Turkish public universities may start from two hundred dollars and may sometimes reach a thousand dollars in one academic year .


Acceptance rates in Turkey universities 2021

Many of those wishing to study abroad, especially in Turkey, are looking for admission requirements in those universities. Perhaps you are now asking about the acceptance rates in Turkey’s universities according to the current year 2021. Therefore, we will answer these questions so that you can know the acceptance rates at the university you want to join. .

  1. In order for you to be accepted into the Turkish universities that you would like to attend and study in, you must pass the SAT or YOS test with more than 1200 degrees so that you can enter the university and they accept you .
  2. Public universities within the European country of Turkey are distinguished by the fact that they do not have many conditions for admission rates within them because they operate in a system called the system of trade-offs .
  3. This differentiation system is also based on the comparison and comparison between all students applying to study at the public university after receiving the papers of all students, so that the public university can choose the best students who have applied and select them to give them the right to enroll in the university and reserve vacant seats within the public university for those students who have been selected As the best applicant .

In this way, we have presented to you what you have in mind about studying in Turkey and the methods of applying to study in Turkish universities, whether these universities are private or government universities, and what conditions must be met in order to be able to join these Turkish universities and how you can live there at the appropriate cost and conditional rates for admission There are within its universities the documents and papers that you must provide for this so that you can fulfill your desire to join those Turkish universities and complete your studies .