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Challenges for the Arab student in Turkey

Challenges for the Arab student in Turkey

April 26, 2022
Student life in Turkey
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Challenges facing the Arab student in Turkey when he decides to go to complete his studies there, because of the progress of the Republic of Turkey in science, and many students go there in the hope of high-level academic education. These are the advantages that we mentioned, but there are many difficulties and challenges that they face while they are in Turkey to study, and we will talk about them and how to overcome them .


Challenges for the Arab student in Turkey

There are many challenges that all students face when they decide to complete their studies outside their country, and they often resort to the country of science and knowledge progress, the Republic of Turkey, and we will mention the most important challenges they face :

Language difference :

 It is one of the most difficult challenges facing everyone who travels to Turkey, whether the student or others, but it is more difficult for students, as it is difficult to deal with the English language only there. Sufficient knowledge of the Turkish language is also necessary in order to deal with people there and ease of living .

Different customs and traditions :

Although the state of Turkey is one of the countries that are very similar in its customs to the eastern and Arab society, and the reason for this is that it is an Islamic country, it has a group of very different cultures from all Arab societies, where the Turkish people have a very great freedom in the practice of life and there are no provisions that restrict them .

Accommodation :

One of the things that some students are concerned about is accommodation, because there is more than one way of housing in Turkey, whether it is university housing for students or housing for friends, and it is by buying or renting an apartment for a group of friends, or there are some students who prefer to live with Turks .

physical problems :

Although Turkey is considered the least expensive country and its standard of living suits all levels compared to European countries, the financial costs of life in it occupy most of the students who go to it to study, which negatively affects them in their studies .


Challenges faced by foreign students in Turkey for distance learning

Due to the conditions of the Corona virus, which led to the avoidance of gatherings permanently, which negatively affected education in all its stages, even university education, which is one of the most difficult challenges faced by foreign students in the country of Turkey, but there are some challenges that the foreign student was able to overcome in Turkey, including :

  1. Turkey's universities were able to provide the opportunity for distance education for all foreign students through websites, with a small number of lectures attending the university, while adhering to the precautionary measures, which is the first challenge that the foreign student was able to overcome, which is the continuity of education .
  2. Replacing difficult exams and exams with much easier research and reports, which helped students find easy and simple solutions to solve problems, get high grades, rise to the highest ranks, and increase their study yields .
  3. Distance education has saved a lot of time, effort and money due to the expansion of the country of Turkey, which causes great effort, time and money for the student due to his movement between its cities or even within the city while going to university daily. This is in addition to providing food, drink and printing that the student uses every day .
  4. One of the most difficult challenges caused by distance education is creating a very large gap between both the student and the teacher, especially the first year students of the university, due to the lack of conversations and discussions between them, which caused a strangeness between both the student and the teacher .
  5. Not forming friends and relationships, which always arise in the university years. Distance education was also a reason to prevent this, as university life is a great reason to engage in society .
  6. The language challenge, as being at the university constantly increases the speed of learning the Turkish language and makes it easier to deal with the Turks, but because of distance education in the last year, this made it difficult for students to deal with the Turks if there was no previous relationship between them and them .
  7. Digital problems were among the most difficult challenges, such as the sudden interruption of the internet while students communicated with the teacher in online lectures. This was one of the most common problems facing everyone in all countries, not only Turkey .


Advantages of studying in Turkish universities

There are many advantages and benefits that accrue to the foreign student in Turkey, and we will mention to you the most important of them and the most important thing that distinguishes him from the rest of the students in all other universities in other countries :

Multiculturalism :

Turkey, as it is called, is a bridge between East and West, because of the wild area in it, which extends between Europe and Asia, and also close to the continent of Africa, and thus the feeling of it is more like home, so that no one feels that he is alienated in it, regardless of the different religions, nationalities and cultures. for many countries .

Friendliness and appreciation :

One of the most distinguishing features of that country is its warmth, generosity and hospitality. The student quickly gets used to his neighbors and eats and drinks with them because of their cooperation with foreigners and the speed of getting used to them and speaking English with them in order to understand them .

Historical and ancient country :

It is better that the student is not only heading to Turkey for learning, but also in order to acquire a new culture through tourism within the country of Turkey and to see the museums and archaeological sites in it, which witnessed many different cultures where the Roman, Greek and Byzantine civilizations passed through .

The presence of natural wonders in it :

Where we find that it is almost a paradise on the land of the world because it overlooks four seas with an ancient coast that extends for about five thousand miles, making Turkey a home for rare wildlife .


Advantages of life in Turkey for students

There are many advantages in the state of Turkey for foreigners visiting it, whether for tourism or otherwise. As for foreign students who go to it with the intention of studying, it has different benefits from the general benefits, including :

  1. As for the prices and standard of living in Turkey for the student, it is considered very suitable and distinct from many other European countries, where we find that most European countries have high prices for a suitable life for university students, but in Turkey it combines a high level of education and a suitable living life .
  2. Turkey's universities help all students from all over the country to obtain scholarships in their universities. These scholarships include travel and living costs, as well as insurance, which distinguishes it from other university scholarships in the most important and most beautiful universities in the world .
  3. Most of the people of Turkey spoke the English language, one of the things that made it very easy for the student to go through that study experience and the scholarship provided by the universities of Turkey. Some universities have also started teaching all programs in English because it is easy to understand for foreign students instead of the Turkish language .
  4. It is worth noting that Turkish universities grant students reliable degrees and high bikes recognized throughout the country, and this includes all disciplines in addition to its great importance in the field of scientific research, as the budget for scientific research increased nearly eleven years ago, specifically in 2009, to eight and a half billion liras. Turkey, which made it an important position among all countries in this field .


At the conclusion of this article, we talked about the challenges facing the Arab student in Turkey that face all foreign students, whether Arab or Western in Turkey, and how to get used to that life and face the difficult challenges and the way to overcome them .