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Conditions for studying in Turkey

Conditions for studying in Turkey

May 26, 2022
Study in Turkey
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The search for conditions for studying in Turkey is a very interesting thing for many seeking a bachelor’s or doctorate degree from abroad, as it is a country that welcomes international students and gives them many facilities; In order to take the step of studying in its universities, and the cost of studying and living in Turkey is much cheaper if you compare it to other countries of the old continent, let us, during this article, delve more into the depths of academic life there.

Reasons for studying in Turkey:


There are many reasons that push the people of the language of Dhad to seek to know the conditions of study in Turkey, in order to find an opportunity for themselves to study in the countries of Anatolia. We can summarize those reasons as follows:-

1/ The high level of education and curricula in Turkey pushes many to travel there to study.

2/ All European Union countries recognize Turkish certificates, and accordingly a person can easily equate his certificate; In order to settle and get a job in the country he wants, as all Arab countries recognize Turkish degrees, and therefore you will not face any problem in equivalence of your certificate in the Arab country of which you hold citizenship.

3 / The customs and traditions between Arab societies and Arab society are very close, and therefore you will never suffer in order to integrate in Turkey, or search for a type of food that suits you, or perform your rituals if your religion is Islam, for mosques there are widely spread, and halal food and aspects of Ramadan will be found It is present and strong, and you will not miss the Arab tongue because there are many Arabs there, whether for work or study.

4/ Turkey has a lot of flexibility in the level of the language you study in, you can study in English if you want.

5 / If you want to work in order to provide yourself with an income that helps you during your studies, you will not find any problem with that, they are a hospitable people and will give you an opportunity to work without a problem, but learn something from Turkish; To communicate with them, they cherish their language very much, and their respect for you will increase, if you speak to them in their language.

6/ The cultural and civilizational diversity found on Turkish lands, would enrich your mind and add years of experience and knowledge to your life, which is a wonderful advantage to get to know other peoples, in this country that welcomes people from all sides.

Scholarships in Turkey:


You will certainly be encouraged to know the conditions for studying in Turkey, when you know that the Turkish government offers thousands of scholarships to students coming from every spot on this earth every year, which raises the percentage of foreign students who study there within a scholarship program, and this makes them feel grateful to the Turkish state , which supported them in their study journey, and put them on the first path to their future, giving it a great reputation worldwide.

You will not find it difficult to participate in one of the grant programs; The fact that Turkey provides the possibility of registering in its universities while you are in your country through websites, and grants you a false visa for students that enables you to enter its territory if you are accepted.

And the options in Turkey are open with regard to studying, as there is no city there without at least one university, and you find it equipped at the highest level with a technological infrastructure that gives you the incentive to study and learn in those halls equipped with everything your field of study needs, all you have to do is specify The field of study you desire, then search for the best universities there to teach your field, match your data with the requirements of that university, and then apply, believing in your chance of a better life.

Documents required to apply to study in Turkey


We cannot talk about the conditions for studying in Turkey without referring to the papers required for submission, especially for the master’s and doctoral degrees, and they will not come out of the following:-

First: Bachelor's or Master's degrees:

1/ You will have to bring a copy of your high school diploma, noting that some universities may require you to translate it.

2/ A personal photo of the applicant with a white background.

3/ A copy of your passport, which must be valid, and note that some universities may require you to translate their data.

4/ Passing international tests such as “SAT” offered by the United States of America, or another Turkish test, if any, will greatly support your application.

5/ It would also be good if you passed exams like ILETS if you want to study in English, because if there is no they will assess you anyway in order to see if you are qualified to study in English or not.

Second: Doctoral degrees:

We are still with the conditions of study in Turkey, and here we are looking for what is required in order to apply for a doctorate degree from a Turkish university, and the conditions for this matter are:-

1/ Bring your graduation certificate from the university where you spent your academic years in your home country, accompanied by a transcript of your grades in academic subjects, or the so-called cumulative statement.

2/ Attach with your graduation certificate, a certificate of obtaining a high school diploma, as it is also required to complete the application.

3/ Of course, the application is not complete without a personal photo, the background of which is white, as is prevalent in official papers and transactions.

4/ Make sure that your passport is valid, before you attach a copy of it to the application.

5/ Possession of a Turkish certificate such as the YOS that you obtain after passing the test, or another international certificate, will greatly support your application.

6/ Likewise, if you have passed a language test such as ILETS or TOEFL , as I mentioned to you, if your study was in English, they are keen to ensure that you are qualified to study in this language.

Here, in general, it is worth pointing out an important thing in the equation for searching for the conditions for studying in Turkey, which is that public universities there are somewhat more difficult to enter and study in compared to private universities, whose conditions are easier and the chances of admission are higher, and perhaps the most famous public universities there Istanbul University, which has a long history, is the first university established in Anatolia, as well as Ankara University in the capital and other universities with a high reputation globally, as well as the Bosphorus University, which is the first locally in Turkey these days.

Registration dates for Turkish universities:

The researcher looking for the conditions for studying in Turkey needs to know the time when the doors of Turkish universities open to new students; In order for them to submit applications to study in it, and in this part of the article, Al-Fanar will satisfy this need in the soul of every student who wants to study in Turkey.

Turkish universities begin to receive applications from April of each year, and the opportunity to apply continues until the end of September, noting that some universities leave exceptional opportunities to apply until October, after which the administrators The university must sort and categorize the applications, and study the capabilities of the applicants carefully and attentively, so that the best among them are chosen, and they are the ones whose applications are approved, to officially become students in one of the Turkish universities.