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Confessions of Turkish universities

Confessions of Turkish universities

September 29, 2022
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Recognized Turkish universities in the Arab countries have reached a large number as a result of their rapid development in all fields, whether public or private universities.

In this article, we will show you an introduction in which we will explain what is university recognition and what conditions must be met by a recognized university, and also in this article we will list for you a list of Turkish universities recognized in some Arab countries.

What does recognition mean and what are its conditions?

Recognition is an acknowledgment that the certificate issued by a particular university in a certificate has credibility with the qualifications of its holder, and its conformity with the quality standards approved by the Higher Education Council of a country or by the Ministry of Higher Education according to the system of each country.

- In order for any university to obtain accreditation, it must be licensed by a state, and the license must include a set of financial and legal approvals, and also, in many cases, it must include security approvals, municipal approval, and others, knowing that each of these parties has its own conditions .

The most important admissions for Turkish universities:

The following are the most important recognitions that universities in Turkey receive:

recognition mudek :

mudek . engineering evaluation and accreditation institution It is also an independent organization that works with the aim of contributing to improving the quality of engineering education in various disciplines

Also known as the Engineering Evaluation Council formed by the Engineering Deans Council composed of the deans of engineering faculties in Turkey and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus in order to organize and implement a detailed program for evaluating the engineering bachelor programs of these faculties

mudek has been a member of the European Network for the Accreditation of Engineering Education since November 17 , 2006 and a member of the washington accord since June 15 , 2011 .

List of recognized Turkish universities

  • Atilim University
  • Bahcesehir University
  • Isik University
  • Yeditepe University
  • Yashar University
  • University of Cyprus
  • Sapanca University
  • European University of Lefke
  • Koç University
  • Izmir University of Economics
  • Okan University Istanbul
  • Istanbul Kultur University
  • Istanbul Eden University
  • Cankaya University
  • Dogus University

recognition  ABET :

Engineering specialties

  1. Bilkent University
  2. Eastern Mediterranean University
  3. Istanbul Jelissim University

FEDEK Acknowledgment :

Literary majors

  • Atilim University
  • Baskin University
  • Istanbul Bilgi University
  • Istanbul Kultur University
  • Cyprus International University
  • Uskudar University
  • Yenitepe University

FIP Acknowledgment :

Turkish universities recognized by the International Pharmaceutical Federation (pharmacy major)

  1. Istanbul Altinbas University
  2. Yedidibe University

Tepdad 's confession :

Turkish universities recognized by tepdad human medicine

  • Maltepe University
  • Near East University
  • Istanbul University of Science
  • Istanbul New Century University
  • Ufuk University
  • University of Altinbas
  • Yedidibe University
  • Koç University
  • Acıbadem University

Recognized Universities from the Global Directory of Medical Schools:

Specialization in human medicine

  • Acibadem Muhammed Ali Aydinlar University
  • Sultanbash University
  • Baskent University
  • University of Bismilam Foundation
  • Biruni University
  • Koç University
  • Maltepe University
  • Okan University
  • Sanko University
  • TOBB University of Economics and Technology
  • Ufuk collectors
  • Yedidibe University
  • New Century University
  • Istanbul Eden University
  • Istanbul University of Science
  • Istanbul Medipol University
  • Istinye University
  • Izmir University of Economics

Recognized Turkish universities in Arab countries

We can divide the Arab countries that recognize Turkish universities and accept the equivalency of their degrees into two parts:

  1. Countries that accept the foreign certificate equivalency as soon as the university is accredited and official in its home country, so Turkish universities are accredited to it, and these countries are Egypt, Lebanon, Yemen
  2. There are countries that issue lists of foreign universities recommended by them, in order to accept the equivalency of their degree, and the tables show each country and the recommended private universities

Turkish universities recognized in Saudi Arabia?

  • Ankara University
  • Ataturk University
  • Baskent University
  • Bilkent University
  • Bogazici University
  • Cukurova University
  • Tigris University
  • Dokuz University September
  • Aegean University
  • Sultan Mehmed Al-Fateh University.
  • Euphrates University.
  • Gazi University.
  • Haci Tepe University.
  • Istanbul Technical University.
  • Istanbul University.
  • Black Sea Technical University.
  • Marmara University.
  • Middle East Technical University.
  • Mimar Sinan University of Fine Arts.
  • Selcuk University.
  • Uludag University.
  • Gaziantep University.
  • Yildiz Technical University.

Recognized Turkish universities in Algeria:

  • Mimar Sinan University of Fine Arts
  • Marmara University
  • Galatasaray University
  • Doques University September
  • Anadolu University
  • Chan Kaya University

Recognized Turkish Universities in Libya:

  • Istanbul Technical University
  • Middle East Technical University
  • Bilkent University
  • Koç University
  • Sabanci University
  • Ankara University
  • Istanbul University

Recognized Turkish Universities in Bahrain:

  • Bilkent University
  • Bogazici University
  • Middle East Technical University
  • Istanbul Technical University
  • Istanbul University
  • Ankara University
  • Ataturk University
  • Aegean University
  • Gazi University
  • Marmara University

Turkish universities are recognized in the world, especially in the European Union

Turkish universities are very popular with international students, especially Arabs, due to the low tuition fees and the distinguished ranking that Turkish universities occupy worldwide..

Some students want to increase their chances after graduation and work in one of the European Union countries, so today we will answer all questions through the accreditations obtained by Turkish universities and make them recognized by the European Union

Being a consulting company licensed by the Turkish government, we act as an agent for the best private universities in Turkey, as there are some questions that are constantly repeated, including which Turkish universities are recognized in the European Union?

It is one of the Turkish universities recognized in the European Union

  • Ishik University
  • Istanbul Kultur University
  • Eden University
  • Yeditepe University
  • Koç University
  • Ozyegin University
  • Nisantasi University
  • Kadir Has University
  • Atilim University.
  • Uskudar University.
  • Altinbash University.

Source: Ministry of Higher Education in the countries mentioned in this article


Notes on countries' recognition of Turkish universities

  1. It is not possible to apply for accreditation outside the borders of the state in which the university is registered except after the graduation of the first batch of students, that is, after at least five years have passed since its establishment, and obtaining recognition or accreditation may take years.
  2. Usually any university recognized by any body is included in a list of accredited universities, and a university that is not on this list will not be recognized
  3. There are many recognized Turkish universities in the Arab countries, due to the stable scientific development of Turkish universities, whether they are public or private.
  4. It is worth noting that most of the private universities in Turkey have cooperation and student exchange agreements with many universities in the European Union, and the most important student exchange program is the Erasmus program.


We were honored by your visit to this comprehensive article about the confessions of Turkish universities in the Arab countries and the world, as we have collected for you in this article all the answers to the questions that may come to your mind and interest you regarding the recognized universities in the Arab world and internationally, detailing to you the definition of recognition and the names of universities in all disciplines recognized in all countries The world with the most important notes that you should know regarding the admissions of Turkish universities in the Arab countries and the world