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Farabi Student Exchange Program in Turkey

Farabi Student Exchange Program in Turkey

April 26, 2022
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Farabi Student Exchange Program in Turkey, is a program that enables students to benefit by helping them to enroll in a university other than their main university for a period of up to one to two semesters, without canceling the students' enrollment in their primary university .


Turkish universities are working hard to encourage the Farabi Student Exchange Program in Turkey between them and international universities .

Information about the Farabi Student Exchange Program in Turkey :

  1. To apply, it must be through the university, but preference is given on the basis of academic excellence .
  2. The agreement must be valid between the two universities .
  3. The program assists in the exchange between students, faculty members, higher education institutions, institutes and every scientific institution that gives bachelor's, doctorate, master's and diploma degrees .
  4. To be eligible for the Farabi Scholarship, a score of 2 out of 4 must be obtained for the Bachelor's degree and 2.5 out of 4 for the Master 's and Ph.D.
  5. The condition for enrollment is that the student is in the first years of study and not the preparatory years .
  6. Most universities offer the Al-Farabi scholarship in the second semester and the result is in the month of 5.
  7. Al-Farabi's office coordinator is responsible for the comparison of the Al-Farabi program .


The things that distinguish the Farabi Student Exchange Program in Turkey :

  1. Al-Farabi program grants the students enrolled in it a stipend, but for one semester until the student returns to his original university .
  2. The student has the right to study a full year in the Farabi program, but the second semester is not paid .
  3. The student has the right to study in different educational institutions and this enables the student to acquire different cultures, and helps him in building different relationships with different students .
  4. Students obtain different certificates from different universities and the universities with which the Farabi program retires. The student is also entitled to work with these certificates in addition to the graduation certificates from the original university .
  5. Universities offer a lot of facilities for students who want to join the Farabi Program .


Tips for applying to the Farabi Program :

  1. The student must choose the appropriate university for him in order to facilitate his admission .
  2. Not to apply to universities above a group .
  3. Students must apply to universities that have contracted with their original university in order to provide them with the required curricula .
  4. Students should establish a strong relationship with the doctors who teach them so that it is easier for them to take their message .

He stated that Turkey receives about 10,000 applications every year .

other programs that help with student exchange

such as :

Erasmus Student Exchange Program :

The program encourages student exchange and was established by the European Union. It contains 33 countries, including Turkey. It is worth mentioning that Turkey sends and receives students from countries registered on the program .

All students can participate in the program, whether they are foreigners or Turks, provided that they obtain a semester of undergraduate or graduate studies .

Conditions for admission to the program :

  1. The student must have obtained a GPA of 2.20 out of 4 , and the bachelor must have obtained a 2.50 out of 4.
  2. The student must be successful in the English language test .
  3. There is no specific number of students from a specific university, but the students who apply for the program are numbered according to the empty places in the program, and the program gives a salary of 200 to 500 euros .


Maulana Student Exchange Program :

This program was created by the Turkish Ministry of Education, in which students are received and sent from to Turkey and a group of Asian and Arab countries .

The program gives a monthly salary to students from 750 to 900 liras .

Universities of Turkey involved in student exchange :

There are a number of Turkish universities participating in the student exchange program : Aydin, Sehir, Istanbul Technical, Middle East Technical, Istanbul Okan, Bilkent, Bogazici, Gazi, Bilgi, Sabanci, Istanbul, Medipol, Çukurova, Anatolia, Aegean, and Istinye University .

Documents required to apply for the Farabi Student Exchange Program :

  1. A personal photo .
  2. A copy of the passport .
  3. A picture of the Turkish identity .
  4. A copy of the university transcript .
  5. 2 letters of recommendation from Turkey .

Advantages of student exchange programs in general

  1. Studying through exchange programs gives students the skill of communicating with others as well as gaining them international relations .
  2. Student exchange programs make students learn Turkish in easy and simplified ways .
  3. Exchange programs help students build mature ideas and also help them build their personality .
  4. Student exchange programs make them discover new customs, cultures and values .
  5. Student exchange programs give students the opportunity to travel outside their country and open up to other countries .
  6. Student exchange programs encourage students with special talents .
  7. Student exchange programs help to gain international experience and certificates .


It is worth noting that Turkey joined the student exchange programs in 2003-2004 , but was considered one of the first countries, as Turkey receives about 15,000 students every year, and Turkish universities are working hard to help students who come through exchange programs and make them take full advantage of the The educational authority .

The number of Turkish students who benefited from the student exchange program grant reached about 700,000 students until 2020.

Student exchange programs have many universities and many students of different nationalities, as student exchange programs accept any student, regardless of his nationality, conditions that meet the admission criteria at the university he wants to apply to .

There are also programs that give students a sum of money as compensation for travel allowances from state to state and from university to university, but the student is responsible for housing and travel expenses .

Reasons why you should continue your studies in Turkish universities :

  1. Most Turkish universities are recognized in European and Arab countries, and a student graduating from Turkey can complete postgraduate studies in any other country and work with these certificates without facing any obstacles .
  2. Also, studying in Turkey provides student exchange programs for a period of one semester or an entire year, and it makes the student study at a different university beside his main university .
  3. Turkey also provides a small number of students in the scientific lecture to facilitate the student's absorption of the scientific material, and also provides modern methods of studying in it .
  4. The costs of studying in Turkish universities are very low, which is equivalent to the costs of studying in your country or relatively less .
  5. Also, the cost of living in Turkey is low, as are the costs of transportation and transportation, and Turkey provides housing on the university campus, which makes the student not move much .
  6. Turkey also provides students with the creation of a transportation card or a bank account without any fees .
  7. Turkey also provides health insurance and subsidized meals .
  8. Turkey also gives the student the right to live in government housing if he wants .