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Free Turkish Scholarships

Free Turkish Scholarships

April 26, 2022
Study in Turkey
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Free Turkish Scholarships for International Students (Foreigners) is one of the most popular scholarships around the world. The Turkish government offers more than 4,000 scholarships to foreign students from all over the world every year. These scholarships also include all levels of study from Bachelor’s, Master’s and Ph.D.

Turkish universities are ranked among the top 500 universities around the world, and this is what prompted many foreign students to register in these universities, in addition to providing many advantages, which we will talk about in this article along with other details.

What are the advantages of free Turkish scholarships?

Within the Turkish Free Scholarship Program, the Turkish government offers many advantages that include housing, stipends, health insurance, and providing everything international students need while they stay in Turkey for the duration of their studies.

The advantages offered by the Turkish government are as follows:

to bear costs Living in Turkey :

This is what the government provides Turkish For the foreign student during the period of his studies within the free Turkish scholarship program, where the government bears all living expenses in the place of residence that it specifies for the students, but if the student wishes to change his place of residence, he will bear the expenses of the new housing alone without government support.

coverage Outlay Living Full for international students:

Where the Turkish government grants free Turkish scholarship students student residence for the duration of the study in Turkey, and it is fully paid by the Turkish government.

to learn the language Turkish for free:

. is granted The international student accepted into the Turkish Free Scholarship Program has a free year to learn the Turkish language without paying any fees to the Turkish government, and this applies to students wishing to study in Turkish universities in a language other than Turkish.

coverage costs all travel

Gets The international student receives paid travel tickets to and from his country by the Turkish government within the Turkish Free Scholarship Program, where the government pays the travel ticket to Turkey at the beginning of the academic year, and a ticket to the country from which the student came at the end of the year.

coverage costs Transport Internal within Turkey:

Gets The international student within the Turkish Free Scholarship Program receives a card that gives him the right to travel at reduced prices and subsidized by the Turkish state.

Insurance comprehensive health For international students

give Turkish government for international students accepted within the Turkish Scholarships free insurance healthy free all inclusive throughout interval Being in Turkey to study, This insurance covers all health expenses free of charge.

Monthly salaries for international students by grade level:

The Turkish government grants students accepted within the free Turkish scholarships a monthly stipend. The monthly stipend for undergraduate students is 800 TL, while master's students receive 1100 TL, and doctoral students receive a monthly stipend of 1,600 TL.

The monthly stipend for research grants program students is 3000 TL.

After we learned about the advantages offered by the Turkish government within the free Turkish scholarship program, we must see the conditions that an international student must have in order to be accepted into the scholarship program.


What are the admission requirements for the Free Turkish Scholarship Program?

You must meet several conditions before applying to the Turkish Free Scholarship Program, and we will mention the following:

  1. Your age must be appropriate to apply for the scholarship. If you want to apply for a bachelor’s degree, your age must be less than 21 years, and less than 30 years if you want to apply for scholarships for masters (Masters), and for a doctorate degree, your age must be less than 35 public.
  2. You will not be accepted into the Turkish Free Scholarship Program if you have previously studied in Turkey.
  3. You must have passed all subjects in the General Certificate of Secondary Education, and your average in the Secondary Certificate should not be less than 75% if you intend to apply for the Bachelor's degree.
  4. Your university average must be more than 75% if you want to apply for a master's or doctorate within the Turkish Free Scholarship Program.
  5. It must reach the limit lowest from collection school For applicants at the sciences health ( medicine ) Oops the teeth or pharmacy ) 90 % or more.
  6. You must submit all required documents and documents before the specified deadline.


What are the documents required to apply for free Turkish scholarships?

The documents that must be submitted to register for the scholarship program may differ, so we have collected the documents for each degree separately, as follows:

Bachelor's degree:

  1. picture of passport Your travel is provided that I will see effect .
  2. picture of a statement your scores ( Transcript ).
  3. picture of certificate high school If you have not obtained your high school diploma , you can submit a transcript for your last semester.
  4. picture photograph clear to you as long as you are The background of the image is white or blue.

Master's degree (Master):

  1. picture of certificate Your bachelor's degree is attached to your transcript.
  2. picture of your testimony high school the public with document a statement grades.
  3. Motivation letter, which is a report in which the student answers the reason for choosing the Turkish state to study there.
  4. picture of passport Travel I will see validity.
  5. picture A personal photograph of the applicant background White or Blue in colour.
  6. letter Recommendation : Preferred that Extracts This the speech on road Masters Universities that goes out Of which requester, If there are any obstacles, it can be extracted from place Currency if it works, And it is obligatory that Mentionsed the information Personal the demand in the form of Full, from where What she his job and destination Which Works with and number his phone and his mail email in this the speech.

Note : Students must Whose did not they graduate distance or on about graduation from Stage BSC fetch a statement grades Until else Season study they did studying it at the university .

PHD degree:

  1. certificate high school general plus a statement grades .
  2. certificate Your Bachelor With a statement tags.
  3. certificate Masters (Masters) your with a statement grades .
  4. excerpt from message Master 's degree that I have prepared.
  5. two letters Recommendation : Preferred that extract This is amazing letters by Masters Universities graduate Of which requester and in if there is Which difficulties, he can extract That letters from Side His work' and includes in this letter all the required personal information.
  6. picture on passport your travel I will see effect
  7. picture A personal photograph of the applicant background White or blue;

Note : Preferably that send all documents extracted on road Scanner Optical ( scanner ) to ensure clarity data advanced student .

After we know the required documents, we will learn about the most important specializations that can be applied for in the Turkish Free Scholarship Program.


What are the major specializations offered by the program? grants Turkish free?

The Turkish Free Scholarship Program covers several majors that international students can choose from, including:

  1. Specialties tourism and hotel in a manner Full.
  2. Specialties Medicine human Pharmacy , dentistry and veterinary medicine.
  3. Specialties engineering .
  4. Specialties Scientific Applied .
  5. Specialties political .
  6. Law Business and International Relations.
  7. Specialties the sciences religious.
  8. specialty intelligence artificial
  9. Specialties Commerce and Business Administration.
  10. Specialties literary
  11. specialty Science self and the meeting
  12. Specialties the sciences chemical vitality

Thus, we have mentioned to you everything related to the free Turkish scholarships, their features and specializations, in addition to mentioning the documents that you must send when applying to the scholarship program.