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GAMT Exam in Turkey

GAMT Exam in Turkey

April 26, 2022
Study in Turkey
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GAMT exam in Turkey is one of the most important exams that you can take from all over the world, and it means the postgraduate admission exam in the field of management. You should also know it among the many exams that you must put in your profile. This exam is the one you need if you are one of the Business Administration studies . Also , the GAMT exam in Turkey or what is known as the Graduate Management Admission Test ( GMAT ) is an important part of the application process in the College of Business, as the test began in 1954 in 9 universities in the United States of America .

What is the GAMT exam in Turkey?


The GMAT test is a standardized, multiple-choice test presented by those interested in studying management and master's programs in business administration. It is a computer-adapted test. The test is carried out by the Graduate Studies Council in Management, especially for those who plan to complete their studies abroad; The actual GAMT exam in Turkey successfully with passing both the TOEFL and IELTS, and the GMAT is also intended for those who wish to obtain a master’s degree in business administration or administrative topics related to the preparation of graduate studies within the framework of those studies and not professional scientific certificates as some universities accepted the test GRE as an alternative to the gymnastics exam in Turkey .

GAMT exam in Turkey and its sections

Section one : Analytical writing assessment section


write a critique of that argument.


The test is corrected by the automatic essay correction tool, which is : - an electronic program that evaluates more than 50 linguistic and grammatical characteristics , including the organization of ideas , grammatical diversity and topic analysis,


But in the event that the scores of the two results differ, then an experienced reader is brought in to determine the result after analyzing the answer and analyzing the discrepancy in the scores .


The Analytical Writing Assessment is categorized from a minimum score to a maximum of 6 , and divided into stages of half a point .

( When the score is zero, it means that the answer was vague or not related to the given topic ).


Part Two : Integrated Reasoning


Integrated Reasoning is a new section designed to measure student ability

This section consists of 12 questions in four formats for a period of 30 minutes, and the questions consist of the interpretation of graphs, analysis of two sections, analysis of tables and lists, multi-source inference, and the degree obtained by the student in integrated reasoning. Crumble between 1-8 degrees .


The third section : the quantitative section


The quantitative section in the gymnastics measures the ability of the exam taker to think quantitatively, solve quantitative problems, interpret graphs, and draw conclusions using thinking skills. The questions also require knowledge of arithmetic, algebra principles, and common concepts in engineering. It includes 31 questions. There are two types of quantitative questions :

  1. Solve the problem
  2. data sufficiency .

Scores for this section range from 0-60 , though score reports range from 11-51 for a period of 62 minutes .


Fourth Section : Verbal Section


evaluate arguments and correct written material with the aim of becoming effective in expressing ideas with the standard standards of written English . -60 , and the actual results ranged between 11-51.


Scores or marks in the GAMT exam in Turkey


The grades or marks are distributed according to specific rates, ranging between 550 degrees as a minimum and 650 degrees as a maximum, and are distributed over the three stages according to specific rates in the test itself and according to the test authors .


First, the Analytical Writing Assessment section is scored separately from 0 to 6.


Second, the integrated reasoning section is scored separately on a scale of 1 to 8 in 1-point increments .


Third, the quantitative and verbal sections each have a graded score from 0 to 60 , which is then combined to obtain a score on a 200-800 scale, in 10 -point increments , where your 200-800 score scale , in 10 -point increments , reflects the level of difficulty of the questions you answered correctly using GMAC's own algorithm .

GAMT Exam Question Form in Turkey


The questions are on a computer that is adaptable to the answers :


  1. In the Quantitative and Verbal Reasoning sections of the GMAT, the first question you receive in the Verbal or Quantitative sections will be of medium difficulty, and as you answer each question, the computer records your answer and uses it along with your answers to any previous question to determine the next question .
  2. If the first question is answered correctly, the computer will give you a more difficult question, and if you answer the first question incorrectly, your next question will be weaker, and so on in the same way .
  3. This process continues until you complete the section, using the responses to all previously answered questions, at which point the computer will get an accurate assessment of your ability in the topic, meaning that you will not be able to skip, go back to, or change your answers to the questions, because the computer is using your answer For each question to determine the next question .

Duration and costs of the GAMT exam in Turkey

In total, the test in Turkey takes less than three and a half hours approximately, and this includes the two elective periods, while allowing the applicant during this period to take an 8 -minute break depending on whether or not he wants to study . It is also worth noting that the registration fee for the exam usually ranges from $ 250 .

GAMT exam ?


To register for the GMAT exam in Turkey, follow the following :


  1. Create an account on the site's registration page , and you'll have access to the official GMAT ™ Beginner's Pack + Practice Tests 1 and 2 for free .
  2. Find and compare schools and save them to your account for easy access later .
  3. Find school events and save them to your calendar .
  4. Save articles and expert advice on a variety of topics related to GMAT exam preparation .
  5. Use the registration schedule and create a test preparation plan to determine the best test date .

GAMT Exam Accommodations in Turkey


- Ankara

Address, İkinci Cad. 106 No: 15/13 Yukari Öveçler/ANKARA


- Istanbul

Address, BJK Plaza, A Blok

Süleyman Seba Cad. No:92 Akaretler, Besiktas Istanbul, 34357


- Izmir

Address, İzmir Ekonomi Üniversitesi Sakarya Caddesi, No:156 35330 Balçova – Izmir

Documents required to register for the GAMT exam


• A personal identification document .

• Create a new account or log in to a single account

• Then enter the information related to the applicant .

• Then specify the test center .



Finally , the GAMT exam in Turkey is first and foremost a test of your critical thinking skills, and knowing how to think about and analyze information is the key to getting a good GMAT score. Some universities require a GMAT score of at least 400 , and that was all Something about the GAMT test or exam in Turkey, how to register and the required papers .