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GRE Test in Turkey

GRE Test in Turkey

April 26, 2022
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The GRE test in Turkey is one of the admission tests for postgraduate programs (Masters and PhD) in Turkish universities and many other universities in English-speaking countries or countries that rely on the English language as a major accreditation in their university education system .
In this article, we will mention how students wishing to complete their postgraduate studies in Turkish universities can pass the GRE exam .


What is the GRE exam in Turkey?

The Graduate Record Exam , or what is known as the
GRE for short , is an online standardized exam or test that is directed to graduates who wish to complete their higher studies in universities in Turkey or other universities around the world .
This test is provided by the Educational Testing Services Authority in New Jersey, as it is used to measure students' skills in several different areas, including mathematics, quantitative writing, analytical writing, and many other areas that we will discuss in detail in this article .
The GRE test in Turkey is a prerequisite for the admission of students to graduate studies, not only in Turkey, but also in many countries around the world that depend on English as the main language in their universities. His average is compatible with the admission requirements of the university in which he wishes to complete his postgraduate studies, which of course differ from one university to another.

How to register to take the GRE test in Turkey?

There are nearly a thousand centers to offer the GRE test around the world. In Turkey, the centers for providing this test are located in the capital, Ankara and Istanbul, but in the current period, due to the spread of the Corona epidemic, registration and submission has become on the official website of the test
. As for the method of registration You will need the students to :
1- Create an account on the test website .
2- Writing the required information with high accuracy .
3- Specify the test center and date .
Then the student will be transferred to the portal to pay the fees required for the test, which differ from one country to another, but in general it is between 130 and 250 US dollars with the possibility of reducing and providing financial support for people with limited income .
After successfully registering, the student is ready to take the GRE test in Turkey, but before that, here are the most important notes that you must know before submitting this test.

GRE test in Turkey:

1- Revise the subjects you studied at the university :
you should bring up all the math subjects you studied at the university, as there is a large part of the GRR test questions that will depend on the experiences you gained in your university years, especially in mathematics and science subjects .
2- Make sure to strengthen your English :
It is important to work on memorizing new terms related to your scientific specialization in addition to knowing how to put them in the context of a sentence that fits, which you can learn simply by reading newspapers or watching science fiction films .
3- Practicing solving previous exam questions :
Obtaining previous exam forms and trying to solve them will help you put you in the test atmosphere and learn how to write questions in addition to knowing the time required for each section of the test .
It is worth noting that there are applications that provide you with an integrated guide that qualifies you to pass the test, such as the Ready4 GRE application , which has many sample questions and tests to enhance your abilities in understanding and comprehension, making quantitative comparisons and solving problems, in addition to quantitative and analytical thinking questions .
Perhaps one of the most important features of this application is that it monitors the students’ learning process, tracks their performance, shows strengths, and reveals weaknesses, so that students can focus on them, address them, and ensure high scores in each section of the test .
In addition, through this application, you will have a clear view of the grades you are required to achieve to allow you to enroll in your preferred study program .
After you follow these steps, you will definitely ensure that you get the training that will make you fully prepared to take this test, the parts of which we will discuss in this article.


What are the sections of the GRE test in Turkey?

GRE test in Turkey is divided into four sections :

Analytical Writing Section:

Which usually consists of issues through which a problem is solved by writing an essay on the topics presented, and the student is given a period of 30 minutes to finish writing the essay .
This section of the GRE test also contains other issues through which the results are discussed, so that an issue is given for discussion and the student is asked to criticize and discuss facts and conclusions logically, away from expressing his personal opinion, in addition to providing suggestions on how to improve, develop and identify defects for this discussion, and also gives the student To discuss this issue 30 minutes to finish.

Quantitative Reasoning Section:

The purpose of this section is to study the student's understanding of quantitative information and his ability to interpret and analyze it through his application of the concepts of data analysis, algebra and geometry .
Where the applicant is asked to compare and determine the relationship between two different quantities, in addition to solving many arithmetic operations .
Each quantitative section consists of 20 questions that are completed in a maximum of 35 minutes.

Verbal reasoning section:

Through this section, the applicant's skill in analyzing literal and figurative meanings and the author's vision is examined, in addition to extracting the main points from the texts and understanding the meanings of their words .
The questions come in several forms, such as filling in the blanks with the correct words, asking to reformulate the information in the text in another way, in addition to the presence of two sentences, each of which contains two spaces, which the student fills in a way that makes the two sentences equivalent, which is called the question of equivalence of sentences .
This section of the GRE test in Turkey also includes questions about comprehension, comprehension and the ability to connect sentences and words that have similar meanings .
As for the duration of each verbal section of 20 questions, it is 30 minutes .

Experimental section:

This section is similar in its questions to the previous sections, as it may include analytical, quantitative or oral issues, in addition to questions about the ETS , but this section is not considered among the results of the student applying for the GRE test in Turkey like the rest of the sections, but this section is not considered A justification for the applicants' failure to solve it, especially since it is not identifiable, meaning that the students cannot distinguish the experimental section from the rest of the other sections .
After you finish the test and get your result, you will then have the choice to approve it and share it with the university or not if you want to re-take this test and get a higher rate .
It is worth noting that the result that Turkish universities in particular and many universities around the world are interested in in general is the result of the quantitative section, and it is required to be between 150 and 170.

Thus, we have come to the end of the article in which we mentioned what is the GRE test in Turkey, how it is prepared and where to apply for it, in addition to an explanation of the structure of this test .