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How can I study in Turkey?

How can I study in Turkey?

May 26, 2022
Study in Turkey
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How can I study in Turkey? A question that concerns most students who wish to enroll in Turkish universities after completing their secondary certificate, as there are more than 70 private universities in Turkey, most of which are in Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara, Antakya and others, and the most important thing that distinguishes these private universities from others is the joint cooperation between them and universities Various international and research sites, in addition to the employment and training agreements that universities provide to graduates in major companies, and study fees range from low to medium when compared to European universities, but they are ranked among the best European universities, all of which drew the attention of students to it and to study there And he made it the focus of everyone's attention, but the students ask how can I study in Turkey? In the following article, we will provide you with many details about how to study in Turkey .


How can I study in Turkey

Many students who dream of studying in Turkish universities, whether private or governmental, ask an important question, which is “ How can I study in Turkey? ” What are the papers required to enroll in private universities in Turkey? In the following points, we will inform you of the documents needed to apply to Turkish universities :

  1. The student must have a valid passport translated into Turkish .
  2. High school diploma also translated into Turkish or English .
  3. There are other international certificates that can be added, but they are not among the admission requirements .
  4. A personal photo of the student, email and phone number of his own .
  5. After completing all the necessary papers, the student's file is studied and the acceptance letter from the university is awaited within three days .

What are the advantages of studying in Turkey

After answering the question , " How can I study in Turkey, we will learn about the advantages that create the desire and motivation of any student to study in Turkey, and below we review with you those advantages in the following points :

  1. Turkey contains 209 universities, including 77 private universities, 129 public universities, according to the 2019 statistic , which opens the way for any student to study in any city and makes studying available everywhere .
  2. The tuition fees and costs in Turkey are very low and simple, different from the costs of studying in other universities, in order to make things easier for students and parents .
  3. It is also distinguished that there are 5 private Turkish universities that rank high and advanced as the best universities in the world, including ( Sabanci University - Ozyene University - Koç University - Atlam University - and Bahcesehir University ).
  4. Turkey enjoys an excellent geographical and strategic location in the middle of the world and is open to the continents of Asia and Europe, making it a fertile ground for various scientific delegations from everywhere .
  5. Its picturesque nature and moderate climate suit all people from all countries, whether hot or cold .
  6. Turkey has diverse cultures, religions and civilizations, as it is one of the countries that embrace the communities of other countries in large proportions, and all of this gives students a great opportunity to learn about other cultures and civilizations and mingle with them .
  7. The standard of living in Turkey is relatively average and suitable for students, unlike other European countries, especially in Istanbul, which is one of Turkey's relatively more expensive cities in terms of living standards, at around $ 400 .
  8. The costs of student housing for private universities in Turkey are calculated at between 200: 300 dollars each month, including a daily meal, which saves the student a percentage of the cost of food .
  9. As for the student dormitories, they are characterized by the quality of food and cleanliness, and are very tidy and healthy with excellent heating systems, where the student can stay and study in a calm, healthy and comfortable atmosphere .
  10. Academic degrees and degrees obtained by students from Turkish universities are recognized all over the world and compete with other major, prestigious and old universities .
  11. The budget for scientific research in Turkey is approximately 8 billion liras in 2009 , after Turkey raised it to become one of the fastest OECD countries in increasing and doubling research allocations and scientific budgets .
  12. The Erasmus Student Exchange Program allows students to have a unique experience that enables them to study in the best universities in different European countries, as most Turkish public universities are members of this program .


 The most important advantages that a student enjoys in Turkey

There are many advantages that Turkey grants to students, even those coming from other countries, and the most important of these are the following :

  1. The student in Turkey receives a 50 % reduced transportation card, and its cost is 50 lira, which is equivalent to $ 7 , and through this card, he can move in all different means of transportation at a small cost .
  2. Banks also provide an opportunity for students to create bank accounts and facilitate all procedures for them .
  3. The student also gets a card through which he can visit the tourist places for free, in addition to the student getting discounts when going to cafes, restaurants, shopping centers, libraries and some goods .
  4. Student residence card : It is a card obtained by the student that contains the name, gender, date of birth, nationality and the student's personal photo .


What happens when a student gets final admission?

After obtaining a high school diploma, the student asks, “ How can I study in Turkey? ” He may think that it is difficult, but once applying to the university in Turkey, if the student obtains final acceptance when applying to any private Turkish university for any purpose ( Bachelor, Master, PhD, Institute ) He can extract a residence card automatically, but he must transfer the university admission paper to the student’s identification paper immediately upon arrival at the university and then extract Turkish health insurance, not international health insurance .

Then the student submits a request to schedule an interview with the Immigration Department, then submits an application, attaches 4 personal photos and registers his residence address, and the student must have a valid passport translated into Turkish .

Then the student prints the stamped pages with the entry stamp to Turkey and then pays the residence fees, which are about 300 liras annually, in addition to the state fees, which vary according to nationality, ranging from 80 liras to 350 liras .


Registration dates for public and private Turkish universities

The application process for Turkish universities begins in mid-April of each year, and the application period ends at the end of September, while a university may open the application door more than once in October .


What are the admission requirements for private and public Turkish universities?

There are some conditions for private and public Turkish universities that answer the question " How can I study in Turkey? " , which we will learn about as follows :

Private Turkish universities : The conditions for admission to private Turkish universities are not complicated or impossible, as some universities are satisfied with a high school diploma, which is one of the basic conditions for admission, but the university does not impose on the student to obtain other additional certificates such as YOS or SAT .

Turkish public universities : One of the important conditions imposed by public universities is to pass the admission test, which is called the YOS, through which the best student is selected .


What are the acceptance rates for Turkish universities?

Admission to public Turkish universities is slightly different from private universities, as admission to universities depends on the system of differentiation in terms of selecting the best students after they undergo the Yös test, and sometimes some universities require acceptance rates to be more than 80 %, on the contrary in private universities, admission does not depend on A high rate in high school, and the student can register at a rate higher than 50 % to be able to study all specialties except for medical specializations that need an average of 75 % .


Average tuition fees in private Turkish universities

The tuition fees for private universities in Turkey are not exaggerated. If you are always wondering , “ How can I study in Turkey? ” , and what are the tuition fees in private Turkish universities, there is no need to worry, as tuition fees in private universities range between 2000-8000 dollars for the study of engineering and technical disciplines. As for the expenses of medical specialties, they range from 10000-25000 dollars annually .