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Is studying in Turkey expensive

Is studying in Turkey expensive

May 25, 2022
Study in Turkey
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Is studying in Turkey expensive ? The answer to this question first needs to determine the type of study you want to do there. Do you want to go to university studies only or do you intend to prepare a master’s and doctorate as well, and studying in Turkish universities is a dream for many foreigners in the recent period, and this is not only due to what He knows about the level of education there and its progress, but it is also due to the desire of many to live there and settle down.

Study majors in Turkey

There are many different scientific disciplines in Turkish universities. There are specializations that are similar to those in Arab universities, as well as some of the unique disciplines of their kind, among the most famous of which are the following:

  1. Marketing.
  2. the Secretary.
  3. Forensic medicine.
  4. Translation and interpretation.
  5. Games design.
  6. Public Relations and Advertising.
  7. Business Management.
  8. Philosophy.
  9. Human Medicine.
  10. architecture.
  11. Mechanical engineering.
  12. Turkish language and literature.
  13. International Trade and Logistics.
  14. Audio and visual engineering.
  15. Electronics and Communication Engineering.
  16. Ship machinery engineering and management.
  17. Aviation Engineering.
  18. Contemporary Turkish dialects and literature.
  19. Turkish folk art.

Conditions for studying in Turkey

Before you wonder whether studying in Turkey is expensive or not, you must first make sure that the conditions for studying there apply to you and that it is easy for you to transfer to the university there without any problem. Among the most important conditions for studying there are the following:

  1. The student must have passed the secondary stage, regardless of the grade obtained.
  2. The student must be fluent in the Turkish language, even a little, otherwise he may have to take a language course before starting the study.
  3. Before the start of the study, the student must obtain a visa for Turkey and travel there.
  4. It is also required that the student submit his application for admission to the university in sufficient time before the start of the study, and that he obtain an initial acceptance to join it.
  5. Of course, the student must pay a portion of the university's expenses in order to register in the specialization he wants.

Apply to study in Turkey

Applying for a university education in Turkey is among the easiest things that you can do through the Internet, you just have to prepare the necessary papers for this, the most important of which are the following:

  1. Personal photos on a white background.
  2. passport copy.
  3. High school passing certificate with a good grade.
  4. Language proficiency certificate, if any.
  5. Certificate of passing the selection of the American SAT, and this is not required in all Turkish universities.

Is studying in Turkey expensive?

The cost of your study in Turkey is determined according to the specialization that you intend to join, so that the costs vary greatly between the cheap and the very expensive, as follows:

  1. If you want to study medicine in any of its branches in Turkey, the study costs may reach about 25 thousand dollars per year.
  2. If you want to study engineering or management branches within Turkish universities, the cost may reach 8 thousand dollars.

On the other hand, there is a discrepancy in the cost that you will pay to study in Turkey according to the type of university you belong to. Studying in public universities is very low compared to studying in private universities, as follows:

  1. Public universities may have an annual cost of no more than $800 per year.
  2. Private universities have a yearly cost of $25,000.

Study costs in Turkey in English

If your question is whether studying in Turkey is expensive for those who want to receive scientific material in English, the answer is yes of course, as the costs are much higher than studying in different universities in Turkish, you may need to pay monthly expenses of about $ 400, and this value is not fixed, of course, it may rise Or it decreases according to the exact nature of the study you want to enter, and according to the university you will attend.

Scholarships in Turkey Universities

After identifying the answer to the question: Is studying in Turkey expensive , it is necessary to refer to another way to enroll in universities in Turkey, which is scholarships, so that many Arab universities offer scholarships to travel and complete university life in Turkey completely free of charge. The Turkish government annually provides 4000 scholarships In various universities, these grants include full residence and health insurance for the student, with learning the Turkish language for one year. As for the conditions for joining these grants, they are as follows:

  1. The student must have passed high school and joined university life in his country.
  2. The total number of students who will be awarded the scholarship must not be less than 70%, or 90% for medical specialties.
  3. It is required that the applicant has not joined the specialization in which he wants the scholarship in a Turkish university before.

Advantages of studying in Turkey

to the question about whether studying in Turkey is expensive , you should know what advantages you will have from studying there, so that you can compare the cost of studying and the benefits accruing to you. Among the most prominent advantages of studying in this country are the following:

  1. Many universities in Turkey have advanced degrees in the world in terms of the level and quality of education, which means, A, the students will get a very high quality education.
  2. In addition to the theoretical study, the various Turkish universities offer a practical aspect, so that the student is able to study his different subjects and be able to face various challenges in the labor market.
  3. Turkish universities guarantee foreign students, especially Arabs, a good learning environment, so that there are delegations from different countries, which guarantees them the formation of good friendships, and this makes the study life more enjoyable.
  4. The certificates that students can obtain, whether at the bachelor’s level or beyond, are highly reliable, and are reliable in many institutions in various countries of the world, which means that it is easy to obtain a job with a prestigious position in any field.

challenges of studying in Turkey

In addition to all the previous advantages that a student can obtain in Turkey, there are a number of negatives that he suffers from, especially if he does not travel as part of a grant from the Turkish government, and among the most prominent of those negatives are the following:

  1. The difficulty of obtaining low-cost housing near the university you will attend, as most homes are somewhat expensive, especially for a student who does not work, and if housing is far away, there is the problem of expensive transportation expenses.
  2. The disadvantage of studying in Turkish universities is that they require proficiency in the Turkish language to a large extent, or to pay more expenses to enroll in English studies in any of the university disciplines.

After taking into account all the advantages that you will get by studying in the Turkish state, the question of whether studying in Turkey is expensive is no longer the basis that you should think about, but rather you have to focus on how successful you will achieve there.