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Job opportunities after graduation in Turkey

Job opportunities after graduation in Turkey

May 26, 2022
Student life in Turkey
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The opportunity to work after graduation in Turkey, where many people who have completed their studies want to get a job in Turkey, so they are looking for available opportunities that suit your qualification, as Turkey is characterized by the presence of large investments, a labor market, and a large investment and we will offer them jobs in Turkey in detail.

Job opportunities after graduation in Turkey

You can find many opportunities to work in Turkey, as it is one of the countries where employment rates rise to 47% in 2018, and most of the Arabs reside in Turkey, as it has 8,000 factories in many different specialties and commercial fields that Some workers are required from Arabs, and this provides a lot of finding a suitable job opportunity for you, as it can reach 10,000 job opportunities after graduation in Turkey. There are for Arabs in many different fields and multiple specialties.

Providing job opportunities after graduation in Turkey

There are many job opportunities after graduation in Turkey for Turkish citizens only, as Turks do not perform them, and these jobs include the following:

  • Hospital management.
  • Veterinary Medicine.
  • Lawyer or notary.
  • Security guards for marine jobs like oyster, fisherman or ship captain also
  • Customs advisor.



Job opportunities are available in Turkey for Arabs

Private work is a great opportunity for graduates of Arab students to work in it from Turkish universities, as it is available in many fields, and the success of Arabs in it is large if he studies it in a scientific and thoughtful manner. This will open for him many doors to job opportunities in many Arab companies, and his obtaining a job opportunity after graduation in Turkey will become very large, as the economic recovery has led to an increase in fields in tourism, real estate, industrial and programming companies as well and other companies that can provide Many job opportunities for Arab youth.



Requirements for a work visa in Turkey

To work in Turkey, you must have a visa, and we will provide what is necessary to make a work visa in Turkey, which is as follows


  • Submit the original copy of your passport and it must be valid.
  • You submit a work visa application form, and your data is filled in in a correct and clear manner, and this data is real
  • A recent personal photo of you.


Documents required to obtain a work permit from Turkey

  • You must submit an application form with a properly written PQO.
  • You must provide your reference number that you obtained through the Consulate when you apply for your visa.
  • Submit a personal photo
  • I have to submit an employment contract that is notarized by the employer.
  • Photocopy of the passport and a photo translated into Turkish.
  • Submit a photocopy of your university degree to Turkey.
  • Submit a copy of the distribution letter, so that it is translated to Turkey.


Types of work permits

Work permits in Turkey vary, and we will present these types, which are the following


  • The work permit can be for a limited period of time.
  • Unlimited work permit.
  • Independent work permit.
  • Exceptional work permit.


How to hire in private companies in Turkey


This is a question asked by many foreign students who want to get a job in Turkey, as the field of work in private companies is the largest for them, as the existence of a job or a job depends on the specialization of the student being studied on the languages that he can speak In it, the student cannot find work in many fields without taking specific tests, but it is required to be employed in Turkish companies or invested in Turkey. The student’s possession of the Turkish language provides them with a great opportunity to find suitable work, because the investors of the call to prayer in Turkey are many The companies are pressing to provide them with translators in order to communicate between them and the company, as the private sector in Turkey is very active in many areas such as health, education, industry and some other areas of the things that the student can rely on in finding a job in Turkey are the training courses that qualify him To fill a lot of jobs, training courses are offered by universities for students to work for them during the study period for training, and the student must be distinguished in the place where he will work so that he cannot be dispensed with from the employer after the expiry of the period of time. the work


The largest Arab companies in Turkey for employment


To find job opportunities after graduation in Turkey, you must look for companies' news for employment in Turkey, where after the industrial and other sectors such as tourism and real estate flourished in Turkey, businessmen began to flock, especially Arab and foreign businessmen in Turkey, His Excellency, with large investments in the Turkish market, and they were also able To prove their presence in many fields and become one of the largest Arab companies in Turkey, which are as follows: -


  • Real Estate Investment.
  • Tourist service companies.


  • Student Counseling
  • private educational schools
  • Arabic restaurants and shops
  • Arab bookstores and shops
  • Sewing and embroidery workshop

Since these companies are the largest in Turkey, so they always need employees and workers and have the necessary experience, as well as mastering some of the languages that the market needs, this is important to find a job opportunity after graduation in Turkey.


Kpss test for postgraduate job opportunities in Turkey


Institutions in Turkey adopt this test for government employees, and this has been since 2002 in Turkey

And whoever succeeds in this test is every university graduate, so that he can get a job easily and students are classified into two parts

  • The first section What is the Section A exam? It is done by people with specializations and consultations in local administration and political science who have the desire to work in the Presidential Council, state directorates, government ministries, as well as municipalities, and a schedule is made for them. Christian this test.
  • The second section b is for persons who have the desire to work in institutions such as the public reservoir, metro stations, amusement parks and other fields.

And each section must have some questions about various fields in economics and politics, and also more planning and general information. This test is only available to Turks and foreigners so that they hold Turkish citizenship after graduating from university, but there are some jobs in which foreigners are not allowed to work even if they are Of the graduates of Turkish universities, it is only occupied by the Turkish people.


In the end, we will be talking about one of the most important topics of interest to a large group of society entitled job opportunities after graduation in Turkey, and we have mentioned everything related to it in full detail, and we have provided all the information and elements with a full explanation so that you can get everything you want from this article.