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Masters Scholarships in Turkey

Masters Scholarships in Turkey

May 26, 2022
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Masters Scholarships in Turkey , the Turkish government offers free Turkish scholarships to international students from all over the world, and it is one of the most famous scholarship programs in the world because it covers practically all disciplines and all levels of study “bachelor, master and doctorate” The Turkish government also awards no less than 4000 scholarships On the other hand, Turkish universities currently occupy the best ranks in the world, many Turkish universities have obtained high academic rankings, and many Turkish universities are ranked among the top 500 universities in the world, as a result, many students from All over the world enroll in Turkish universities.

Masters Scholarships in Turkey

Masters Scholarships in Turkey is the most famous scholarship in the Arab world, and it is the best of all for what Turkey offers to Arab and Egyptian students, as well as other students from all over the world to help people with living expenses.


The Turkish government takes care of the comprehensive funding for the educational process and thus Turkey is one of the countries with the lowest cost of living compared to others, it is likely that living in Turkey will cost you 150 dollars per month.


The Turkish Higher Education and Scholarships Authority announces approximately 5,000 scholarships annually, and applicants can apply from January until mid-February of the following year. Turkish scholarships are available at all academic levels as mentioned.


The information indicates that applying for Turkish scholarships is free and does not impose any obligations or fees on the student, all you have to do is open the application form and start filling out the required conditions, then wait for the response, whether accepting or rejecting.


Even private institutions in Turkey, which are famous for their exorbitant tuition fees, have offered scholarship programs to about 40% of students.

The Most Important Features of Masters Scholarships in Turkey

Among the advantages that may push you to obtain a master’s scholarship in Turkey are the following:

  1. Each year, more than 4,000 students are accepted from all over the world, with an acceptance rate of over 95%.


  1. The Turkish Scholarship for the academic year 2021-2022 is a full scholarship that covers all levels of education.


  1. The Turkish Scholarship Program allows students to study in some of the greatest colleges in the country.


  1. A one-year Turkish language course is also available from recognized Turkey.


  1. The Turkish Scholarship ensures that all students are able to adapt to their new surroundings.


  1. It is a scholarship available to students who do not meet the Turkish language requirements, and it is one of the most valuable scholarships.


  1. All services and related procedures are assisted by the Turkish Scholarship.


  1. Giving the international student the impression that Turkey is his home.


  1. In Turkey, health insurance is available to all students.
  2. Providing a bank account for students.


  1. The student residence permit is provided by the Turkish Scholarship.


  1. The one-year language course is also included in the Turkish Scholarship.


  1. In addition, there is a monthly stipend for students:

Undergraduate students: 800 TL.

Master's students: 1100 Turkish liras.

PhD students: 1600 TL.

Conditions for applying for Turkish scholarships for the master's level

Conditions required for students to be able to apply for scholarships for a master’s degree in Turkey:


  1. The age of the applicant should not be more than 30 years.
  2. The bachelor's degree should not be less than 75%.


Master’s students must submit the following documents in order to apply for the Turkish Scholarship Programs:


  1. Transcripts and a copy of the Bachelor's degree


  1. A copy of the student's high school certificate with the transcript attached.


  1. One or two papers in English in which the student explains why he has chosen Turkey.


  1. (This letter is also called a letter of motivation and is made to students enrolled in Turkish scholarship programs through the OK TAMAM group )


  1. A copy of the current passport with a white or blue background.
  2. Recommendation Letter: It is preferable that this letter be retrieved by the employer.


Also, the student must mention the recommended personal information in full in terms of what his job is, the party he works for, and his phone number and e-mail in this letter

Important notes :

Students who have not yet graduated or are about to graduate from a bachelor's degree, are required to bring their transcript until the last semester.


It is preferable to send all documents extracted by a scanner to ensure the clarity of the student's data in all scientific documents sent.

Conditions for applying for Turkish scholarships for the undergraduate level

There are several conditions in order to be able to register for master’s scholarships in Turkey , which are as follows:


  1. The age of the applicant should not be more than 21 years.


  1. He must not be enrolled in a Turkish university offering the same academic degree he wishes to pursue.


  1. To have a high school average of at least 70% for all specializations and 90% for medical groups (medicine - dentistry - pharmacy).


  1. He has graduated or is about to graduate from high school (baccalaureate).


You can apply with a document from the school where you attend high school, proving that you have a second year average of at least 70% and that you are enrolled in the third stage of high school, after which you can apply until you get your matriculation certificate.

Advantages of applying through Al-Fanar International Group

  1. Skilled staff to assist you with advice and guidance on admission.


  1. Al-Fanar team will professionally translate your documents and send them to you, in addition to following up on your file.


  1. Preparing a motivation letter for the student explaining the reasons for choosing Turkey to complete his university education and the student's motives for applying for the scholarship, in accordance with international standards.


  1. The Turkish Scholarships Department takes into account the letter of motivation.
  2. Registration in a Turkish public university for undergraduates, provided that the student fulfills the requirements to apply to the university, bearing in mind that the rules for registering in Turkish public universities at personal expense differ from the rules for registration in free Turkish scholarship programs.


  1. If a student wishes to enroll in one of the largest private institutions in Turkey, they can do so for free, despite the fact that tuition fees vary from university to university.


  1. Obtaining the scholarship through Al-Fanar Group qualifies you to receive significant savings especially from Turkish colleges and allows you to access technical assistance and educational consultancy more quickly.

Important notes for students interested in registering for master’s scholarships in Turkey

No one, however close to the committees that examines government or private scholarship applications, can guarantee that you will be accepted for scholarships, whether it is Turkish or international scholarship programmes, because the evaluation committees do not notify their members of anyone except on the day the result is announced, when the following stages apply On the stages of evaluating registered applications:

  1. Starting in February (the second month), the first phase begins and lasts from four to six months, during which academic performance and applicants' applications are generally evaluated.


  1. From March (the third month) until June (the sixth month) 2022, the program administration announces the first accepted applicants and sets the dates for the personal interview.


  1. Between July (7th month) and August (8th month) 2022, the results will be officially announced.


  1. The search will start in September 2022 (the ninth month).


  1. The only guarantee of the opportunity to receive the scholarship is God's success, fulfillment of the conditions and the level of grades.


Al-Fanar Group offers you the services of registering for the grant according to the conditions and specifications of the degrees of acceptance and the most fortunate in terms of the percentage of winning the grant, the size of the photos, writing the CV in a decent and detailed way to improve the chances of winning the grant and the letter of motivation, following up on your file, responding to the grants committee, completing applications and specifications professionally from Through a professional and distinguished team.