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Medipol University Admission Requirements

Medipol University Admission Requirements

October 06, 2022
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Inquiry about the conditions for admission to Medipol University in Istanbul is a matter of great concern to foreign students, because it is an ancient university and studying in it is an ideal opportunity for them, and that is why we decided to inform you in this comprehensive report on the most important of these conditions, and the documents required to register at the university In addition to detailed information about many of the university's advantages that you need to know.

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What are the admission requirements for Medipol University
These conditions for university admission to this university can be detailed according to the following paragraphs, which we have explained in detail to inform you of all the necessary information about the conditions, namely:

Foreign student obtaining initial acceptance from the university
You must obtain an initial acceptance from Medipol University by writing to the university, submitting copies of the required papers and documents, and waiting for the acceptance letter sent by the university.

In Fanar Study, we can shorten your time, as well as effort, and help you obtain initial admission to study the most powerful university majors at Medipol Istanbul University, and the initial acceptance we extract for you within a very short time, and with guaranteed steps.

Minimum "Grade" University Acceptance
One of the required conditions is that the student’s average in high school exceeds the minimum required to register in the university major to be studied, and the required rate varies according to the university major.

In general, the minimum required rates are:

From 75% and above for human medicine and dentistry specialties
From 50% and above for almost all university majors
The required rates may change according to several factors determined by the university at the beginning of the academic year, which are often related to:

The strength of university specialization
Number of seats available for foreigners
And you can always contact Fanar to study to get up-to-date information about the minimum requirements for university admission for undergraduate majors in Medipol Istanbul and all other private Turkish universities.

Preparing the documents and papers required for registration
It is obvious that the acceptance of your registration at the university is linked to the preparation of documents and papers required for registration, which vary according to specialization, language of study and university level. Therefore, you must contact us to learn about the required documents, translate what is requested to be translated and certified by the Notre, and complete the file of documents to ensure your university admission in the University.

We will also inform you in a later paragraph of this article about information about the nature of the documents required for registration according to any stage of university study at Medipol Istanbul University.

Pay the registration fee and the first annual installment
To complete the admission requirements at Medipol University, you are required to pay the initial registration fee, and then after obtaining admission, you must pay the first annual installment.

Tuition fees in Turkish universities relate to several important points:

Your university major
Study stage "Bachelor's, Master's or PhD"
Language of study major
The student must be proficient in the language of study
Proficiency in the language of study is an important condition of your admission to the university, and this condition is achieved in one of two cases:

The student must have a certificate in the language required for study, such as TOMER for the Turkish language or TOEFL for the English language or their equivalent
In the absence of a language proficiency certificate, the student must undergo a preparatory year at the university in which he learns the language required to study under the supervision of Medipol University.
Some other conditions required for admission to the university
There are also, in addition to the previous conditions, you can see some other conditions that should not be neglected:

The application for registration at the university must be submitted within the announced period for the opening of registration doors, whether general or quarterly registration
Translating and attesting papers extracted from outside Turkey
Avoid using any unofficial or fraudulent documents during registration
Some university levels may require a certain age for the applicant, especially with regard to postgraduate studies.
The presence of a personal email for the student in order for the university to communicate with him
There are other conditions and documents that may sometimes be requested from some nationalities or for some specializations. Therefore, we always advise to go to the Fanar company to study in order to obtain the most accurate information about the conditions for admission to and registration at Medipol University.

Documents required for registration at Medipol University
The documents differ according to the level of university study, as shown in the following paragraphs:

Bachelor's degree
To register for a bachelor's degree at Medipol Istanbul University, the student must bring the following documents:

Passport copy
A copy of the high school diploma "Tawjihi", with translation and attestation from the Notary "Notary Public in Turkey"
Recent photo
Registration fee payment received
Master stage
For those wishing to register for the master's degree, the following documents must be brought:

A copy of the student's passport
A copy as well of the secondary and bachelor's degrees with translation and notarization in Turkey
University transcripts
Recent photo
Masters tuition fee payment
PhD stage
In order to register for a PhD at Medipol Istanbul, you must bring the following documents:

A copy of the applicant's passport
Copies of the following certificates: high school, bachelor's, "university degree" and master's, with translation and notation
Transcript of the student's grades for the bachelor's and master's years
Recent photo
Receipt of payment of the registration fee
Is university admission in Medipool difficult?
No, it is not difficult

But you have to adhere to some important points to ensure your university admission and avoid making any mistakes or problems during registration:

Continuous follow-up of the registration announcements at Medipol University in order to register on time and before the time expires
Review the conditions for admission to Medipol Istanbul University and make sure that you have them before starting any of the registration procedures
Make sure