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Modification of certificates in Turkey

Modification of certificates in Turkey

April 26, 2022
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Amending certificates in Turkey Many students are looking for the most important information related to the modification of certificates in Turkey, and by the word certificates we mean all certificates without exception. Indicate all required documents .

Modification of certificates in Turkey

The idea of amending diplomas in Turkey has become the dream of many students in the Arab countries, and even other countries located near Turkey, in order to rise to a prestigious scientific level, and to obtain an internationally recognized certificate that gives them the opportunity to practice the profession that they have always sought and desired It is elaborately and at a high degree of development and modernity .

What is the certificate equivalency document in Turkey?

The idea of amending certificates in Turkey or the equivalency of the certificate requires a number of papers in order to be granted permission to enroll in Turkish universities, where the equivalency document is one of the papers and documents .


This certificate plays a very important role in the matter of accepting the student or not, as it is the only proof that this student has obtained a high school certificate and that this certificate is equivalent to the certificates in Turkey. Given the importance of this document, two ways have been made available to obtain it :


  1. Through the Turkish embassy in the country in which you reside, you can obtain this document .
  2. By communicating with the Turkish Directorate of Education, which is located in all different cities within Turkey .

High school equivalency in Turkey

An opportunity has been provided for all students coming from abroad to do the equivalency of the secondary certificate they have obtained, by going to the Turkish embassy in his country, or by going to the special center of the Directorate of National Education located in Turkey .

Documents required for the equivalency of a high school diploma in Turkey

The concerned authorities have produced a number of papers and required their availability, the most prominent of these papers or requests are :

  1. Bring a transparent cover file .
  2. Bring an original of the residence permit for the applicant or a copy of the visa related to the study .
  3. Bring the original passport
  4. With regard to the intermediate categories, they must bring a copy of their graduation certificate, or transcripts .
  5. But for graduates, they must submit a copy of the diploma that has been approved by Abu Steel, in addition to a transcript of grades .


The equivalency of a bachelor’s degree in Turkey and a master’s degree

In order for the student to be able to modify the certificates in Turkey, he must undergo some of the tests that are placed for him, and this condition has exceptions for some countries that are not subject to such tests, and others are subject, and this is what the Ministry’s websites have clarified, and the order to undergo the tests is due to the country from which the student comes from which In it, he obtains his degree, which he wants to equalize in Turkey, and this is because in some countries there is absolute neglect in the educational process, and this is the result of the exposure of these countries to civil wars and other wars that have decimated all their resources .


The Turkish Ministry has stipulated that the student who graduated from medical colleges from Turkey will take a full year to master the Turkish language, in addition to the need to finish this year in order to be able to obtain the certificate .


The special test for these doctors is known as Tows, and this test is distinguished by its difficulty, and its questions are included in the Turkish language, and this test is done twice throughout the year .


If the doctor succeeds in this test, he must search for a medical hospital in order to contract with it, and start working in it, where he will be granted residency within the country and practice his professional life normally, by providing the rest of the required data .

Dentistry - Pharmacy

These two interested persons were prevented from practicing in Turkey by foreigners, as it noted the need for the student to complete a master's degree or obtain a doctorate available to be able to equate the dental and pharmacy degrees .


Documents required for certificate equivalency in Turkey

Here are the most important documents required to complete the equivalency certificate :

  1. Provide a copy of the student's passport .
  2. The registration form, and then put it with the rest of the documents .
  3. The special document for the equivalency of the secondary school certificate .
  4. Certificate of diploma or bachelor's degree obtained by the student .


Steps to equivalence your degree in Turkey

Here are the steps for modifying certificates in Turkey :

  1. You have to go to the website for the equivalency of the certificate .
  2. Completely record all data and information related to progress .
  3. Going to upload all the student’s papers, and setting a day in order to be able to deliver your papers .
  4. You have to go to the Turkish Ministry of Education .


What is the equivalency of a university degree?

This procedure allows the individual to legitimately practice his job on Turkish territory, by amending the certificate inside Turkey, and enabling him to obtain all the same rights that the Turkish citizen obtains. This is also available to all medical college students .


Why should you perform the equation?

In order to obtain an accredited and authorized certificate in all countries, especially within the Republic of Turkey, and to be officially approved as an official Turkey certificate .


Advantages of modifying certificates in Turkey

There are many advantages that make a person resort to and think about amending their certificate :

  1. It is characterized by the quality of education, as Turkey is one of the countries that cares about the educational system very much, and this is what made it take the lead in this field, through its conclusion of the Bologna Agreement, and this motivates many to adopt their certificates, in order to approve Turkish certificates by a percentage It is very large and there is no doubt about the credibility of this certificate
  2. It has a wide variety of programs for education and also a very large number of universities that contain an infinite number of students, and provide them with integrated services that do not lack anything, and this is what makes them in the leadership always and forever, as well as providing useful programs for all students working to develop their skills development, and the use of modern educational technologies .
  3. Multiculturalism because it contains an infinite number of valuable information that includes a large percentage of different and diverse cultures, which makes students in a state of constant aspiration to the world around them, and to understand all trends. The opportunity to get to know and get to know each other .
  4. It also has students from all over the world that makes them integrate greatly with each other and without feeling any cultural or intellectual differences between them, and this provides them with all of the calm and comfort so that they can complete their studies well .
  5. All these advantages and more have the educational system in Turkey, and more than that is offered to all those wishing to amend certificates in Turkey, and this is what makes the demand for it unnatural, and every day we find hundreds of male and female students applying to obtain an equivalent certificate from Turkey, which is prohibited by many advantages .