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Open education in Turkey

Open education in Turkey

April 26, 2022
Study in Turkey
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Open education in Turkey is one of the best types of education as unlike the usual traditional education method, there is no obligation to come to the campus, the lessons are taught in a completely virtual environment through the computer, and the participants can watch them over and over again anytime they want.


Open Education in Turkey

The number of students enrolled in open education in Turkey has almost doubled compared to formal education. The number of students in open education, which has been on the rise especially in the past five years, is close to 4 million. According to YÖK , the number of students in open education is 3 million 880 thousand 931, and the number of students enrolled in formal education is 2 million 647 thousand 86. We asked officials of the faculties of open education about the reasons for this without real evidence. While the increase in the past five years has been noticeable, it has been observed that women were more at associate’s degrees and men were more at undergraduate.


Advantages of open education in Turkey

  • It is student centered.
  • It provides equal opportunity.
  • It provides educational opportunities for students with physical disabilities.
  • Removes geographical and regional barriers.
  • It is ideal for those who cannot benefit from traditional education.
  • Enables employees to continue their education.
  • It allows a person to learn at their own learning pace.
  • Provides the opportunity to access information quickly and easily.
  • It eliminates additional expenses such as transportation, accommodation and feeding required in face-to-face education.
  • It provides an interactive and dynamic learning process with instructors.
  • Being independent of time and space, it provides students with 24/7 access to the learning environment from anywhere with internet access.


Are open education colleges in Turkey different from other universities?

All departments within the AÖF are not different from departments in other universities that provide formal education. Since departments are on par with each other, OEF students can take advantage of all the social rights that other university students have. The only difference is that there is no obligation to go to university.


Disadvantages of open education in Turkey

  1. One of the problems may be that students in open education may take surprise exams without attending classes, and therefore it is difficult for them to get full knowledge by taking a glimpse of the course and the lack of lecturers.
  2. On the other hand, it would not be wrong to say that business owners do not care much about the graduates of open education, they find it insufficient in terms of information. Therefore, we may encounter difficulties in finding a job.
  3. However, if you have an open education diploma for a company that is looking for employees to train, you may be in luck.


How does the open education system work in Turkey?

Lessons are taught through the media, and 12-hour open courses are broadcast daily on TRT Okul . In addition, support for courses and exams is provided on the " AÖF e-Learning " website within Anadolu University and dozens of other forum sites. Anadolu University has offices in every province, and in these offices, students are provided with support in every subject, and all necessary textbooks are provided free of charge.

Another unknown aspect of the open education system is that courses are offered to AÖF students in universities designated by Anadolu University in each province. AÖF students take the exam twice a year, in the middle of the semester and in the final, and as a result of these exams, they either pass or fail in the following semesters.


Open education universities in Turkey and their departments

In formal education, there are 2 million 647 thousand 86 students who continue their undergraduate and associate studies. There are currently three open education colleges in Turkey, namely Istanbul, Anatolia and Ataturk Universities. The officials of these colleges were asked about the reason for the increase. The administrators responded for two reasons

  1. Existence of a university without compulsory exams : The chance of a second university without exams led to an increase in the number of students in open education. Those studying or graduating from a higher education institution can study in the part of open education without taking an exam.
  2. Career Objective: Another reason students are attracted to open education is that higher education is a particularly required component of business life and puts the individual ahead. Those who wish to change jobs also prefer a department in open education. The low cost of education and the ability to access education from anywhere are among the reasons for the increase in the number.

Departments of Open Education at Istanbul University

Associate's degree at Istanbul University (2 years)

  • Civil Air Transport Administration
  • Law firm management and security
  • Cultural heritage and tourism
  • Health Institutions Management
  • social services
  • Secretarial and medical documentation
  •  Retail Sales and Store Management

Undergraduate at Istanbul University (4 years)

  •  Date
  • geography
  • Economie
  • a job
  • Sociology
  • philosophy

Undergraduate completion at Istanbul University (2 + 2)

  • Nursing
  • health care management
  • Social Service
  • Emergency and disaster management


Open Education Faculties of Anadolu University

  • Sociology
  •  Date
  • philosophy
  •  Public Relations and Advertising
  • health care management
  • Turkish language and literature
  •  Associate Degree Programs
  • social services
  • Management information systems
  • cooking
  • justice
  • Office management and executive assistance
  • Banking and insurance
  • Child growth
  • Call Center Services
  • home management
  • Foreign Trade
  • Generation, transmission and distribution of electric power
  • Real estate and property management
  • Public Relations and Promotion
  • Photography and video
  • Human Resource Management
  • Theology
  • Business Management
  • Cultural heritage and tourism
  • logistics
  • Laboratories and veterinary health
  • Media and Communication
  • business communication
  • Securities and capital markets
  • Security and special protection
  • Radio and TV programming
  • sports management
  • Social Service
  • Health Institutions Management
  • Secretarial and medical documentation
  • Farming
  • Local authorities
  • Care of the elderly
  • Tourism and hotel management
  • Tourism and travel services
  • Ataturk University Open Education Faculty
  • Public Relations and Promotion
  • Social Service
  • Sociology


How to enroll in the Open Education College in Turkey?

Registration in open education colleges in Turkey takes place in two stages. First of all, after completing the online registration process, you need to print your online registration from the printer. Candidates who have not registered online cannot complete the final registration process.

They even lose their registration rights. Therefore, be careful and do not miss the registration dates.

Documents required for final registration

  • Internet application document.
  • Website template with photo.
  • Student information form.
  • Student information.
  • 4 personal photos.
  • Military Status Certificate.


Official websites of Turkish universities

  • Anadolu University (Eskisehir)
  • Istanbul University (Istanbul) :
  •  Ataturk University (Erzurum) :


In the end, it can be said that with the development of technology, access to the Internet and related services has become easier, and costs have decreased compared to the past.

Today, students can easily access the university systems in Turkey from their smartphones and access their lessons and learning materials regardless of time and place. This is the most obvious advantage of open education in Turkey.

Open education in Turkey is an opportunity to receive education at much lower costs than formal education services. With the meaning attributed to lifelong learning today, people have realized that continuous learning and development plays a major role in leading to better career opportunities and a sustainable career.

Open education in Turkey has come a long way. The main reason for the increase in numbers is the students who continue their education within the scope of the second university without an exam. The fact that higher education is a required component in many areas of life especially in business life puts the individual at the forefront.