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PhD study in Turkey for foreigners

PhD study in Turkey for foreigners

May 26, 2022
Study in Turkey
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Your search as an Arab student about the conditions for a doctorate study in Turkey for foreigners, will be one of the best options that you will make in your academic life; It is a country that is in a state of progress at all levels, the educational sector has extended in it, so that its universities have assumed a great position at the international level, so it is an excellent choice for a degree whose obtaining is a sign that reflects your high abilities to delve into your specialization and come up with new perspectives that enrich science and benefit humanity Applying it on the ground, let us know more about PhD studies in Turkey for foreigners.

Advantages of studying a PhD in Turkey for foreigners

When a foreign student decides to study abroad, he is undoubtedly looking for a better opportunity that will make him make a big leap in his life, through the certificate that he will obtain and the knowledge he will acquire, which will provide him with better opportunities in his scientific life, so let us know why Turkey specifically in the points next:-

1/ Higher rankings of universities

If you look at the international rankings of Turkish universities, whether public or private, you will find no less than 10 Turkish universities, among the top 100 universities in the world university ranking.

2/ Lower tuition costs

The amount of tuition fees that will be required, is much lower than in the rest of Europe, and also in terms of housing for expatriates, food and transportation costs, and we will present an approximate estimate of the costs of a PhD in Turkey later in this article.

3/ There are job opportunities for students

As a PhD student in Turkey, you can get a respectable job with which to support yourself financially during your study trip, without any form of harassment or abuse by the government or Turkish citizens.

4/ Flexibility in the language of study

There is no problem if you are not good at studying in Turkish. If you are able to study in English, there are many Turkish universities that allow you to do so, and some of them you can study in French and German as well.

5 / International Relations of Turkish Universities

Many Turkish universities have joint cooperation agreements with other universities, and partnerships with international institutions, and this will greatly facilitate your journey to obtain a doctoral degree, and also help you after completing your studies at the university.

PhD study costs in Turkey for foreigners

This item is subject to three classifications that fully reflect the costs of graduate studies in Turkish universities in general, and these classifications are as follows:-

1/ If you want to study in Turkish at a public university, it will cost between 300 and 600 dollars.

2/ If your desire is to finish your higher studies in Turkey, but in Turkish, know that this will cost you an amount ranging from 600 to 900 dollars.

3 / Private universities vary among themselves in expenses according to the privileges offered by each university to the student in it, and the value of the university itself and the position it enjoys, but in any case the costs range from 2000 to 5000 dollars.

Types of PhD degrees in Turkey

Although you will be my dear researcher about the conditions for studying a doctorate in Turkey for foreigners, I am more concerned with the first type, but the scientific honesty requires that we tell you about the two types available in Turkish universities to obtain a doctorate, which are:-

1/ PhD degree

The ones you're trying to get after you've spent 4, 5 or 6 years in college depending on your major; In order to obtain a bachelor’s degree, then finish your mission to obtain a master’s degree in your field of specialization, and then it is the turn of the doctorate degree, which is global as our Arabic language calls it in every specialty.

2/ honorary doctorate degree

It is also called an honorary doctorate, and it is an honorary title given by the university to a public or political figure in society, as a kind of moral appreciation and a sign of respect for what that person has accomplished in the society in which they live.

Conditions for studying a PhD in Turkey for foreigners

In order for you as a foreign student to apply for the study that makes you eligible for a PhD in Turkey, you must meet the following conditions:-

1/ You must have obtained a bachelor's degree or a master's degree with a score of more than seventy percent in all subjects that were included in your study programme.

2/ If you are not proficient in the Turkish language and are unable to study in it, you must obtain an ILTES or TOFEL certificate that proves your proficiency in the English language.

3/ Some of this will be subject to a personal interview with university officials, which plays a pivotal role in determining whether you are qualified to study at the university or not.

4/ This is not in all Turkish universities, but it is worth noting that some universities there subject students to an ability test to determine their academic level.

5/ If you are accepted, you must attach a personal photo here, preferably if there is also a letter of recommendation, which you get from an academic person such as someone who holds a PhD and teaches at a university.

6/ Also attach a copy of your passport, your residence document and the last one you obtain from the Turkish embassy in your country, and you travel accordingly to start your study trip.

PhD study system in Turkey for foreigners

There is no complication in the process of studying a doctorate in Turkey for foreigners, from the application to the discussion of the thesis. There is a lot of flexibility in several aspects, so let's get acquainted with this system in the following points:-

1/ You will not struggle to know the date of the start of the doctoral study program at the university you want, as all Turkish universities provide students with this information through their website, and also facilitate the application process through the website.

2/ The years of study for you as a doctoral student can range from 3 to 4 years, depending on the university and specialization.

3/ If you want to study a doctorate immediately after obtaining a BA or BA, there are a few universities in Turkey that provide this advantage, but you will have to study ten full semesters; To be eligible to submit your thesis, i.e. here you will study for 5 years at the university to get your Ph.D.

4/ If you have graduated in scientific degrees naturally, and you want to obtain a doctorate after the end of your master’s degree, here you will be required to study at the university for 8 semesters, before submitting your thesis.

5 / Presenting the thesis is only after passing a final exam to conclude your doctoral studies at the university, and after you pass that exam successfully, it will be a permit for you; To start working on your thesis.

6/ After you finish your thesis, the university forms a committee of those who have a doctorate degree, and they work as professors at the university; In order for them to discuss you in that thesis and the scientific addition you submitted in it to your specialty, and with your success in it, you will be eligible for a doctorate degree from your university in Turkey.