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The preparatory year for studying the language

The preparatory year for studying the language

April 26, 2022
Study in Turkey
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The preparatory year for studying the language in Turkey is one of the things that some students are ignorant of and want to collect information about. Then, during which the student is prepared on some basic matters related to the country he moved to, such as: the language, and other things. Today, we will mention everything related to this matter.

Preparatory year for language study in Turkey

The preparatory year for studying the language in Turkey is the period that the learner spends in learning the language of the place, in order to master it and the possibility of choosing the specialization that the learner would like to study. Arrivals are students.

Obtaining this year is also one of the conditions set by Turkish universities for applicants, provided that they have obtained two minimum levels of the language, so that they can succeed in the levels test that is taken before the start of study at the university, while some other universities are obligated The learner must obtain five or more levels for admission, and the preparatory year includes two tests, the SAT and YÖS .

Types of preparatory year exams in Turkey

The preparatory year exams for studying the language in Turkey are divided into two types of exams, which are as follows:

SAT . test

comparing learners, with a review of both the recommendation letter and the motivation .

SAT 1 is required in Turkish universities. It includes three compulsory points on English writing, English reading, algebra and mathematics, and an optional question in the form of an English essay. As for the dates for taking this test, there are 6 different dates per year.

As for its value, it is 45 dollars for questions that are answered compulsorily, and 15 dollars for an optional question, and the state also allows the possibility to perform this test without the need to be on campus, as for universities that set this test from their admission rules, including: Istanbul University, Gazi University Marmara University.

Yos . test

This test is one of the necessary conditions for the learner to be accepted at the university, especially in the case of choosing a specialty that requires a high success rate, such as medicine and engineering.

The value of this test changes according to the university in which it is registered, and Istanbul University is the only one that allows the possibility of taking the test in the country in which the learners reside before traveling, while all other universities refuse this matter, and the preparation period for this test takes from 3 months to five, on the To study Turkish and English before performing it.

Yös test includes about 40 intelligence questions and 80 questions in mathematics, with a variety of questions in engineering that are similar to what was previously studied in high school, provided that all questions are taken from a syllabus compiled in one book that is well studied before taking the test.

The duration of the preparatory year for studying the language in Turkey

The period allocated for studying the preparatory year in Turkey ranges between 6 and 9 months, provided that it consists of five levels, with tests to measure learning skills after each level is completed, and a final test for learners, to ensure their proficiency in the language and their readiness to start studying in Turkish universities .

When the learner does not obtain a certificate stating his proficiency in the language, another date is set for a test before entering the university. When he succeeds in this test, he is accepted into the university and begins studying immediately after that. In the event of his failure, he is obliged to perform the preparatory year.


The cost of the preparatory year in Turkey

preparatory year for language study in Turkey changes according to the place in which the study is conducted, with some other factors and reasons, as follows:

  1. The type of place where you study, whether it is a university, institute, an expert in language education, or via one of the online learning platforms.
  2. The number of levels obtained, the fewer levels the lower the cost, and usually the minimum number of levels is three.
  3. The final result of the levels, which consists in taking exams and awarding certificates that confirm the learners' language proficiency.
  4. The intensity of the language course, which is the pressure of the study period in a shorter period, and this advantage is usually reserved for those who are late in joining the university.
  5. The cost for a preparatory year is usually from $500 to $1,500, to study all five levels.

Reasons why learners resort to the preparatory year to study the language in Turkey

There are a number of reasons that push learners to start the preparatory year, including the following:

  1. This should be one of the rules set by the university for learners, which includes obtaining a period of six to nine months in learning the language, with a certificate from the center in which the preparatory year was obtained indicating that.
  2. The language used in the study should be the language of the country, in which case proficiency is not required, but it is possible to start studying at the university during the preparatory year, with obtaining only several levels.
  3. Familiarity with the language and learning it in order to be able to deal with the residents of the country, in order to facilitate things for the learner.

The importance of the preparatory year for studying the language in Turkey

The preparatory year for studying the language in Turkey gives the learner coming to the country some benefits, including the following:

  1. The possibility of dealing with the citizens of the country in all places and understanding their language more.
  2. Gathering information about the country's culture, with knowledge of all their different customs.
  3. Familiarity with a new language, which is of great importance when you want to continue living or working in the country.
  4. Facilitating the process of learning and understanding in a faster time, which contributes to success and obtaining high rates.

Methods for obtaining the preparatory year and learning the Turkish language

In the event that the preparatory year is not compulsory and the student wants to learn the language, some of the following methods can be used:

  1. Free learning through some online platforms, or listening to educational videos.
  2. Trying to learn and understand the language by talking to some people residing in the country, while telling him that he wants to learn from it.
  3. Go to the places for the preparatory year scholarships to study the language in Turkey , among which are the Tomer Center and the Turkish government.

In conclusion, learning the language is important in the event of traveling and completing education in another country, and we have mentioned everything related to the subject of the preparatory year for studying the language in Turkey.