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Public universities in Istanbul

Public universities in Istanbul

April 26, 2022
Study in Turkey
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The public universities in Istanbul have managed to From achieving a great leap in many aspects, especially the academic and research aspects, in addition to the scientific environment and infrastructure that they provide to students, these universities were the focus of this development and progress that is in line with the government system in Turkey and its vision for 2023, which wants to achieve many big goals within the field of university education.


Public universities in Istanbul

The progress that has been achieved by Turkish universities in general and public universities in Istanbul in particular explains the high demand from students around the world and in particular Arab countries to study in Turkey, and in this regard we show you a list of the best public universities in Istanbul that It is ranked among the largest and best universities in the country overall.

Bogazici University

This university is ranked 234 in the world ranking of the most important universities in the world and is one of the prominent public universities in Turkey. Founded in 1863, this university has many advantages such as the availability of many valuable study programs and academic content in addition to the distinguished scientific content. It also provides all The ways and means that help the student to be graduated in merit, from an academic, scientific and technical point of view, the university also provides many scientific programs that the student studies in the English language. In addition to many advantages that made it one of the best and most important public universities in Istanbul


Galatasaray University

This public university is considered the largest and oldest among the universities. It was opened by the Ottoman army, which was led by Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror. It contains many important disciplines and colleges, such as the College of Dentistry, the College of Human Medicine, and the College of Engineering.

 Istanbul Civil University

This university is distinguished by the language of study in which it is located, which is the Turkish language and the English language, and it includes many programs and colleges, such as the College of Engineering, the College of Medicine and the College of Civil Aviation as well. In order to raise the profile, and that is what distinguishes the university among other academic and scientific advantages, and this explains its location in an excellent position in the global ranking of universities, as well as in the local ranking, as it is considered one of the best public universities in Istanbul.




 Istanbul Technical University

This university is located in the city of Istanbul and is famous for the high level it contains. It was founded in 1773 during the reign of Sultan Mustafa III. Therefore, it is one of the oldest and oldest public universities in Istanbul . This is one of the advantages that characterizes the university. This university is ranked 376th in the world and is one of the most prominent Universities that specialize in technical sciences. This university includes many disciplines in engineering and science. The language of instruction varies according to the type of college. Among the most prominent colleges are architecture, civil engineering, metallurgy, business administration, computer, information technology, navigation, and chemistry.



Marmara University

This university is considered one of the old universities and educational institutions in Turkey and one of the most famous public universities in Istanbul and contains many faculties and departments such as the Faculty of Pharmacy, Dentistry and Human Medicine.



Mimar Sinan University of Fine Arts

This university is considered one of the private universities of fine arts, and it is one of the oldest public universities in Istanbul , which is famous in the field of arts and is located in the city of Istanbul.


 Yildiz Technic University

This university is considered one of the important public universities in Istanbul, which was established in 1911 and contains many available disciplines such as architecture, mechatronics engineering and marine engineering as well.



Turkish German University

This German-Turkish university is located in Istanbul. It was established within the framework of the agreement between the Federal Republic of Germany and the Republic of Turkey as well. It contains many disciplines such as industrial engineering, computer engineering and civil engineering.



Middle East Technical University

The ranking of this university is ranked 456 in the world and the language of study is easy, which is the English language. Within Turkey, especially in technological technologies and the fields of science and engineering, which made it one of the best universities in the country, especially the best public universities in Istanbul.


Study in Turkey

The modern Turkish experience, which is used for the advancement of the state and society in general, is considered one of the important models in the advancement at the regional and international levels as well. The first period of the third millennium witnessed a tremendous economic, educational, political and social boom. Therefore, Turkey plans in 2023 to have 500 universities At the state level, and in 2008, the state of Turkey ranked No. 18 in the world in scientific research, thus progressing and passing Turkey the rate of scientific progress, according to scientific standards and reports, and one of the reasons that helped make Turkey a destination for education is the effectiveness and quality of study and education in Turkey in addition to Low cost of living and tuition fees in universities as well as language institutes compared to other countries.


Also, educational institutions in Turkey enjoy a high reputation in addition to global recognition in many countries. The country has succeeded in attracting many foreign students by focusing on opening the doors of education and cultural and scientific cooperation with many countries, which reached 176 countries representing Iraqis and multiple nationalities. The Turkish government has also taken care of providing all conditions through official grants as well as allocating some of their seats in addition to simplifying the necessary procedures for obtaining residence and visas. Most Turkish cities include colleges and universities such as public universities in Istanbul and Ankara.


The language of instruction in Turkish universities

Most universities study through the Turkish language, but there are many public universities that study through the English language, as for private universities, most of them depend on studying in English, which makes them easy to teach and study as well.


What Turkish public universities offer

Public universities in Turkey provide a high level of study in addition to international certificates recognized all over the world, which are granted by Turkish universities, and you will find there laboratories and advanced libraries that help you conduct research as well as study until you reach all aspects of the information, as well as It is characterized by cultural diversity that makes the West and the East in one place where the advantages are mixed. It is good that studying in Turkey is in an easy and safe atmosphere in terms of the cost of living, as university fees are easy to pay, and that is what makes it the best public university in Istanbul.