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Ranking of universities in Turkey locally and globally

Ranking of universities in Turkey locally and globally

April 26, 2022
Study in Turkey
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The search for the ranking of universities in Turkey locally and globally will be a pleasant surprise for all who apply; In order to complete the journey of the Academy’s education in the countries of the Turks, where he will find it in very advanced ranks in the ranks of international universities, along with many advantages that will bring him back from life and study there, so invite me, dear Fanar followers, I will accompany you on a journey in which we know more about this matter.

Advantages of studying in Turkey:


Studying in Turkey has many advantages, which push many people to search for the ranking of universities in Turkey locally and globally, so let us, in the coming lines, learn about those benefits that accrue to one from the decision to study there.

1/ In Turkey, university tuition fees are lower compared to other countries in Europe and the United States of America. The latter, for example, has the so-called study loans, they send you those who convince you to take them at the end of high school; To enter university and then spend the rest of your life digging in the rock; In order to pay off the loan and its interest, which you will never encounter in Turkey, it is much simpler than that there.

2/ At the present time, Turkey has an economy that is growing rapidly, and it has become a country that attracts people from all sides to study and work; In order to find a place for it in the ranks of developed countries, and therefore the cost of living there is lower, compared to the European Union, for example, and therefore the university student will not struggle to live in Turkey during his studies, and can easily work and provide the necessary expenses.

3 / Turkey in itself is a country that embraces the manifestations of the ancient history of the various civilizations that have passed through it, with the landmarks of civilization and modern architecture, you will find the spirit of every era around you everywhere you go.

4/ The universities there are equipped at the highest level, whether the equipment necessary for each specialization, the halls and curricula that enrich the mind of each student with his specialization, and address his mind without any complexity, as you will find a campus that makes you always proud of your university.

5/ Nature in Turkey is magical, the country of the four seas, the Mediterranean, the Aegean, the Black Sea, and the Marmara Sea, beside the green color that pleases the soul there, a country that is as diverse as you can imagine in its climate, you will live there in the summer atmosphere, and enjoy a nice cold bite during the winter, You will see the towering mountains and on holidays you can ride the cable car for more fun.

Ranking of the top 10 universities in Turkey:-


After we searched for the advantages of life in Turkey, it is time to talk about the ranking of universities in Turkey locally and globally, so let's see the top 10 universities there and evaluate each one of them.

1/ Middle East Technical University:-

It comes in the first place at the level of universities in Turkey, and is ranked No. 473 in the world. It is located in the capital, Ankara, where it was founded in 1956, and courses are taught in English. The university is famous for scientific and engineering research, natural and applied sciences, and has many undergraduate programs. It amounts to 41, in addition to 105 programs for scientific studies, as it is an integrated scientific fortress.

2 / Istanbul Technical University:-

This is the oldest public university in Turkey, where it was established during the Ottoman Empire, and its name was at the time the Royal School of Naval Engineering and training in shipbuilding and cartography, and it is currently ranked second at the local level and ranked 604 globally, and it has 13 colleges that include 39 bachelor’s programs and 6 institutes Scientific for higher studies.

3/ Bosphorus University Bogazici:-

The third place locally and No. 626 globally, located in the second capital of Turkey, Istanbul, and is the first educational institution established by the United States of America outside its bases in the nineteenth century, and perhaps the most famous departments have business administration, chemical engineering, computer engineering, political science, international relations, and information systems Administrative, and other advanced departments in their curricula and scientific value.

4/ Haji Tepe University:-

It is the fourth at the level of the local classification of universities in Turkey, and the holder of the number 641 globally. It is located in the Turkish capital, Ankara, and the study in it is in English in addition to the Turkish language. He majored for a Ph.D., and perhaps human medicine, computer engineering and pharmacy are the most important specializations at this university.

5 / Istanbul University:-

We are still with the ranking of universities in Turkey locally and globally, and in this paragraph we talk about Istanbul University, which is ranked fifth locally and 738 globally, and believe it or not, that university dates back to 1453, to be the oldest and oldest university in the Turkish lands, and Istanbul University contains 12 A university campus, and its library is the largest at the level of university offices in Turkey, containing 2 million books, and studying in it is in Turkish with the possibility of teaching some disciplines in English, such as human medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, economics and business administration, political science and international relations.

6/ Ankara University:-

This ancient scientific edifice occupies the sixth place in the ranking of Turkish universities, and it is ranked number 752 in the world, and teaching is conducted in the Turkish language as well as English, and perhaps the most important disciplines in the university, which was founded under the direct guidance of Ataturk, the founder of the modern Turkish state, is human medicine, veterinary medicine and dentistry. Pharmacy, and of course engineering of all kinds.

7/ Bilkent University:-

It occupies the seventh place locally in its educational efficiency and comes in the 757th place at the global level. Its name in Turkish means “the city of science and knowledge.” It includes 10 faculties and 3 schools for graduate studies and the same for professional programs. The university is distinguished by keeping in touch with its graduate students from all over the world. It provides them with the necessary opportunities to get jobs in their specialties, and allows them to visit and appear in its seminars to talk about their success stories.

8/ Koç University:-

It is a university that has achieved the difficult equation; Because even if it is private and non-governmental, it is not for profit, as much as it seeks to achieve scientific benefit for all its students. It is located in the city of Istanbul, and is the eighth in the classification of Turkish universities and No. 884 at the global level. The university includes 22 bachelor’s programs, along with 32 other master’s programs and 26 Ph.D. The university teaches many disciplines in English.

9/ Gazi University:-

Another scientific edifice in the capital, Ankara, that occupies the ninth place locally and 941st at the global level. The teaching of its subjects depends on the Turkish language as well as the English language. The foundation of Gazi University was in 1926, under the guidance of Ataturk just like Ankara University, and the university has the advantage of student exchange programs with Other universities, according to protocols followed by the university.

10/ Dokuz University September:-

It is the last thing we will talk about in the list of university rankings in Turkey locally and globally, and that university has a good reputation throughout Turkey, and is ranked No. 1033 at the global level, and Dokuz Eylul University teaches in the Turkish language, and it has an acceptable level in contemporary curricula and efficiency teaching staff.

Now that Al-Fanar has told you about the ranking of universities in Turkey locally and globally, tell us which university do you want to be a place for your study?