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Scholarships for Syrians in Turkey

Scholarships for Syrians in Turkey

July 05, 2023
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Scholarships for Syrians in Turkey are among the best scholarships that characterize Turkey in general. Since the beginning of the Syrian war, Turkey has provided distinguished scholarships for Syrian students, which are fully subsidized scholarships paid by the Turkish government and provide housing, what the student needs for his living, health insurance and travel fees with the provision of special and various programs For higher degrees, such as doctoral or master’s degrees, this article presents all the information the student needs to know about scholarships for Syrians in Turkey, what they need, how to apply for them, and the required papers.

What is the scholarship for Syrians in Turkey ?

Turkey grants about 20,000 thousand scholarships to Syrian students, considering that Turkey is the most host country for Syrian refugees around the world. The number of refugees in Turkey reached about 3.5 million. The number of Syrian students in 2017 reached nearly 15,000 students in March of each year. This scholarship is opened To apply and for a period of one month, you can apply for it via the Internet and all the required papers and documents, and can be used in all stages of higher education after secondary (Bachelor, Master, PhD).

Features of the Turkish Scholarship for Syrians

  1. The Turkish scholarship provides Syrians with secure housing within the university housing (those who do not prefer the university housing option can secure suitable housing for them at the student’s own expense)
  2. The Turkish grant provides the Syrians with three meals a day.
  3. The scholarship is offered to the student to study the Turkish language in one of the most important centers for teaching the Turkish language .
  4. The scholarship provides government health insurance as it enables the student to receive treatment in Turkish public hospitals for free, and if he is treated in Turkish private hospitals, the treatment fee is very low.
  5. The scholarship provides transportation cards to students and gives them low fees for their use of transportation.
  6. The scholarship grants students free tickets to visit museums and archaeological sites.
  7. The scholarship provides students with a free airline ticket to enter and exit Turkey after completing each stage of study.
  8. The student obtains a residence permit for the duration of his studies in Turkey.
  9. Students do not pay any university fees as the scholarship is completely free.
  10. Most Turkish universities cooperate with international institutions, which provides students with a job opportunity during their studies.
  11. In addition, the university grants students a monthly stipend, and it varies between each scholarship:

Undergraduate scholarship 700 Turkish lira equivalent to 75 dollars.

A master's scholarship is 950 TL, equivalent to 102 dollars.

PhD scholarship is 1400 Turkish liras equivalent to 150 dollars.

The research grant is 3000 Turkish Liras equivalent to 322 dollars.


Conditions for obtaining scholarships for Syrians in Turkey


  1. The student must be of Syrian Arab nationality.
  2. The student must have the lowest educational degree in Syria that he would like to join in the scholarship. His university education.
  3. should not have been awarded any other scholarship in Turkey at the time of submitting the study for this scholarship .
  4. That the student is not registered in Any private Turkish university.
  5. The student must be proficient in English and must take a certification exam Next ( GRE- ALES -YDS-DELF-GMAT-TOEFL)
  6. total student total in high school is not less than 70%, and if he wants to study medical specialties (human-dental-pharmacy), his total should not be less than 90% of the value of the general average.
  7. The student should not participate in any scholarships offered by Turkish institutions and universities, including scholarships for student exchange, except for the Turkish training program provided specifically for Syrians.
  8. To support the application for admission, the student must submit any international test recognized in Turkey, and it is desirable to pass
  9. Elios exam that It is one of the Turkish tests Foreign students must submit it to be able to start university studies in Turkey It is possible to register on it Through the official website of the university in which the study will be conducted online, but the test must be attended .


grant programs Study for Syrians in Turkey

Syrian students are accepted in the following majors

History of arts and culture






Global Studies






religious sciences


Press and media


Environmental Studies

Business and Development Studies



the pharmacy




Additional terms and requirements for each educational stage

  1. The scholarship opens its doors on March 1 of each year. Various study applications are submitted via the Internet for a full month from the date of receiving applications ( March 1 to April 1), and no application is accepted after the expiry of this period.
  2. False, invalid or incomplete applications will be completely rejected.
  3. scholarship will be returned in the event of incorrect or missing information from the student.
  4. Applications submitted manually or by mail will be rejected.
  5. Informs applicants of the scholarship application to ensure that their application has been received.

How to register for the scholarship

  1. Registration for the scholarship is done through the official website of the scholarship on the Internet, and it is completely free.
  2. Registration by filling out the electronic student form and writing the required information and data in the items specified in the form .
  3. Upload the required documents and paperwork (high school diploma, transcript of the student, a copy of a valid passport, or a recent personal identity card), provided that the documents uploaded are in PDF or JPEG format , with clarity of each of them, and the request is invalid in case of breach of upload Required.

Documents required to apply for scholarships for Syrians in Turkey

  1. General secondary certificate .
  2. Statement of student grades (transcript of grades).
  3. A copy of the passport or the identity of foreigners .
  4. A recent personal photo (white background).
  5. And students residing in Turkey who would like to receive the scholarship:
  • (The document equivalent to graduation from Turkish high schools or their graduation certificate from open education).
  • (Turkish residence certificate or foreigner's ID with No. 99).

Requirements for new students

  1. Holder of a Syrian identity card.
  2. Graduation from an academic level lower than the one that will be submitted for his studies. If he wants to study a bachelor’s, the student must finish his secondary studies or graduate at the end of the year by proving it with a document from the school in which he studies.
  3. The application shall be accompanied by a diploma (high school) or a document from the school in which the student studies.
  4. Not be registered in a study program that he wishes to study in the scholarship
  5. Not to have received any other scholarship from any university or educational institution.

Documents required for new students

  1. valid passport
  2. Temporary high school graduation certificate
  3. Transcript

This article provided all the information that could be needed for Syrians wishing to apply for scholarships for Syrians in Turkey, in addition to all the required conditions and necessary papers, knowing that Turkey offers many distinguished scholarships to all students from all over the world.