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High school equivalency in Turkey:

High school equivalency in Turkey:

May 26, 2022
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The equivalency of a high school diploma in Turkey is the first step that you must take if you want to study at a university in Turkey .
The high school equivalency certificate is a very important document as it proves that the education you obtained in your country deserves to be equivalent to the Turkish high school certificate .
In order to obtain this document, you must go through a set of steps that we will mention in detail in this article.


How can you equalize a high school diploma in Turkey?

The secondary certificate equivalency process in Turkey is carried out either through the Turkish embassy in your country, or through the Directorate of Education in Turkey, which has a number of affiliated centers in Istanbul and other Turkish cities .
It is worth noting that this entire process previously required you to go in person to conduct the transaction, but now the application method has been modified so that you can submit the initial application electronically through the official website of the Ministry of Education .
After that, you will only need to equalize your high school diploma in Turkey to bring the required documents from you and include them in the required place.


What are the documents required to complete the high school diploma equivalency process in Turkey:

You will be required to have a set of documents that you must ensure that you upload them accurately if you choose to apply electronically, which are :
The high school certificate document, the original documented copy of the foreign ministry of the country in which you obtained your high school diploma, and it must be translated into the Turkish language correctly and certified by a notary public or what is known B "Nutrer" in Turkey .
A document of your grades in the last three years of study and it must be notarized by the foreign ministry in your country, translated and certified by a notary public in Turkey as well .
A copy of a valid passport .
Your visa with a copy of it and it can be replaced with a residence document .
The acceptance letter that you obtained from the official website of one of the Turkish universities that you have chosen to study in .
An application form for the equivalency of the high school diploma filled out in Turkish, which you can obtain from the Educational Administration .
Proof of university registration issued on a new date .
If you are under 18 years of age, you will be asked to attach a guardianship or power of attorney from your guardian .
After submitting all your identification papers, a deadline will be set for a maximum of one week in order to review the papers you submitted and hand you the document equivalent to your secondary certificate .
Important note: The high school equivalency document in Turkey is obtained free of charge, that is, without paying any financial fees .
These were the steps to obtaining a high school certificate equivalency document in Turkey for foreign students in general. As for Syrian students, we will now talk about the process of equivalence of their secondary certificate to complete their university studies in Turkey.


How is the secondary certificate equivalency process in Turkey for Syrians?

The Turkish Higher Education Council recently approved the acceptance of the equivalency of general secondary certificates for students coming from countries that witnessed wars, including Syria, where the Higher Education Council in Turkey allowed students who lost their identity papers to complete their education in Turkish universities, provided that they bring the following documents :
- Temporary protection document "Kamel ".
The original high school diploma (if available ).
- Envelope attesting the secondary certificate issued by the Syrian Coalition office in Turkey .
Passport (if any ) .
Domicile (souls ) .
Haas Code
. As for the method of application, it is done through the following steps :
1- Entering the following official website :
2- Filling out the personal information and the certificate data accurately so that it matches the information mentioned in the original documents .
3- Designate the Directorate of Education through which you want to be responsible for managing your transaction .
4- Set an appointment to submit your documents to the Directorate, where a text message and an e-mail (which you have previously included with the application) will be sent, including the date, time and address of submitting the papers .
Two weeks after submitting the papers, your document will be ready, and you can verify this through the website itself .
Important note: Before sending the Syrian high school certificate, it must be attested through the educational office of the Syrian Interim Government in the state of Gaziantep in southern Turkey .
It is worth noting that Turkey also allows university degree equivalency for foreign students wishing to enroll in graduate programs at Turkish universities, through steps similar to the steps of the high school certificate equivalency process.


University degree equivalency in Turkey:

The university degree equivalency process in Turkey is carried out at the higher education institution in the capital , Ankara , where the university in your country that granted you your university degree is contacted to ensure its validity and the correctness of the rate recorded on it .
After that, you will be asked to undergo a comprehensive test within your specialty, and based on its result, you will be given an equivalency document or the so-called (DinClick ).
Note: This test is held twice a year in Ankara .
The equivalency of your university degree is a very important step because it gives you :
1- The right to work within your specialization in Turkey :
The university degree equivalency document is one of the first documents that are requested from foreigners when they apply for a job opportunity in any company or organization in Turkey .
2- The right to enroll in a postgraduate program (Master’s and PhD) in Turkish universities :
You will be treated like any student who has a university degree from a university in Turkey, and you will be allowed to complete your postgraduate studies there .
As for the papers required to equalize a university degree in Turkey, they are :
1- A copy of a valid passport, or a copy of the Turkish residence document, whether it is a work residence or temporary or tourist protection .
Note: In the event that the student obtained his university degree from a country other than his country of origin, he will be required to bring a translated and certified copy of the passport, specifically for the pages bearing the entry and exit stamp to and from the country in which he studied .
2- A copy of the modified secondary certificate document, which we explained in detail at the beginning of the article .
3- The original copy of the graduation certificate and it must be translated, amended and certified by a notary public in Turkey .
4- A transcript of the original degrees, translated and also modified by the notary public in Turkey .
5- A detailed statement of the subjects studied at your country's university (if any ).
6- The approval document, which must be signed by the person concerned, as it is withdrawn from the higher education website and filled out manually .
7- The registration form is printed after filling it out electronically .
It is worth noting that the Turkish Ministry of Higher Education provides the feature of electronic registration, where the applicant can enter the official website of the ministry on the page on the equivalency of certificates to be automatically transferred to the amendment form, provided that the applicant obtains his personal code for the electronic government program ( edevlet ), and this registration is considered Initial, after which an appointment will be set, after a maximum of 15 days from the date of sending this electronic request, in order to present the documents and documents either in person or through a legal agent.

Thus, we have come to the end of the article in which we mentioned the most important information about the equivalency of secondary and university degrees in Turkey for foreign students, starting with the documents required to complete the process to the method of application.