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Student exchange programs in Turkey

Student exchange programs in Turkey

April 26, 2022
Study in Turkey
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Student exchange programs in Turkey The search for this program has increased recently, by many students who want to know all the minute details related to this program, so we decided today to elaborate on this issue with you in the following lines .


Student exchange programs in Turkey

This program was established by the European Union, as it includes many countries that number nearly thirty-three countries, including Turkey, where many countries are received and sent by Turkey, so that these universities can provide studies for these students, It also has many, many advantages that the student gets during the period of his studies .


Conditions for joining student exchange programs in Turkey

The Erasmus program is one of the student exchange programs in Turkey, and it receives many students from all over the world to do their studies in it, but it involved a number of conditions that must be met, and these conditions are summarized as follows :

  • The student must complete at least one semester in order to be able to join and register for this program .

The best Turkish universities participating in student exchange programs in Turkey

Here is a list of universities that have precedence and priority in terms of development, capabilities, and are famous within Turkey, which are related to the student exchange program :

  1. Eden University is one of these universities that raise the level of the student .
  2. Also a famous university .
  3. As well as Istanbul Technical University .
  4. As well as the Middle East Technical University .
  5. Istanbul Okan
  6. Bilkent, Bogazici .
  7. Gazi University .
  8. Bilgi University .
  9. Istanbul .
  10. There are many, many prestigious universities in Turkey .

Documents required to join the student exchange program

Here is the total information on the most important documents that you must have in order for you to join the student exchange program :

  1. First, bring a photo of the applicant .
  2. To have a valid passport .
  3. To have a photo of the Turkish ID or a photo for residence in it .
  4. To submit a transcript from the university in which he was enrolled .
  5. 2 recommendation articles to be obtained from the university .

Advantages of the student exchange program in Turkish universities

This program has many advantages that motivate and motivate many students to join this program, the most prominent of which are :

  1. Forming international relations on a large scale, as well as possessing a number of communication skills .
  2. Acquiring the Turkish language and speaking it with absolute skill in an easy and smooth manner .
  3. Providing enlightened thought to all students, raising their scientific and cultural level, and training them on many things that develop their skills and personality .
  4. Getting to know many different and also common customs and traditions, and making a comparison between the cultures of the country from which the student comes and the country in which he resides to receive knowledge .
  5. It is a great booty and a golden opportunity to gain many experiences, as well as the exchange of cultures between countries and each other, and to give each party a complete picture of the country to which it belongs, and to complete each other .
  6. Receiving many students who possess high talent and a great cultural level .
  7. The exchange process for students contributes to the transfer of knowledge and the exchange of experiences, and this allows obtaining international certificates, in addition to a variety of experiences .
  8. Gaining a lot of information from many sources and universities .


In the end, it becomes clear to us that the matter of student exchange is in the interest of the students, contributes to the formation of their personality and brings them great benefit. The matter is not limited to receiving knowledge only, and the idea aims to do more than that, as it provides the student with a lot of experiences in Turkey, as well as Students benefit at the scientific and social levels .

Erasmus program in Turkish universities

Turkey joined the student exchange programs in 2003 and 2004 , as it is the first of the people that preceded and participated in such a program, and it also contains a large number of students inside its universities, whose number reaches nearly fifteen thousand students, and this number joins it Secondarily .


As it offers all students coming from all over the world all possible ways that allow them to benefit from the educational process that this program leaves, as there is an office within each university known as the Student Exchange Office .


The number of Turkish students who joined this program and completed their studies in Europe has reached nearly 700,000 students, and this number was counted until 2020.


The student exchange program within Turkish universities is characterized by the fact that it includes a large number of universities, and this provides the opportunity for many students from all over the world to join this program, if they meet the required conditions, regardless of the nationality of this student .

It also covers all the expenses of studying in these universities, but the rest of the costs are covered by the student .


This program has a special mechanism with regard to the exchange of students to join this program .


Student exchange programs available to students in Turkey

Here are the most important and prominent of these student exchange programs :


   1. Erasmus Program

This program was created by the European Union and contains a number of European countries .

The student must have obtained a certain average of the grades required by the program, one semester for passing the exams prepared for him .

This program did not require a specific number of students to join it, as the field is open to all without exception .


2. Mawlana Program

This program was established by the Turkish Ministry of Education, through which many students are received and sent from all surrounding countries .

Also, among the conditions of this program is the student's success in the foreign language test at a certain percentage determined by the program itself .

During this scholarship, the student receives a permanent salary during the program period, and you will receive it on a monthly basis, as it reaches approximately 700 pounds .


3.: Al-Farabi Program

It is one of the student exchange programs located in Turkey, and it provides the possibility of exchanging students from one university to another, and the period specified for the exchange process is one semester of study and it is free of charge from the students .

It is also required that the student obtain a certain cumulative average, and the need to pass the English language test .


It also allows students to enjoy the two semesters within the program with the participation that the second semester must be free of charge .

In the case of a student applying in one of the programmes, he is not entitled to apply to any other program other than the one in which he was applied .

Students are required to only pass a copy of the pass in all the subjects they take inside the foreign university, and these grades are calculated for them within their original group .


At the end of this article, we hope that we have provided you with additional information for your information on everything related to student exchange programs in Turkey, as well as mentioning the most important and best existing universities, in addition to the advantages that this program possesses, and makes many students in a state of constant demand for it .