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     Student residence in Turkey

     Student residence in Turkey

November 15, 2022
Student life in Turkey
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Student residence in Turkey , this document is considered in Turkey as an identity card, giving its holder the right to live on Turkish territory legally. It also contains personal information such as the student’s name and date of birth in addition to gender (male / female) and nationality, with the student’s personal photo and The national number is TC . And the right to obtain student residence in Turkey for foreigners who receive their education in a higher education institution in Turkey, whether it is an institute, university, master's or doctorate. As well as the student who receives his education at the basic or intermediate level. Studying in Turkey has become a dream for many students, especially from the Gulf countries, who are attracted by the level and quality of education in Turkey. In addition to the lower cost of university study compared to European countries, as well as for students from Syria and Iraq. Therefore, it has become necessary to search for student housing commensurate with the financial conditions of each student and to compare the services provided to students in each type of student housing in Turkey. So let us let you know everything about the student's stay in Turkey.


Student residence in Turkey


Turkey grants residency to foreigners coming to Turkey to complete their education in one of its universities or institutes or to prepare a master’s or doctorate, with its keenness to provide them with all facilities and procedures for their residence. It remains only to prepare the residency papers, as there are several types of residency in Turkey. This is based on your financial situation, comfort and how you want the house in which you will stay.


But if you are an international student, accommodation is available on the university campus if you want, if the process of providing accommodation on the campus is done by Turkish universities. You can also choose a private student residence house, or live in an apartment, and both of them have advantages and disadvantages.

Types of student accommodation in Turkey


There are many types of student housing within the student's residence in Turkey , and each of these types provides different services from the other.


1- Accommodation on campus


Some Turkish universities have their own dorms, often on campus, which makes it easy to move between the university and the dorm. Dormitory is usually divided for boys and girls, and includes many housing options to meet different budgets of students (shared rooms or independent rooms)


To stay on campus, the student is only required to

  • Send an email to the university in which it is registered.
  • And then if available, he/she will be guaranteed a room.
  • In addition, Turkish private universities give priority to foreign students or incoming students


Living on campus and within university boundaries can give international students the benefit of having a support system they may need while abroad. Among the advantages of university housing


  • Bills: Bills are usually paid within the housing fee, therefore, you do not have to worry about paying your water or electricity bills.


  • Social Life There On-campus accommodations are always busy and bustling with life, so if you like quiet environments, this may not be the right choice for you.


2- private housing


The role of private housing comes if you are late in booking a university housing. But private housing provides many services for the student, including main meals, cafes, facilities, and a sports center. There is daily room cleaning and open internet.

And other additional features that may differ from one residence to another. It includes multiple room types, such as: rooms for one, two or three people. However, this housing will be more expensive than university housing, but it will ensure the student's comfort and enjoyment.

Water and electricity bills are usually paid within the flat rate of the accommodation fee, so you don't have to worry about paying bills every month.

And if you want private housing, you just have to prove your acceptance in a Turkish university with official documents, and you can apply for student housing in any Turkish province you want.



3- Apartments for rent


Student residence in Turkey with an apartment for rent is one of the options that many students prefer, but this option is the most difficult to provide, as it takes a long time until you find a suitable and economical home .


But it is possible to rent an apartment that is not expensive, but in Turkey, when renting an apartment, you will have to pay a commission to the real estate office, usually one month’s rent or 12% of the rent for a year, in addition to paying the insurance to the owner of the apartment, often at A month or two, the deposit may be returned at the end of the contract if the house remains in good shape.


This type of student accommodation in Turkey is widely available in Istanbul, and this type of accommodation is very popular with Arab youth.


Important tips for dogs when renting apartments


  • Easy access to transportation, especially metro or metrobus stations (a long bus with its own route within a long transport line connecting the European and Asian sections)


  • It is preferable not to rent underground apartments, which are called (Bodrum) in Turkish, as there is high humidity that causes damage to walls and ceilings, which can also harm health.


  • Paying attention to the heating system in homes, as some of them may not have a natural gas extension service, which is the best economical solution and does not contain waste or harmful sound.


  • - Finally, the property of the person you are renting from must be guaranteed by looking at his title deed, which is called in Turkish (Tabu).



Documents required for student residence in Turkey


1- Health insurance: The insurance must be extracted from Turkey and is not accepted from another country.


2. Passport: A copy of the first and second pages of the passport, translated and certified by the notary, with the entry stamp or a copy of the visa.


3. Letter of acceptance (student proof): Obtained after the final acceptance from the educational institution in Turkey.


4. Appointment paper from the Migration Department: The appointment is booked electronically from the Migration Department via the following website:


5. 4 personal biometric photos with white background.


How to obtain student residence in Turkey

After preparing all the papers that require the residence of the student mentioned above, he must go to the Immigration Department within the specified time and submit the papers to the employee in the Immigration Department, and then the student is given a document so that he can move in Turkey pending the approval of granting him the student card, and then send To his address via ptt mail , the student is not required to submit a bank statement and a rental contract to obtain residency, as in the tourist, and the student's residency does not give the right to apply for Turkish citizenship after 5 years, as in the work residency.

 What are the conditions for granting student residence in Turkey?


1. Student residence is granted to foreign students who will receive their higher education (institutes, universities, master's or doctorate) in Turkey.


2. Students who receive basic and intermediate education in Turkey can obtain this residence, but on condition that their sponsorship and expenses are adopted by real or legal persons (associations), after the approval of their parents, or their legal representatives, and it is renewed every year of the study years for one year one.


3. A student whose period of education in Turkey does not exceed one year, shall not obtain residency.


4. A foreign student who has obtained a student residence is not entitled to grant permission to one of his relatives, whether parents or brothers, to reside in Turkey according to his residence.

Advantages of student residence in Turkey


• The student in Turkey obtains the students' transportation card, which is a reduced value card, which allows the student to move in all transportation within the state in which he resides at a low cost.

• The Turkish government grants students significant discounts in treatment, health insurance, and Turkish government hospitals.

• Candidacy for exceptional Turkish citizenship through the application process.

• The student has the right to live in Turkey for the entire period of his studies legally.

• Student accommodation costs are less than tourist accommodation costs, and its procedures and conditions are easier.

• Coordination between the Turkish Ministry of Higher Education and the Turkish Ministry of Social Insurance and Labor creating principles and foundations for the work of students with student residence.


 The cost of student accommodation in Turkey

The total application costs are estimated between 380 to 650 liras, distributed between the value of the student’s health insurance, which is equivalent to about 300 liras annually, and state fees, which vary according to the student’s nationality, ranging from 80 to 350 liras.