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Student life in Turkey

Student life in Turkey

May 26, 2022
Student life in Turkey
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Student life in Turkey, the life of students in Turkey is not difficult, as the government provides a range of services for students that make life easier for them greatly, and studying in Turkish universities does not constitute a great burden on the student’s shoulders, due to the provision of the latest methods of study And the teachers ordered, which helps the students to understand and assimilate in a correct manner .

Student life in Turkey

Student life in Turkey is largely stable .

When thinking about studying in a foreign country, the student must secure the costs of housing and study so that he can complete his studies until the end .

  1. Turkey provides many advantages for students who enroll in its universities, and the costs of housing and studying there are average compared to the quality of education within its universities .
  2. The student goes to his school or university at seven o'clock in the morning every day, when transportation begins .
  3. After arriving at the university or school, everyone takes breakfast in order to renew their activity and take a break from the trouble of transportation .
  4. The Turks eat pastries such as burek and simit, as well as breakfast sandwiches that contain all the derivatives of nature .
  5. The Turks drink tea next to breakfast, and this is considered one of the sacred things for the Turkish people .
  6. Turkey also contains a group of Arab restaurants that make the foreign student able to eat the foods of his country that he desires at low prices .
  7. After finishing breakfast, the student goes to his lessons until one o'clock, after which the afternoon break begins and continues until two o'clock .
  8. After that, everyone returns to complete their school day, which lasts until five o'clock and does not exceed this limit .
  9. After leaving the university, the student can go to places of entertainment, especially parks and green places that are widespread in Turkey and do not need any financial cost .
  10. Also, Turkish universities grant the student in which he studies a practical activity in the specialization he studies in order to be distinguished within his field .
  11. Turkish universities also establish hospitals or centers in all specialties so that the student can train in them and obtain the skills necessary for the labor market .
  12. The student gets half-time on Saturday, and he also gets a holiday on Sunday, which enables him to finish the work he has accumulated .


Student housing costs in Turkey

Student housing in Turkey is very suitable for all categories .

  1. The government provides housing for students at an amount of 50 dollars per month, and this is within all Turkish cities, in addition to the availability of two meals a day, dinner and breakfast .
  2. A student who lives in a dormitory affiliated with private entities pays about 250-150 US dollars per month, in addition to a certain number of meals per day .
  3. The Turkish government provides a wide range of aid to all students, whether they hold Turkish citizenship or are from outside the country .
  4. Living in an apartment separate from university housing, the cost of which is determined according to the city in which he will live .
  5. Istanbul is the highest city in terms of apartment rental costs, with the rent reaching $ 300 per month, while the rest of the areas range from $ 200:150 .


Living costs for students inside Turkey

One of the things that concern the student's life in Turkey is that living in Turkey is to a large extent comfortable for students .

  1. The percentage of living costs inside Turkey, which includes food, transportation, entertainment and all other expenses except housing, is about 200 US dollars per month, with the possibility of up to 100 dollars .
  2. In Istanbul, which is the most important economic city in Turkey, the cost of living for students is about 250 US dollars per month .
  3. This information was obtained by conducting a survey of students studying in Turkey .
  4. There are other expenses that the student pays only once, such as the price of the study visa, the cost of travel as well as accommodation fees .


Government support provided to students in Turkey

The government provides great support to students, in order to provide them with comfort and an appropriate atmosphere for study, and the student's life in Turkey is stable and appropriate. The government support is represented in several things, namely :

University housing insurance

  1. Where the state provides housing at a very low price, up to 50 US dollars per month, in addition to two meals per day .
  2. The student registers for this housing through the respective websites during the month of October of each year .

Providing libraries for study

  1. All universities have a large library in which the student can study his lessons in an atmosphere that encourages reading .
  2. One of the most famous of these offices is the Beyazit Library located in Istanbul, which receives students around the clock .
  3. Reducing the prices of meals inside public universities
  4. Where the student can bring a meal containing all the necessary nutrients for a sum of money that does not exceed three Turkish liras .

Government support student to get places of entertainment

  1. Where entertainment venues allocate special prices for students, much lower than the prices paid by the rest of the Turkish people .
  2. Allocate a transportation card for students

Where the student gets all kinds of transportation at half the price paid by the general Turkish people .


Religious life of students in Turkey

Any student can practice his religion completely freely, unless he violates the laws or harms others .

  1. The Turkish state is distinguished by its veneration of the rites of the Islamic religion, especially on religious occasions such as holidays and others .
  2. During Ramadan, the state and the people pay great attention to the Tarawih prayer, as well as the Fajr prayer .
  3. In the month of Ramadan, the municipalities hold collective breakfast tables in most cases and cities and provide a lot of meals to passers-by .
  4. The state is also interested in establishing chapels inside schools and universities, as well as shopping centers and other parks and public facilities, in addition to the large number of mosques, which amount to three thousand two hundred and sixty-nine .
  5. Mosques launch the Eid takbeer on the first day of Eid since the early morning, and the Turkish people flock to perform the Eid prayer in an atmosphere of joy and mercy .


Health and insurance services for students inside Turkey

Many medical services are available to students who study in Turkey .

  1. Turkey has a selection of Turkish doctors as well as English-speaking doctors who provide their services 24 hours a day, seven days a week .
  2. Turkish universities provide a wide range of medical services to students completely free of charge .
  3. The medical centers within the university also provide free health and personal consultations .
  4. There is also inside the university, seven days a week, a doctor accompanied by a nurse in order to help any student who needs help .
  5. Foreign students must have a health insurance policy, because they pay for medicines that are not available in the university .
  6. In order to obtain health insurance, you must go to the local medical centers with the student’s ID, residents’ permit, and passport. The student pays only 20 % of the drug price .


In this article, we have mentioned all the information related to the student's life in Turkey , where we touched on the costs of living and housing as well, and we also talked about the support provided by the Turkish government in order to provide comfort to the student in various ways .