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Study costs in Turkey

Study costs in Turkey

May 26, 2022
Study in Turkey
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The costs of studying in Turkey are not exaggerated compared to many other universities, and studying in Turkish universities is considered one of the most important opportunities that a student gets, and this is due to the high quality of education inside universities, in addition to the low costs of studying in Turkey, and following modern education methods that It makes the student a great future, and the student can enroll in Turkish universities through the Yös test, which is one of the simple tests .


Study costs in Turkey

The costs of studying in Turkey are very simple compared to other universities and also what Turkish universities offer from a high level of education .

  1. The costs of studying in Turkey vary according to the university in which the student studies, as well as the specialization he has chosen .
  2. Turkish public universities are cheaper in costs than private Turkish universities, although they work to give the student a strong infrastructure .
  3. The cost of studying in private Turkish universities varies, as it ranges between 4.000 to 16.000 US dollars per year .
  4. A student who studies in Turkish public universities pays an amount ranging from 250 to 2500 US dollars for one year .


Cheapest Turkish Universities

Turkish public universities are not equal with each other regarding the costs provided by the student in exchange for studying there .

  1. A foreign student who studies in Turkish universities can combine cheap costs as well as a good education .
  2. Turkish universities also offer a range of activities and places to train students while studying in different disciplines in order to obtain deep skills and experience .
  3. There are a group of Turkish universities that a student looking for a university with cheap fees can enroll in, which are :

1. Beacon University

2. Uskudar University

3. Nishan Nasi University

4. Esenyurt University

5. Medipol University

6. Istanbul Gelisim University

Study in Turkey

Studying in Turkey is one of the goals that many are trying to reach at the present time, and this is because of the many advantages offered by Turkish universities, whether public or private .

  1. The system followed by Turkish universities is one of the most successful systems in the world, as it attracts international students by offering them scholarships within all countries .
  2. There are many languages that a student can learn within Turkish public and private universities as well, and this is a very useful feature .
  3. Where most universities use English as a primary language beside Turkish, especially in the study of scientific disciplines such as medical and engineering sciences .
  4. There are also some universities that use the Turkish and Arabic languages together in the study, especially within the colleges that study the Arabic language and legal specializations .
  5. There are many customs in Turkish cultures that are similar to Arab customs, in addition to the multidisciplinary and strong foundation .
  6. Turkish universities are also solving the problem of foreign students not knowing the Turkish language and teaching them the language through the preparatory year inside the university .


Advantages of studying in Turkey

There are many advantages that a student can obtain when studying in Turkish universities .

  1. The student can obtain a scholarship from Turkish universities, where they provide an entry visa as well as a travel ticket for foreign students free of charge with support in finding university housing .
  2. The student can obtain a student residence permit with annual renewal with ease. The student pays very cheap costs .
  3. Turkish universities are one of the best universities in the world and that is why they have a high academic ranking .
  4. There is a group of Turkish universities that have been selected among the best 500 universities in the world .
  5. Within Turkish universities, there is everything that students need for quality education, such as laboratories and laboratories, scientific seminars, social facilities as well as conference rooms .
  6. The student gets huge discounts on a large number of facilities such as transportation, recreational places, clubs, as well as swimming pools .
  7. The student can also obtain health insurance, thus being able to receive treatment within the state's hospitals free of charge and within private hospitals at nominal prices .
  8. Turkish universities provide a distinguished teaching staff of the most skilled professors, and this helps students to receive knowledge in a correct manner .
  9. The student obtains a certificate that is recognized globally, and university housing can be obtained free of charge in a clean and calm atmosphere .
  10. The student can benefit greatly from the national libraries located inside Turkey and access any information he desires .

Study system within Turkish universities

The study system in Turkish universities is one of the most interesting systems through which the student can learn the latest educational methods .

  1. Study systems within Turkish universities vary according to the specialization that the student chooses, as the study period in some disciplines reaches four years and the other two years .
  2. There are also some majors that require the student to study for five years, and others that require six years .
  3. Foreign students study for a year before starting the first year of studying the major they joined, and this year is called the preparatory year .
  4. Universities are setting this year in order for the student to learn the Turkish language and reach the level at which he can complete the specialized study well .


Acceptance rates in Turkish universities

The student does not face any problem when applying to study in Turkish universities .

  1. Some Turkish universities depend on the rate that the student obtained during his studies at the secondary level as a main condition in order to be able to obtain a place within them .
  2. There are some universities that are satisfied with a high school diploma without accompanying any other certificates in order to obtain a seat inside the university .
  3. Another group of universities requires that the student obtain a YOS or SAT certificate in addition to the baccalaureate certificate, and this is for foreign students .
  4. Where the admission is based on the rate that the student obtains in the IOS test or the SAT test .


The most important tips and instructions about studying in Turkey

There are a set of tips that every student should know before they study in Turkish universities .

  1. Students can obtain many advantages within the various fields of study within Turkish universities, which is why we advise everyone to study in Turkey .
  2. We also stress the need to choose the appropriate field for each student, which makes him a useful person for himself and his country after graduation, able to rely on himself .
  3. The student must obtain all information about the specialization he wishes to register in before registering and consider whether it is suitable for him or not .
  4. The student should also learn Turkish so that he can complete his studies well and find a job opportunity after studying as well .
  5. The student can work within any institution or place with the certificate obtained from Turkish universities, as they are internationally accredited .


In this article, we have mentioned the costs of studying in Turkey , the system of study within Turkish universities, as well as the advantages that the student obtains when studying there. We also learned about the method of applying within these universities and the procedures to be followed .