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Study in Turkey in English

Study in Turkey in English

April 26, 2022
Study in Turkey
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Study in Turkey in English International students can register in private or public Turkish universities, and the method of application depends on the type of university, as well as on registration requirements, and the documents required for registration. Turkey is an important educational interface for international students, especially Arab students, where Turkish universities are distinguished With a strong academic and research level, in addition to the practical training opportunities that it provides to all its students, and helping them to obtain employment opportunities after graduation.

Advantages of studying in Turkey

  1. The Turkish government has facilitated a lot of choices that made students of Arab countries prefer to study in Turkey.
  2. One of the most prominent and most important advantages resulting from studying in Turkey is the recognition by many countries of the world of most private and public universities in the country, as a result of these universities following educational programs with European competence.
  3. Turkish universities also enjoy a partnership factor between them and most universities in Europe and the United States of America before they obtain licenses within the country, which led to these universities obtaining scientific expertise, and globally at the highest level of efficiency.

Over the past few years, Turkey has been able to attract the largest number of students through teaching, in addition to scientific and cultural cooperation with a large number of Arab and European countries.

Is studying in Turkey in English?

  1. Certainly, studying in Turkey is in English, especially in all private universities, where English is one of the primary languages taught to students there, as the departments are available to study in both Turkish and English.
  2. All public universities in the country work to update the programs of the university they follow every year. Every year, a particular specialization is provided with study in English.
  3. The best feature of studying in Turkish universities, whether public or private, is that it follows the approach of universities in other countries to keep pace with development, such as the countries of Ukraine, Poland, Germany, Romania, and France, as all of these countries decided that the study should be in their course in English.

Study prices in English

When comparing the cost of studying in English in Turkey with the prices of the same majors in Turkish, we find that they are expensive, as the price difference is sometimes more than double, so it is better to study within the country in Turkish, and this is for two reasons, the first is to provide the additional cost resulting from the price difference, and secondly An opportunity to obtain scholarships at no cost in specializations in the Turkish language.

Turkish universities that teach in English

  1. britishtime institute
  2. institute englishtime
  3. British English Institute britishenglish
  4. justenglishtr . institute
  5. Amerikankultur Institute
  6. Wall Street English institute wse
  7. dilkoenglish institute
  8. teol . institute
  9. kentenglish institute
  10. cdmi sdm institute
  11. britishside institute
  12. English Course Institute ingilizcekursu
  13. Sabanci University _
  14. Koç University _
  15. Fatih Muhammad University
  16. Bosphorus University _
  17. Yeditepe University _
  18. College Istanbul
  19. Education Forest Global Institute EF
  20. ESL Institute

Study majors in Turkey in English

In fact, most of the disciplines are taught in English in private universities in Turkey, which gives us reassurance and confidence to take this step, but it should be noted that not all public universities are like that, as a result of following certain laws, or the university did not provide the required rate of students To add the major to the list of majors taught in English.

Among the most prominent specializations of studying in Turkey in English in public and private universities, we find the following:

  1. Study medicine in Turkey in English
  2. Study Nursing in Turkey in English
  3. Study engineering in Turkey in English
  4. Study pharmacy in Turkey in English
  5. Study computer engineering in Turkey in English
  6. Study aeronautical engineering in Turkey in English

They are two of the most accepted specialties in Turkey, due to the high cost in European countries, and therefore Turkey is chosen because of its somewhat average price. With regard to academic degrees, all degrees and educational levels are taught in English, as follows:

  1. Study a Bachelor's degree in Turkey in English
  2. Study Masters in Turkey in English
  3. PhD study in Turkey in English

Conditions for studying in Turkey in English

  1. In order to have the opportunity to study in Turkish universities that teach their courses in English, the applicant must submit a globally recognized certificate similar to the SAT and TOEFL certificates .
  2. You can study English at one of the English language institutes in the country first and then take the TOEFL test , or the SAT , and send it to the universities you have chosen to study.
  3. One of the conditions for studying in the country in the English language is also that the student must pass the examination of the university to which he applied, and for those who have not yet obtained a certificate confirming their skills and ability to study in English, and in many cases the student who fails the exam must study English at the same university .

The cost of studying English in Turkey

There is a big difference in the required cost between studying in institutes and studying in universities within the state of Turkey, as it is in the interest of institutes due to the lower price in them than universities, but the quality of study is always in the interest of universities for sure.

  1. In the case of studying in private English language institutes in Turkey, the price of tuition fees ranges from $200 to $250 for each level.
  2. While in the case of studying, the cost of studying in public or private universities in English in Turkey varies between $250 and $350.
  3. But it should be noted that all the curricula that universities, whether private or government, provide to all their students are better than the curricula provided by institutes, as a result of the universities do not have enough time and that their programs are taught quickly, thus ensuring that all their students are trained on the speed of work, and this is the opposite of what It is provided by institutes due to the lower quality of education compared to universities.

University admission in Turkey

  1. Any student from any Arab country can get the opportunity to study at a Turkish university, as it is easy to access public universities for those who have achieved good performance during their studies in their countries.
  2. It also gives everyone who has a not high rate the opportunity to obtain a study period at a Turkish university, but not in Istanbul, but in cities further away from it.
  3. This is in contrast to private universities, which provide this opportunity to all high school students, regardless of the success rates they achieved during this year.

Free registration for study in Turkey

You can register your studies in Turkey at no cost by obtaining a scholarship within the state of Turkey, which is fully funded by the state, and received by more than five thousand students every year.