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Studying in Turkey for Jordanians

Studying in Turkey for Jordanians

April 26, 2022
Study in Turkey
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Studying in Turkey for Jordanians has taken a huge advantage in this modern country that has been shaped by centuries of cultural transformations and religious interactions, which all combined throughout the country’s history to create what we know today as the bridge between East and West. With such a deep and often complex history, it is no surprise that we still see remnants of the past thriving in a society that continues to this day.

Students from all over the world venture to witness this society and culture first-hand, and when they do, they pursue their studies surrounded by it. But what is that like? What do Jordanian students who choose to travel to Turkey commonly choose to study and why?


Study in Turkey for Jordanians

Having a republican form of government since 1923 and establishing very good relations with Western countries, Turkey has adopted the liberal economic system and has become a rapidly progressing and developing world country. In Turkey, where different ethnic groups live together, the cultural richness is high, and it is one of the safest countries in its region, and the advantages of studying in Turkey for Jordanians are very high. A modern-style university education with international validity is provided in Turkey. Although the two languages of instruction in universities are English and Turkish, language training is provided to each accepted candidate and after preparatory classes, there is a transition to university departments.


Three of the most popular fields of study in Turkey for Jordanians:

Textiles and design

Turkey - in particular, Istanbul - was and still is along one of the main trade routes between Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Textiles grew in prominence as a major source of income for the local population as foreign traders came through their cities and homes, and this tradition of a strong focus on textiles has continued into modern times.

While the government controls many industries, including much of telecommunications, banking, and transportation, the country's most important industry and largest exporter is textiles and clothing, which are almost entirely in private companies. Jordanian students and other students around the world have benefited from the rich history of textile production in Turkey, which has translated into a large number of international students who have chosen to study industries such as industrial and visual design, products, fashion and textiles.

Turkish universities known for their programs in textiles and design include Istanbul Aydin University, Eastern Mediterranean University, and Uskudar University.


Business Administration

Studying in Turkey for Jordanians Despite decisions made by Turkey's president and government that were viewed as questionable by other leaders around the world, Turkey's GDP value has been steadily increasing. In fact, it saw an increase of over 5% in the second quarter of 2017. Although the reality is complex, these numbers are a force that some other countries around the world struggle to match.

This opens the door to Jordanian business students who have taken an interest in the country as a location for their studies. Among both bachelor's and master's degree seekers, business has become one of the most popular fields of study in Turkey for Jordanians as well as local students as well.

Turkish universities known for their business administration programs include Near East University, European University Lefke, and Okan University.


Computer science and engineering

Computer science and engineering quickly became one of the most popular fields of study in Turkey for Jordanians and other foreign students. It appears in many ways to be the future of business, technology and possibly communications, giving it increased potential for Jordanian students in terms of jobs and career opportunities. For students interested in this career path and Turkey, many institutions in the country offer high-quality programs for you to enroll in.


Academic programs in computer science and engineering typically combine aspects of both computer science and computer engineering programs into a streamlined degree. While computer science programs tend to focus primarily on theory and software, computer engineering programs traditionally differ from computer science in that they have heavy electrical engineering requirements in later years of study.

Turkish universities known for their computer science and engineering programs include Middle East Technical University, Sabanci University, and Istanbul Sehir University.


Recognized Turkish Universities in Jordan

• University of Eden

• Nisantasi University

• Bahçeşehir University

• Uskudar University

• Okan University

Kadir Has University

• Kultur University

• Ishik University

• Yeditepe University

• Sabah Al-Din Zaim University

• Baskent University

• Yeni-Yuz-Yal University

• Bilkent University

• Gelisheim University

• Ariel University

• TED University

• Istanbul Şehir University

• Ozyegin University

• Atilim University

• Istanbul Technical University

• Bilgi University

• Anadolu University

• Gazi University

• Yildiz Technical University

• Istanbul University

• Uludağ University

• Hacettepe University

• Çukurova University

• Gaziantep University

• University of Yolova


Advantages of studying in Turkey for Jordanians

High levels of education

good Turkish universities in the world; With its understanding of quality education, successful faculty and an education system integrated with the world, it offers opportunities for higher education well above standards. In this way, students can easily climb the ladder of success by preparing in the best way for life and their careers.


Internationally valid diploma programs

Diplomas for Jordanian students with a university education in Turkey are valid and equivalent diplomas accepted in Europe, America and many countries of the world. Since the diploma equivalency is different for each university, looking at the diploma equivalency list for the university you are considering will provide you with more accurate results.


Student-oriented, modern and well-equipped campus

Public and private universities. It provides educational and training activities on a large, comfortable and fully equipped campus, allowing Jordanian students to access information in the easiest way possible. Through libraries, laboratories, student clubs, art activity areas, and many other areas of student activity on campus, Jordanian students complete their higher education on a modern education campus.


Economic and safe education opportunities

While Turkey shows highly advanced features compared to its region, it also paints the picture of a very safe country. Unlike its neighbors, studying in Turkey is for Jordanians , where social life is lively, and it is possible to receive an education under more economic conditions than in Europe and America.


Turkish hospitality and friendly relations

Turkey, where the young population is dense, is a special country that immediately accepts foreigners and offers many different opportunities for their comfort. Turkish hospitality is a concept that has its sincerity in world literature and the sincerity and sincerity of the Turkish people are always at the highest level.


Accessibility and quality housing, nutrition and transportation opportunities

Housing, nutrition, and transportation opportunities, which are among the basic needs while studying in Turkey, are offered to Jordanians , within a highly developed system in Turkey. Many universities offer counseling services for Jordanian students to adapt to life in Turkey faster.


Each university has its own dormitories or residences located nearby. These dormitories can be private as well as government dormitories. In addition to staying in a dormitory, renting a house is another accommodation option. It is possible to find apartments, rooms or rental houses only for Jordanian students throughout the university.



Every university has cafeterias that serve high quality, clean and affordable meals. You can have three meals in the university cafeteria or you can choose the university cafeteria.



The public transport system in major cities is highly developed. It is very easy to get from one place to another in the city with alternative public transportation options such as metro, tram and buses. Jordanian students use discount cards for urban transportation and transportation costs are very low.

Thus, we have provided you with an overview of studying in Turkey for Jordanians . We hope that you will like it and obtain all the information that will help you and benefit you in studying in Turkish universities.