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 Study in Turkey for Palestinians

 Study in Turkey for Palestinians

April 26, 2022
Study in Turkey
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In the last ten years, Turkey has become a destination for many foreign students from all over the world, due to the recent scientific and technological boom, cultural diversity, ease of access to services and facilities available to foreign students, such as health insurance, reduced transportation, and university housing. Therefore, studying in Turkey for the Palestinians is the best opportunity offered in current time .

 Study in Turkey for Palestinians

Turkey is one of the best countries in the world at the level of higher education, due to the presence of many universities with about 185 universities, of which 109 are public universities in constant competition for preference. Turkey also has a number of characteristics that make it an observatory for many Palestinian students, including :

  1. Education is of high quality in terms of advanced study programs and modern and different study methods .
  2. Depending on the terrain of Turkey, it is one of the best places to do different types of sports. It is not only a place to study, but the student can practice various activities .
  3. Scientific research, as Turkey supports scientific research students with all the ingredients and tools and provides them with an appropriate environment for their creativity .
  4. The Turkish people are characterized by friendliness, good treatment and generosity with foreigners, which makes many students inclined to choose Turkey as their destination .
  5. English is the most common language after Turkish in Turkey .
  6. It suits the standard of living of foreign students .
  7. Turkey is known for its ancient history, which combines European, Arab and ancient Ottoman history, making it multicultural .

Scholarships for Palestinians

Each year, Turkey offers many fully-funded scholarships for Arab students. These scholarships are an opportunity to study in Turkey for the Palestinians, as these scholarships provide :

  1. Free housing .
  2. Transfers . 
  3. Health insurance .
  4. Study expenses .
  5. Travel expenses .
  6. Study in the best globally recognized universities .
  7. Study the Turkish language for a full year .
  8. Also, the application for these scholarships is completely free. You only need to fill out the application form. These scholarships are for students of the various stages of bachelor ’s, master’s and doctoral degrees, and applicants are usually accepted by 95% , because the conditions presented are very simple .

Conditions for applying for undergraduate students

  1. The applicant must have a high school average of 70% .
  2. To be of non-Turkish nationality .
  3. The age of the applicant should not be more than 21 years .

Conditions for applying for master's students

  1. The applicant must have a cumulative average of 75% at the bachelor's level .
  2. To be of non-Turkish nationality .
  3. The age of the applicant should not be more than 30 years .

Conditions for applying for PhD students

  1. The applicant must have a score of 75%.
  2. To be of non-Turkish nationality .
  3. The age of the applicant should not be more than 35 years .

Residence in Turkey

Turkey is a destination for many students to study and reside there, and it has many advantages and disadvantages like other countries in the world .

Advantages of staying in Turkey

  1. Economic growth, which provides many job opportunities .
  2. Low cost of living compared to the rest of Europe .
  3. Life in Turkey is simple and uncomplicated, and this becomes clear when dealing with official or living departments, and you can finish all your papers electronically while you are at home .
  4. Distinguished and constantly evolving educational system .
  5. Many foreigners live in Turkey where there is neither racism nor prejudice .
  6. Residency permits to study by simply registering at a university. Therefore, it is easy to study in Turkey for Palestinians and other Arabs .
  7. Turkey is an Islamic country, so it is a destination for many Muslim students from all Arab countries to study in .

Disadvantages of residency in Turkey

  • Turks are proud of their original language and deal with it, especially with foreigners, so that it does not disappear due to the spread of foreigners in their countries. Therefore, it is necessary to learn the Turkish language for ease of dealing .

Recognized Turkish Universities in Palestine

It is possible to find out about the recognized Turkish universities within the Palestinian state through the website of the Palestinian Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research or the website of the embassy of the Palestinian state inside the Republic of Turkey, and here are the recognized universities for the current year

  • Ankara university .
  • Akdeniz university .
  • Anadolu university
  • Afyon kocatepe university .
  • Ataturk university .
  • Adnan menderes university.
  • Abant izzet universitesi .
  • Baskent university.
  • Bilkent university.
  • Bogazici university .
  • Balikesir university .
  • Beykent universitesi .
  • Cukurov university .
  • Celal Bayer university .
  • Canakkale onsekiz mart university .
  • Cumhuriyet university .
  • Dogus Eylul .
  • Dicle university .
  • Dumlupinar university .
  • Erciyes university .
  • Ege university .
  • Firat university .
  • Fatih university .
  • Gazi Ankara university .
  • Gaziantep university .
  • Galatasaray universitesi .
  • Gebze Technological Institute.
  • Gaziosmanpasa university .
  • Harran university .
  • Hacettepe university .
  • Istanbul Bilgi university .
  • Istanbul sehir university .
  • Istanbul Teknik university .
  • Istanbul university .
  • Istanbul sabahattin zaim universitesi .
  • Inonu university .
  • Izmir Institute of technology.
  • Kafkas university .
  • Kirikkale university .
  • Kocaeli university
  • Kadir Has university .
  • Kadir Has universitesi .
  • Kahramanmaras sutcu Imam university .
  • Kardeniz university .
  • Mugla university .
  • Mustafa kemal university .
  • Mimar sinan university .
  • Marmara university .
  • Middle East technical university.
  • Nigde university .
  • Osmangazi university .
  • Ondokuz mayis university .
  • Okan universitesi .
  • Pamukkale university .
  • Selcuk university .
  • Suleyman university .
  • Sakarya university .
  • Trakya university .
  • Uludage university .
  • Yeditpe university .
  • Yildiz Teknik university .
  • Yuzuncu yil university .
  • Zonguldak karaelmas university .

Because of the large number of these universities and their global status, studying in Turkey for the Palestinians is considered the focus of many students, but is it easy to obtain a Turkish visa?

Turkish visa and conditions for obtaining it

It is easy to obtain a Turkish visa by applying on the website, through some simple requirements as follows :

  1. A recent passport .
  2. Credit Visa .
  3. Strong internet .
  4. Fill out the visa application .
  5. email . _
  6. Two recent photos with white background .

Study costs in Turkey for Palestinians

Tuition fees vary according to the university and the city as follows :

  1. The costs in public universities are very low compared to other western universities, and their costs range from 500 to 1000 dollars for all disciplines and varies depending on the specialization and the university .
  2. Private universities range from 2000 to 15000 dollars for all specialties except for medical specialties whose expenses range from 10000 to 25000 dollars .
  3. Fully funded grants that cover all expenses, transportation, housing and monthly expenses .
  4. Partially funded scholarships, in which the university pays the tuition fees and the student pays for the rest of the expenses .

Turkish language study

Some students resort to learning the Turkish language in order to study in Turkey, which is a requirement, especially if the university in which the student will study requires this. Also, learning the Turkish language helps to adapt and deal during the residency period during the study. Learning can be done through :

  1. Self-learning by watching YouTube channels, studying through books and searching on the Internet before joining the university .
  2. Through accredited institutes and universities, and this is through a program set by the university. The duration of learning varies according to the student’s eagerness to learn and the plan established by the university. This program is paid by the student with some expenses. An example of some of these places is the Tomer Institute of Ankara University .
  3. Some scholarships allow you to study the Turkish language for a year before starting the study .

The Turkish government also provides many privileges and facilities in order to facilitate the study in Turkey for the Palestinians and help them to adapt in Turkish society .