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Studying in Turkey from a distance

Studying in Turkey from a distance

April 26, 2022
Study in Turkey
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Studying in Turkey from a distance was one of the results of the Corona pandemic that struck all countries of the world, which made many major countries find in distance study a temporary solution to keep pace with the education process, and not stop professional life. As for Turkey, like other countries of the world that seek to keep pace with modernity, it has It implemented the distance study system in its universities.

The development of technology that Turkey has reached, along with the speed of the Internet and the richness of electronic references, has contributed to the implementation of the study system in Turkey from a distance.


how to the study in Turkey on distance?

apply System Study in Turkey on distance by using technology and means Connection, as no Attendance is obligatory for school and university students, and the student at any stage of study receives educational materials via the Internet, so that he, in turn, re-study his materials using electronic devices such as laptops or smartphones.

The universities, in turn, have implemented the principle of studying in Turkey from a distance by broadcasting lessons on their websites, thus turning the education system into a default mode, where the professor explains the materials in audio and video over the Internet, and creates a comfortable atmosphere that enables students to share the explanation, discussion and ask questions about any idea opaque they have.

These lessons are also recorded to be a reference for students after their completion, and the professor can share them with his students along with all the files that have been made for their lessons in any connection, and the teacher remains in constant contact with the students and prepares surveys to verify the extent to which his students understand the material he studied for them.

The Turkish government has paid great attention to this type of education, providing a high-level educational environment for its students, and in this field has made every effort and harnessed all its capabilities to overcome all obstacles and obstacles in its way. The Turkish state has occupied the second place after China by providing educational services in light of Corona pandemic.

The Turkish government did not provide any effort that would make the study process in Turkey successful from a distance, but the students also have to commit to some things in order to reap the fruits of this experience.


What are the most important tips for studying in Turkey from a distance?

We have collected for you some useful tips that will help you while studying in Turkey from a distance, as follows:

Commitment self For students :

Commitment is the most important advice we give you, as you have to find times when you are at your peak activity, whether in the morning or evening, in order to start receiving your lessons and do all your homework and study tasks, and stick to the schedule that determines your study hours and rest times as well.

get away on Distractors :

 Meeting you at home may impose many obligations on you, as it may make you feel bored and turn to social networking sites for entertainment, or you may watch movies on TV, of course you cannot stay away from these things permanently, but let your time be more organized and stay away from everything that distracts your focus at the times you set for the study.

Finding Your Own Study Space:

Finding a study space in your home will help you focus while receiving lectures and lessons, and will enhance your psychological stability, as you will organize in this space everything you need while studying.

Measure progress periodically:

Every period, you must measure what you have achieved from the goals that you have set in your schedule, and see if you are going right to develop your scientific career.

Attending online lessons directly:

Do not stay isolated from the world even if the pandemic forces you to do so. Attending meetings directly makes you transcend the boundaries of this isolation, as it reflects positively on your way of thinking, so that your mind is stimulated to find the most creative ideas.

After reading the tips that will help you in your scientific career, we must talk about the advantages of studying in Turkey from a distance.


Are there advantages to the study system on distance at Turkey?

The distance study system in Turkey has many advantages that can be observed, as this system provides the possibility for students to attend lessons directly via the Internet in any place chosen by the student, and in the event that it is difficult to attend directly, he can download lessons or lectures directly, to watch them in more convenient time for him.

and manifested Pros the study at Turkey on distance with capabilities And the efforts that the Turkish government harnesses from Universities, where hold many Partnerships strong With providers companies Internet, and who they did In turn to the fullest and fired Possibility Entry sites Turkish universities Free of charge and without paying any fees by students .

Also, the application of the default system in Turkish universities does not affect the recognition of their degrees at the global level grades and certificates granted from before universities Turkish Accredited with at Most Countries The world is without exception , and you can make sure of this the information which belongs to recognition in degrees and university certificates Turkish, by consultation parties educational competent at your country .


It is worth noting that the Turkish government refuses to adopt the virtual (remote) study system in the master’s degree in Turkish universities, whether private or governmental, due to the students’ need to attend as necessary, due to the privacy of this degree, and this speech is applied to every student He wanted to pass the master's or doctoral levels.


What are the universities? Which Depends Study in Turkey on distance?

Turkish universities occupied their place in the list of the most important universities around the world, and entered the competition arena with their integrated equipment from the quality of their education and technical infrastructure. Education in Turkish universities was in line with the conditions of students, whatever they were, and this is what made these universities enjoy their permanent place in the local and global arena. to compete.

Among these universities that have implemented the distance learning system in Turkey:

  1. University the East middle Technology
  2. University Istanbul
  3. University my hand perk up
  4. University Baskent
  5. University Atilim
  6. University Aiden Istanbul
  7. University bahsheh Famed
  8. University Ishik 
  9. University Yeni yozel
  10. University Ankara
  11. University Anatolia
  12. University Gaseous
  13. University Marmara
  14. University chokrovh
  15. University Ataturk
  16. University Selcuk
  17. University Karadeniz Technology
  18. University Gaseous Gaziantep
  19. University scaria
  20. University Akdeniz


Thus, we have reached the conclusion of our article and explained to you how to study in Turkey from a distance, and the advantages of applying this principle, especially after the Corona epidemic invaded all countries of the world, and we gave you some tips that help you study in light of virtual reality, as we mentioned to you the most prominent Turkish universities that have applied This is the system.