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Study visa to Turkey

Study visa to Turkey

April 26, 2022
Student life in Turkey
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 Study visa to Turkey or student visa It is a permit to enter Turkey for educational purposes. ..and you cannot apply for a student visa to search for a job or start a business in the country. This visa allows the international student to settle in Turkey by applying temporarily for a residence permit. A study visa to Turkey is granted to people who intend to conduct an internship in this country, enroll in an educational institution / school / college / university or take a course .


  Who needs a study visa for Turkey?

Except for citizens of the Republic of Northern Cyprus, students of all other nationalities in the world will need a visa to travel to Turkey for educational reasons .

Exemptions from the student/study visa rule are as follows :

to obtain a bachelor's or master's degree in an educational institution in Turkey have already completed their secondary education in Turkey .

- Children of people living in Turkey with a residence permit and Work visa .

People who hold a blue card .

How can you apply for a study visa to Turkey ?

If you want to apply for a study visa to Turkey , all you have to do is complete the visa form, and Collect many documents and Attend the visa interview .

When and where to apply

It is recommended to submit a student visa application to Turkey in time to avoid any problems . The standard deadline for submitting a visa is as follows :

Submit your application as soon as - sixty days before the date of your departure to Turkey .

- Last application - 30 days / 1 month before the scheduled date of your trip to Turkey .

- You can submit your study visa to Turkey to the Turkish diplomatic mission in your country, such as the Turkish embassy or consulate. Alternatively, you can apply through a third-party visa application service in your country of residence. In this regard, it is necessary to note that the Turkish Embassy is the only qualified and responsible authority to process your visa application and decide on its approval or rejection .

How to choose the right student visa for Turkey?

If you are applying online, you can choose from a range of study visa options, including the following :

Training visa

Erasmus training

- AIESEC training

The aim of the Turkish language course

Lesson objective

Education goal

Education in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

Why do you need a letter of acceptance?

It does not matter if you are applying to study at a Turkish university, doing an internship or taking a course. However, you will provide proof of your registration. Acceptance letter is this proof. You may submit the letter or its equivalent. It won't make a difference. However, for each person applying for a student visa for Turkey, it is necessary to provide proof of admission. Therefore, before proceeding with the rest of the visa application procedure, you should have this letter in your hands .


  Complete the online pre -order order form

As with any other Turkish visa, you will need to complete an online form in the prerequisite system when applying for a study visa. Once you submit this form, you will receive an appointment. Please come to the Turkish embassy or consulate on the date of the visa interview .


  Applying for a student visa for Turkey :

The documents required to apply for a study visa to Turkey are as follows :

A completed student visa application form .

- A valid passport .

- Biometric photos in passport size according to the specifications of the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs visa photo .

Proof of flight reservation, such as airline tickets .

, which must cover the entire duration of your stay in Turkey .

The acceptance letter states that you have been accepted by a Turkish academic institution and the duration of your stay/study course .

/ educational program you wish to attend (if any ) .

Copies of previous diplomas, transcripts and certificates .

/ resources indicating that you have sufficient funds to remain in Turkey for the duration of your stay and to pay tuition fees. This can be demonstrated by several documents, including bank statements, letter of sponsorship if your parents, guardian or other person sponsoring your residence and studies, and letter of scholarship (if applicable )

Proof of residence .

About the date of the study visa to Turkey :

Before you attend the interview, you need to collect and arrange all the documents. Your documents must meet the specifications set by the mission. You will submit these documents on the day of the interview .


You will be notified of the interview date by the Turkish Embassy. By this date, you will need to inform the embassy/consulate in your area. This will be a short question-and-answer session with the consular officer. He will ask you several questions about your trip and your studies .

It is very important to keep all required Turkey visa documents with you as your visa application will be rejected immediately if you miss one. If this happens, you will need to re-apply for a visa . In addition, try to make a good impression on your interlocutor because this session will play an important role in determining the fate of your visa application .


  Student visa application processing time :

Usually, the application for a study visa to Turkey is processed within 15 days. However, processing time varies from country to country. Therefore, in the end, the duration of treatment involved will be determined by the country from which you apply. In some countries, applicants can expect to receive a response within three days .


  What happens after you arrive in Turkey?

Shortly after you arrive in Turkey on a student visa, register at the nearest local police department. The next step is to apply for a residence permit, for which you will need to go to the Provincial Directorate of Migration Management . Once you get the residence permit, which is called in Turkish ikamet You will be eligible to live in Turkey and do a lot of things, like opening a bank account.

Make sure to extend ikamet your account before it expires. Ideally, you should apply six weeks before it expires .


  Can you work in Turkey with a student visa?

In recent years, Turkey has embraced the idea of having international students in the country. However, the language barrier is serious and students must be able to speak Turkish. This is why most of the international students studying in Turkey come from the western regions of China, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. These are the areas where the language is most commonly spoken .

There are some conditions that allow students to work legally in Turkey. Once a student obtains a student residence permit, he or she can start working legally. Students coming from abroad who are enrolled in a two-year undergraduate or associate program will not be allowed to work until after the first year has been completed. Students enrolled in a two-year associate program will not be allowed to work more than 24 hours per week .


It only takes about 24 hours to get a student visa for Turkey if it is submitted online. However, it may take up to 90 days when applicants submit their applications through a foreign consulate or representative. This is the fastest time when all documents and information representation are correct .