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Study in public universities in Turkey

Study in public universities in Turkey

April 26, 2022
Study in Turkey
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Studying in public universities in Turkey, which provide the best educational opportunities, besides that most Turkish universities make a great effort to provide everything the student needs, whether he holds Turkish citizenship or from any other country, there are many ways in which one can choose how to study in Turkey and they will be mentioned in order to make it easy for the researcher. There are also some advantages that must be known to enroll in studies in Turkey. Turkey also provides several free grants that we will learn about in this article.


Public universities in Turkey

There are more than one distinguished public university in Turkey, and the public universities there are considered among the most advanced universities in the world, and the state universities of Turkey rank highly in the world in terms of the best universities in the world. Here are some examples of those universities.

There are many state-of-the-art public universities in Turkey, the most important of which are Istanbul University and Middle East Technical University, in addition to Istanbul Technic University.

One of the most distinguishing features of these universities is that they make a comparison among their students in order to select distinguished and internationally advanced students, in accordance with the required specifications and conditions.

Universities in Turkey rely on two types of strong tests, through which they determine the strongest and most eligible student to study.

Some universities rely entirely on the IOS test to measure abilities, and some universities rely on the American SAT test and all its different types.

There are some public universities in Turkey that make a comparison between students by choosing the best and highest results in the baccalaureate or the so-called high school diploma.

Students should know very well that all public universities of Turkey differ from each other in the matter of selecting students and arranging between them.


Private universities in Turkey

Applying to private universities in Turkey is one of the easiest ways to help the student enroll in a university in the absence of opportunities in other universities, and it is the most distinguished university because:

●       Applying to private universities does not require any kind of tests to be accepted.

●       Only the required papers can be submitted, the most important of which is the certificate of high school graduation, which is used by private universities to accept the applicant.

●       The private universities in Turkey are ranked high and belong to the group of distinguished universities in the world and offer the best ways to study, in addition to that, there are all the disciplines that the applicant desires.

●       Study in private universities in Turkey is provided in several ways, including the English language as well as of course the Turkish language, but it is known in private universities in particular that the study is largely in English and this varies according to the university.

●       There is a group of agents specialized in providing application opportunities in private Turkish universities, in addition to providing large discounts of approximately 75% and offering the best universities in the world, most of which are in Istanbul or Ankara region as well.


Free Turkish Scholarships

The Turkish government gives many free scholarships every year to all foreign students around the world, which distinguishes it a lot from other universities in the world.

Turkish scholarships are considered one of the best scholarship programs in the world, although there are many other countries that give scholarships, but the Turkey scholarship is inclusive of many different disciplines and includes all different educational levels.

One of the things that distinguishes Turkey’s scholarships from other countries is the large number of them, as each year it gives four thousand free scholarships, which increases the acceptance rates in universities.

Public universities in Turkey differ from other universities because a large number of them rank very high in terms of the best universities in the world, as Turkey was one of the countries whose universities ranked high in the ranking of the best hundred universities around the world.

The ideal advisor for any student applying for the scholarship is OK Tamam Group, where it assists the student in choosing the specialization he wants and suits him, as well as assists him in submitting the papers and documents required for application at the university and is the best advisor for all student inquiries.


Advantages of studying in Turkey

Turkey has now become one of the countries full of universities, where we find that every city inside Turkey has a number of universities or at least one university, after the number of universities in Turkey increased from seventy-six universities ten years ago until it has now reached one hundred and forty-six universities.

The number of university students also increased to three million one hundred and seven thousand university students in 2010, while the number before that was two million nine hundred and forty-nine university students, but the number is increasing every year from the previous one.

The number of the teaching staff at the university is approximately seventy-seven thousand and one hundred teachers.


Advantages of Turkey to study

Turkey is one of the most suitable places to study because it has many advantages that give it this status, and the most important of its advantages are:

  • Its suitable strategic location: Turkey is distinguished from the rest of the countries due to its distinctive location, as it is located at the crossroads of the road between East and West, the country is linked for nearly ten thousand years, and it also contains a diverse climate and a great deal of geographical climate, as it is considered a large part of each of the two continents. Asia and Europe.
  • Thanks to Turkey's privileged location, it is considered a very important commercial center in addition to being located above the itinerary of spices and silk.
  • Turkey is also considered one of the best destinations for students to study.
  • We find that Turkey has many cultures in every city, where there are many different cultures.
  • Since the state of Turkey became independent and that was in 1923 AD, it has so far recorded very successful steps in terms of providing all the welfare to its people within the framework of this free economic system in addition to its trade relations with all Arab and Western countries.


Turkey's distinctive environment for study

We find that Turkey is one of the most distinguished countries in all aspects of life for students, in terms of living costs, university fees, and other material terms, as it has surpassed all Western countries and the United States of America in that.

The study in Turkish universities is conducted in English and provides an opportunity to learn it for those who are ignorant of it, in order to facilitate understanding between citizens and foreign students.

Turkey's environment is characterized by being an environment full of love and friendship among its people, where those who go there find friendship, love and hospitality from its people, due to the distinction of its traditions and customs.


life in Turkey

Turkey is full of welcome and love for all students from abroad.

Also, Turkey's universities provide all consultancy services in order to help students adapt to life with Turks and help them avoid alienation.