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Studying in Turkey for Yemenis

Studying in Turkey for Yemenis

April 26, 2022
Study in Turkey
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Studying in Turkey for Yemenis and all its details and related matters we present to you in this article, which includes all the inquiries of Yemeni students who wish to enroll in Turkish universities and take advantage of the scholarships provided by advanced Turkish universities, which grant all students from all over the world free scholarships, which we will talk about in detail in this article We will also answer a lot of questions and inquiries that revolve in the minds of many people .


Details about studying in Turkey for Yemenis

Many Yemeni students wonder about the different ways to enroll in Turkish universities and which one is better in terms of exploiting the scholarships offered by many universities in Turkey. Here is some information about studying in Turkey for Yemenis :

  1. Providing housing : When joining Turkish universities, the student is available for free accommodation at the expense of the state and is in university housing, but there are some students who prefer to live outside the university and this is in private housing and at their personal expense, but these housing are also distinguished by providing all the student’s needs such as housing, food and water .
  2. All expenses related to the student are taken care of and the student does not pay any university fees when going for a scholarship .
  3. One of the most important advantages is that the student has a full course to study and master the Turkish language for a whole year .
  4. The student owns two airline tickets, one for entering Turkey and the other for exit, and this is also at the expense of the state .
  5. The student has his own health insurance, which helps him to receive treatments in the government hospital for free and at low fees in other private hospitals .
  6. The student who wins the scholarship enjoys many advantages such as obtaining low transportation cards, a card to enter museums and archaeological areas for free, in addition to a residence permit .


Student monthly stipend

The Government of Turkey, which is responsible for grants to foreign students, provides monthly salaries to students in order to provide all their demands and help them to learn better without worrying about costs and financial hardship. The monthly salaries are arranged as follows :

  1. All undergraduate stages receive a monthly salary of eight hundred Turkish liras .
  2. All educational levels in the master's degree possess a monthly payment of one thousand and one hundred Turkish liras .
  3. The value of the monthly stipend for the last stage of education, a doctorate, is one thousand six hundred Turkish liras .


Conditions for applying for Yemeni students in the free Turkish scholarship

There are some conditions set by the Turkish government in order to accept scholarship students at the undergraduate level, and these conditions are :

  1. The applicant must be less than twenty-one years old and not more than that .
  2. The student should not have previously joined a Turkish university on the condition of the same academic degree that he is currently applying for .
  3. The maximum rate that a student must reach in high school is seventy percent. This is for all specializations, but the medical specialization is specialized with an average of not less than ninety percent, which includes dentistry, human medicine and pharmacy .
  4. One of the most important conditions for which the scholarship is not accepted is that the applicant has completed secondary school or is about to finish in the last academic year .
  5. You must send an attachment from the school in which you are studying high school, proving that the average score for your second year of high school is not less than seventy percent, and you must also attach it with a document that proves your enrollment in the last year of high school .


Documents required to apply at the undergraduate level for the free Turkish scholarships

There are some documents and documents that must be available in the application file for the free Turkish scholarship for the undergraduate level, and these documents are :

  1. A copy of the high school certificate .
  2. A copy of the passport must be valid .
  3. A copy of the student's bicycle statement .
  4. A clear and colored personal photo of the student with a white or blue background .
  5. For students who apply for the scholarship and have not graduated from high school and have not obtained the certificate, a transcript of the last semester grades that the student has examined must be brought .
  6. All papers that were requested must be photocopied by the scanner .
  7. There are some countries that export certificates and utilities that come with one document from the transcript of grades and the high school result, and there is no objection to it at all .


Easy ways for Yemenis to apply for free Turkish scholarships

One of the most common questions that appears on the Google search site is the ways that facilitate the application process for Turkish scholarships, and this question comes from all Yemeni students and other students in all countries. There are two ways to apply through them :

  1. The student can apply through the university scholarship administration website, and this is free of charge .
  2. There is another way, which is through Fanar to study , which makes it much easier for the student to apply for the scholarship he desires .



Important notes for students wishing to apply for Turkish scholarships

There are some people who think that they can guarantee acceptance into the scholarship through one of the officials, but in fact this matter is not definitively guaranteed, and no one can guarantee acceptance of the scholarship, no matter how close he is to the committees for examining and evaluating applications, as they are subject to several stages before announcing the result and those stages are :

  1. All applications submitted by students are screened in a period of four to six months and in that period the applications submitted are examined well .
  2. After considering all applications, all accepted students will be contacted by telephone in order to schedule a personal interview .
  3. The results will be announced after checking the applications and conducting personal interviews directly .
  4. Shortly thereafter, the scholarship study will begin .