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Turkish Scholarship Terms

Turkish Scholarship Terms

May 26, 2022
Study in Turkey
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Let us introduce you to the conditions of the Turkish scholarship , as many students and even graduates want to enhance their educational skills by completing studies abroad, and study expenses usually stand in the way due to their high price, so the Turkish government has worked to provide a great opportunity for students wishing to complete their studies in its universities The Turkish scholarship is one of the most competitive study programs in the world and students will be able to study in the most prestigious universities , and it is also one of the best scholarships because it provides educational opportunities for all international students . So let us introduce you in detail to the conditions of the Turkish scholarship in this article, follow us .


Scholarship in Turkey


Scholarships in Turkey are fully supported by the Turkish government in order to attract students from all countries of the world to it and enjoy the study experience there, which is very special, and the Turkish scholarship is one of the most famous scholarship programs around the world, due to the fact that it includes all disciplines .


The scholarship includes all levels of study, which made the conditions of the Turkish scholarship a distinctive and easy grant, and the stages are bachelor's, master's, doctorate and post-doctoral research . On the other hand, Turkish universities are ranked among the best universities, as many Turkish universities have obtained a distinguished global ranking

The scholarship includes all majors available in Turkish universities, which made it popular with many students at the global level, especially the Arab world .


Turkey offers scholarships available in all languages such as English, Turkish, Arabic, and the scholarship in Turkey is one of the strongest in the world, and competes with the Russian scholarship, the Chinese scholarship and some European scholarships due to the international facilities and advantages provided by the Turkish scholarship conditions, and its financing is all on me The Turkish government includes study costs, from airline tickets to student food and drink expenses, to student health insurance .


The Turkish government works to provide students with more than 4,000 scholarships each year, which leads to an increase in the percentage of those wishing to apply for a Turkish scholarship in addition to the conditions of the Turkish soft scholarship for students .


Conditions for the Turkish Bachelor’s Scholarship


• The applicant has not joined another Turkish university with the same academic degree, which he wants to apply for .

• His high school grades should not be less than 70% for all specializations and 90% for the medical group specialties such as human medicine, dentistry and pharmacy .

• The applicant must have graduated or close to graduating from high school, and here he can apply through a document from the school in which he is studying high school, in which he proves that his average in the second year in high school is not less than 70% and that he is enrolled in the third stage of general secondary, and here He can apply until the issuance of the high school certificate .

• The applicant should not be more than 21 years old .


Documents required to register for the scholarship for the bachelor's degree


  1. A clear photograph with a white or blue background


  1. Transcripts of the last semester grades for students who have not yet graduated from high school .
  2. A copy of a valid passport


  1. A copy of the transcript / grades


  1. A copy of the high school certificate


  1. Conditions for the Turkish Master’s Scholarship
  2. The age of the applicant should not exceed 30 years


  1. The bachelor's rate should not be less than 75%


Documents required to register for a master's degree scholarship

  1. Submit a letter of motivation, written in English, explaining to the student the reasons for choosing Turkey to study there .


  1. A copy of a valid passport


  1. Photo with a white or blue background


  1. Recommendation letter : It is better for the student to extract this letter through the professors at the university in which he graduated .
  2. A copy of the bachelor's degree and transcripts
  3. A copy of the high school certificate and transcript .
  4. The student must provide the letter of recommendation with complete personal data about the recommended person, including his job, the entity he works for, his phone number and e-mail .

• Students who have not yet graduated from the university and are on the verge of completing the bachelor's stage, they must bring a transcript until the last semester at the university .


Conditions for the Turkish PhD Scholarship


• The average for a master's degree is not less than 75%.

• The applicant's age should not exceed 35 years .


Documents required for registration in the Turkish scholarship for the doctoral stage


    1. Photo with a white or blue background
    2. letters of recommendation .
    3. Excerpts from a master's thesis
    4. A copy of a valid passport
    5. High school diploma and transcripts
    6. Bachelor's degree and transcripts
    7. Master's certificate and transcript .
    8. The applicant must provide the letters of recommendation with complete personal data about the recommended personalities, including their job, the parties they work for, their phone numbers and e-mail .
    9. Applicants who have not yet graduated and are about to finish their master's degree, must bring transcripts up to the last semester of the university .


Advantages of Turkish Scholarships


    1. The student who receives a scholarship in Turkey resides in a residence designated for students. Those who do not wish to reside in the student residence can also use another residence at their own expense, where all the services that the student needs, including meals, are available in these residences .
    2. There is health insurance for students studying in the Turkish scholarship, through which they can have free treatment in government hospitals or at reduced prices in some private hospitals .
    3. There is a preparatory year in which the student is taught the Turkish language .
    4. A ticket to come and return is at the expense of the university .
    5. The student gets a reduced card for transportation and another for visiting archaeological sites and museums for free .
    6. There are no university fees .

• There is a monthly salary that varies according to the stage “ bachelor 700 pounds, masters 950 pounds, doctorate 1400 pounds .”


Advantages of Turkish Scholarship Terms


The conditions of the Turkish scholarship are among the few scholarships in the world that do not require a language pass certificate, such as the TOMER, the IOS or the SAT certificate .


Turkish universities have a strong global ranking, such as Istanbul University, Cerrahpasha University, Samsun University, and many other universities that are ranked among the best universities in the world because Turkey has witnessed the development and keeping pace with technology and developments in the educational aspect of universities and schools, which made it a distinctive destination for study by foreigners and Arabs. especially .


Types of Turkish Scholarships


- Turkish Research Grant and the conditions of the Turkish Grant for registration are as follows :-


    1. The student must be a foreigner who does not hold Turkish citizenship
    2. To be completing a doctoral degree, or to be in the stage of a doctoral thesis
    3. To have an official acceptance for research from any Turkish university
    4. must not be over 45 years old, as of the first day of the year of candidacy .


Sezgin Scholarship for the History of Science in Islam :


This scholarship provides an amount of 1.000 TL each month to undergraduate students, studying at FSMVU, Department of History of Science in addition to 1400 TL scholarships to master’s degree students at the Faculty of Arts at Sultan Mehmet Al-Fateh Endowment University . One of its advantages is that it does not require any financial fees from undergraduate or graduate students .



In this way, we have provided you with everything related to the conditions of the Turkish scholarship for all levels of study and everything that concerns you about the conditions, types and advantages of the Turkish scholarship, and for more details about Turkish scholarships and studying there, see Al-Fanar articles to provide you with all the information you need .