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TOEFL test in Turkey

TOEFL test in Turkey

April 26, 2022
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The TOEFL exam in Turkey has become of interest to many, and it is an abbreviation for the sentence " Test of English as a foreign language ", that is, a test for non-English speakers on their proficiency in writing, speaking and reading the language. Many pass it, such as applicants for international scholarships or those wishing to obtain a travel visa to America in particular, etc., and in this article we will discuss details about the TOEFL test.

TOEFL test in Turkey

There are two types of TOEFL test in Turkey :

  • International TOEFl : It takes place on specific days in specialized centers around the world in 180 countries, and it is the test approved in all countries of the world, and the names of the centers that conduct this test are written in an information brochure distributed free of charge at the TOEFL office at the US Embassy, the IIE Center , and the AMIDEAST Center.
  • Local ToEFl: This test is conducted in some schools, universities and institutions and has the same characteristics and difficulty as the international test, and it determines if the examinee is qualified to join a university or to a specific job that requires English proficiency.

What does the TOEFL test consist of?

There are many forms of the TOEFL test in Turkey, such as:

First: PBT Paper Based Test

It's 622, 150-minute long, consists of Listening, Reading, Structure and has since been replaced by a PDT "Paper - delivered test " that differs from the former in that it consists of Writing rather than Structure .

The second: IPT "Internet based test "

Its duration is about 200 minutes, with a 10-minute break after each section. There is no failure in this test because it is only an assessment of the level. The number of applicants for this test was 97%, and its score is 120. Each institution determines the degree of success to join it, and it consists of 4 sections:


It is a test that contains a few paragraphs and contains approximately 40 questions that ask about the general meaning of the paragraphs or some of the meanings and vocabulary in the paragraphs. This test measures the extent of the examinee's ability to understand the English language and its meanings, and its duration is from 60 to 100 minutes.


The reading test consists of two parts: the first is to listen to an audio clip, and the second is to read a short text, and write what you understand in about 250 words, and the duration of this test is 50 minutes.


In this test, a conversation between two people or a lecture is listened to and usually talks about life on campus, and then the examinee listens to several questions about what he heard and answers them, and the duration of the test is usually 60 minutes.


This test measures several abilities, namely listening and speaking together. The examinee listens to questions on general topics and answers them on the microphone within 20 minutes.

Thus, we have known the specifications of the TOEFL test so that we are ready to enter it, and here we must know the centers that offer the TOEFL test in Turkey .

Accredited TOEFL Exam Centers in Turkey

Turkish universities require you to pass the TOEFL test in order to be able to apply for a master’s or doctorate, especially human medicine colleges, as their curricula are taught in English, and there are many approved centers for this test in Turkey, and the test is taken about 50 times a week, and its grades are valid for two years, and if you want to increase Your score You may re-take the exam 12 days after the date of your first entry.

The TOEFL test centers in Turkey are located in Ankara, Istanbul and Izmir, and it is submitted at the British Council in Istanbul, but on specific dates.

TOEFL test dates 2021

You can find out about these dates through the official website of the ETS Foundation. The dates vary according to the type of exam as follows:

  • The paper-based exam is held from two to six times a year, depending on the country in which it is held.
  • As for the online exam, it takes place 40 to 50 times a year.

TOEFL test price

The cost of the TOEFL exam in Turkey is $150, and its cost in all countries ranges from $150-$250 depending on the country. You can visit the official website of the ETS Foundation to know the exact date and cost of the test.

How do I get a TOEFL certificate?

Many are afraid of the difficulty of the TOEFL exam, and some of them think that passing it is impossible, but it is not that difficult if you set yourself specific steps and goals to follow:

  • First, you need to define the purpose of taking the test

There are many goals that make you accept the TOEFL exam in Turkey , including determining your language level, applying for a scholarship or studying a master's and doctorate, as well as joining a job.

Setting a goal lets you decide which skill you should excel in and get the highest score in its section.

  • Know the test sections

This test contains four sections, each of which you must practice well, such as listening to and writing many texts in English, as well as speaking a lot in English, and to learn new meanings and vocabulary that will help you pass the test.

  • Set a minimum test score

After knowing your goal of the test and familiarizing yourself with its sections, you have to know the minimum acceptance for the place you want, and then you start developing your skills and studying hard and setting a minimum for yourself that is higher than the minimum required, and you can use the tests on the Internet.

  • Create suitable places for studying

You have to study hard in order to pass this test with a satisfactory degree, and this success requires great focus and a high degree of calm, and this choice is personal. Each of us rests in a place that is different from the other, either in the room, in a library, a cafe, or otherwise, the important thing is that the place you chose It doesn't contain any distractions, and try to keep it tidy and clean all the time.

  • Get a reliable reference to study from

There are paper and electronic forms of the TOEFL test, which you should have and study well, and do a lot of exercises for each section that tell you your current level.

  • Hire an expert

There is no objection to using a teacher or a colleague of yours who is skilled in the English language in all its aspects, and if you know someone who has passed this test before, it will certainly be better, as this will give you a lot of much-needed experience in passing the TOEFL exam.

There are also many study groups on social networking sites consisting of experts and specialists that you can join and benefit from the experiences of others.

  • Reading training

The reading section needs a person who is able to read English greatly, so read many English texts, whether they are in the form of articles, short stories, newspapers, novels, etc., and ask yourself some questions similar to the questions of the TOEFL exam, such as knowing the general idea of the article and what It is the main problem in the story and the general idea of it, and so on. You can also summarize what you read or say orally, and thus you have trained in more than one skill.

  • listening to english

In the TOEFL exam, you will listen to lectures and talks and will be asked in them, so you must practice well in listening to the language from its native speakers, such as watching a movie or listening to the American newscast and focusing on vocabulary and pronunciation.

  • speak english

You have to develop your speaking skills, as this skill depends on the TOEFL exam greatly, so be sure to say what you are studying out loud, and try to speak English with your friends and relatives who are fluent in it.

The demand for the TOEFL exam in Turkey has increased significantly, and that is why we have tried to provide you with the most important details about the test and how to pass it in a nutshell. We hope that you will like it.