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Comparison in Turkey

Comparison in Turkey

April 26, 2022
Study in Turkey
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trade-off in Turkey, studying in Turkey is very special, as Turkish universities are among the best universities, whether for Turkish students or foreign students, due to the quality of university studies in Turkey, which is keen to provide content that benefits the student in the labor market and enriches his information. The best options accepted by the foreign student .


Details of the comparison in Turkey

The comparison in Turkey is one of the easiest things that a student can do .

  1. The trade-off is to submit the student via a website and perhaps some method determined by the university to study there and follow all the instructions .
  2. Most universities are completely free of charge, but there are a group of universities that place fees on this matter, such as Inonu University of 200 TL and Ercis University of 100 TL .
  3. Students must take the YOS test and pass it in order to advance to the differentiation, and this is in some universities .
  4. Or he must possess either a foreign or Turkish high school diploma or ACT, SAT 2 , SAT 1 , and must have a valid Turkish residency or ID or passport .


Number of preferences offered by universities

The number of preferences varies from one university to another, according to the law of each university .

  1. There are two types of trade-offs within Turkish universities, the first is the manual trade-off and the second is the electronic trade-off .
  2. Where there is a group of universities that require the student to go to the university building and submit an application for differentiation in the branch in which he wishes to study .
  3. There are some universities that make one comparison, but they show results for reserve students and others for students of origin .
  4. For example, Erciyes University places 10 therapeutic feeding seats, but it provides a list of 20 students, 10 in reserve and 10 in origin. When the original student is absent from registration, the reserve student will be replaced .
  5. The university publishes results on a continuous basis until the completion of the full or almost complete number of seats .
  6. There are some universities in which the number of comparisons reaches about seven, and the rest of the universities are satisfied with only one comparison .

The cost of differentiation within Turkish universities

In most cases, the comparison in Turkey is completely free, but not all universities follow this system, so they impose some fees on the differentiation .

  1. Karabuk University imposes : 20 Turkish lira .
  2. German-Turkish University charges : 50 euros .
  3. Mersin University charges : 750 Turkish liras .
  4. Bolu Abant University charges : 400 TL .
  5. Boğaziçi University charges : 100 euros .
  6. Gazi University charges : $ 100 .
  7. Karkala University charges : 400 Turkish liras .
  8. Pamuk Castle University charges : 150 TL .
  9. Hetit University charges $ 30 .


What are the conditions for the differentiation of the university in Turkey?

There are a set of conditions that the student must abide by in order to apply for the differentiation in Turkey .

  1. The applicant must possess a foreign nationality other than Turkish, or be of foreign origin, to have a valid Turkish identity or passport .
  2. The applicant must possess at least one of the certificates required by the university in order to be accepted .
  3. The university requires the student to obtain these certificates, a specific YÖS certificate, an international certificate ( such as ACT, SAT 2, SAT 1).
  4. Most universities report on the certificates that the applicant must possess before making a comparison, such as a foreign or Turkish high school diploma .


What is the chance of a student being accepted into the university after the comparison?

There must be a set of important things that must be available in order for the applicant to be accepted for comparison .

The certificate submitted by the student

Most universities require the applicant to take the YÖS exam, but passing this exam does not mean acceptance, as he must obtain the mark that fits the specialization he wishes to study .


Each university places a certain number of places for each country, suppose there are 70 places to study engineering and the number of Syrian students applying is 70.

In this case, the full number of Syrians is not accepted, but students of other nationalities are accepted even if their average is lower, for example 30 Syrian students are enrolled in the branch and 40 from other nationalities .

the age

Turkish universities accept younger students, so that when two students with the same circumstances, the same educational level, and nationality apply, but one of them is younger than the other, the younger one is accepted .

Sometimes the younger student has lower marks than the older one, but the student with lower marks is accepted because of his age .

order of desires

Desires are the majors that the student wants to study in and chooses in the comparison. When the student places a branch that is not available at the university to which he is applying, he is not accepted .

Most universities provide 5 desires for any student in order to differentiate in Turkey, but there are some universities that offer more and others less .

The student must put the desire he wants most strongly at the beginning of the desires, because it is the first desire to be looked at and approved if the student is qualified for it .

After that, the rest of the wishes are examined. The applicant must be careful while placing the wishes, because the university can agree to any desire the student places .

If the student is accepted into a particular branch and he does not want it, he may not get another chance until he conducts a second comparison .

Public universities in Turkey

Turkey's universities are among the best universities in which Turkish and foreign students can study and obtain the best certificates .

  1. Turkish universities take a distinguished position at the level of international and local universities due to the high quality of education, such as the Middle East Technical University, Istanbul University, and Istanbul Technic University .
  2. Public universities in Turkey select the best applicants from foreign students to study in Turkey .
  3. Also, each university sets a set of conditions that differ from other universities, which include the rate that the student obtained in high school .


Times set by universities for differentiation

The dates for differentiation in Turkey differ according to each university .

  1. Each university sets a specific date for its students to make a comparison, and this date is put forward through the university's website .
  2. The university also puts the majors offered by the university to the student and the required averages for each major, as well as the required papers on its website .
  3. Most or all universities open the door for applications to compare between the fifth and eighth month, but it may be changed according to the state of Corona within the country .
  4. During the period in which the universities open the application for trade-offs, the student must follow all developments so that he can apply in a timely manner .
  5. There are some universities that are satisfied with the high school certificate only when applying for comparison and do not require many other certificates, depending on the average as well .


In this article, we have mentioned all the information that a student may need when asking about the trade-off in Turkey, as we have talked about the types of trade-offs and their conditions, as well as the times in which the student must apply and many other things .