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Comparison of private universities in Turkey

Comparison of private universities in Turkey

May 26, 2022
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The trade-off of private universities in Turkey , due to the many restrictions and obstacles that a student may face when applying to a public university in Turkey, many students from all over the world choose to study at a private university in Turkey, which is no less good and distinguished than public universities, as evidenced by the statistics As private Turkish universities rank highly among universities all over the world, what distinguishes private universities from public universities is that registration in them does not require any admission tests, all you need is a high school diploma and the language of study in which you will study.

Comparison of private universities in Turkey

In Turkish universities, the comparison is classified into two types: computerized comparison and manual comparison. Some colleges offer an electronic comparison, while others accept applications submitted in person at the university office only. In all cases, the purpose is to confirm the student’s desire to study a particular branch in a particular university.


amount of differentiation for private universities in Turkey varies by institution, some institutions offer up to seven trade-offs until all their seats are filled, while others only make one trade-off based on the results of primary and backup students.


In Turkish universities, the differentiation is often free, while some colleges require students to pay a fee to register for their differentiation, such as:


  1. Karabuk University: 200 TL.
  2. German-Turkish Cooperation University: 50 euros.
  3. Mersin University 750 liras.
  4. The cost of Bolu Abant University is 400 TL.
  5. Bogargie University: 100 euros.
  6. Gazi University: $100.
  7. 400 Turkish Liras for University of Caracalla.
  8. Pamuk University: 150 liras.
  9. $30 for Hetit University.

 Factors affecting admission to Turkish universities

There are several criteria that affect the student’s admission to Turkish institutions, the most important of which is the certificate used for differentiation, as well as the student’s age and nationality, and the choice of comparison between Turkish universities or not.


When it comes to differentiating universities in Turkey, the number of applications ranges between (3-5), where the first desire is the most important and which the institution considers first.


The desires must also be homogeneous in the sense that they are all in the same field or direction, which is an important point that must be taken into account when evaluating the application because it shows the student’s awareness and seriousness in choosing the specialization he wishes to study in.

Acceptance rates for private universities in Turkey

Acceptance rates in most private colleges are higher than 60%, as high acceptance rates are not required for registration in all fields.


Medical professions that require a "tutorial" average of 80% in high school are not covered.


It is necessary to know that some countries have legislation that requires high graduation rates from high schools followed by a university degree, and admission to private Turkish universities does not take more than ten days, based on the preference of private universities in Turkey.

 The best private universities in Turkey

We will show you a list of the top 10 private universities in Turkey based on several factors, the most important of which is its global ranking and ranking among the best universities in Turkey, taking into account the prices of private universities, which is an important factor for any student who compares universities, so let's start:

1- Bahcesehir University in Istanbul

This university is located in Istanbul, specifically on the European side of the city. It was established in 1998. It now has several branches all over the world. It is considered one of the best institutions of Turkey in general, and it has recently risen to the top of private Turkish universities.

2- Istanbul Kultur University

What distinguishes this university is its distinction and leadership in the field of scientific and educational research, which stems from the presence of many prestigious scientific institutes within the university that provide a wide range of scientific services in the field of graduate studies, and that university was established in 1997, was not a reason not to Its distinction and rise among the best universities in Turkey.

3- Altınbash University

Both locally and internationally, this university has prominent positions, since its establishment in 2008, the institution has maintained a high level of achievement in the Turkish educational process, this university is located in the European side of Istanbul, the university also offers the option of studying either in English or Turkish.


Perhaps the most distinguishing feature of the institution is the availability of many study programs within the university as well as student exchange programs with many universities in different locations around the world, and due to the university’s many financial resources.

4- Ozyegin University

This university is located on the Asian side of Istanbul and is considered one of the greatest universities in Turkey, and it is among the best universities in Turkey and was established in 2007.


In a short time, this university has distinguished itself in many factors such as the internal appearance of the institution, job opportunities available for graduates, as well as superior student housing and other distinguishing features, all of which place the university among the greatest universities in Turkey.

5- Ishik University

Ishik University is one of the best private Turkish universities, since its establishment in 1996 on the Asian side of Istanbul, the university has grown significantly in many fields, other faculties include architecture, design, economics, administrative sciences and others.

6- Bilkent University

Bilkent University is located in Ankara, the capital of Turkey, which gives it a significant cultural and geographical advantage over other private universities in the country.


The university, which was founded in 1984 and now has about 13,000 students, is distinguished by its massive campus, as well as the presence of many disciplines within the institution, as well as its excellence in the areas of innovation and scientific research.

7- Baskent University

Baskent University is currently one of the most prestigious scientific institutions in Turkey, and one of the institutions founded in 1993, now has about 10,000 students, 11 faculties, 7 institutes and 6 vocational schools.


The university is also considered one of the best universities in Turkey, and one of the most distinctive characteristics of this university is that it offers English as a medium of instruction, which makes it an ideal destination for many students from all over the world who aspire to study in English at a university in Turkey.

8- Yeditepe University

This university occupies a high position among the most prestigious private Turkish universities, due to a number of advantages of the university. It is considered one of the most prestigious institutions in a variety of fields, especially medical specialties, such as the Faculty of Human Medicine, the Faculty of Dentistry, and the Faculty of Pharmacy, at both university levels. and postgraduate studies.

9- Near East University

Located in the city of Lefkosa in Nicosia, the northern capital of the Turkish Republic of Cyprus, the university has many features such as its beautiful design and unique infrastructure, as well as having a range of laboratories, workshops, computer centers, cultural centers and other social centers and sports are great.


So it is not an exaggeration to call it one of the greatest universities in Turkey. The university has a huge diversity of students studying in it, with more than 20,000 students from around 90 countries from all over the world and it was established in 1984 until it is currently one of the most distinguished universities.

10- Eastern Mediterranean University

The Eastern Mediterranean University, which was established in 1979 in Northern Turkish Cyprus and has since grown to include more than 12 faculties, including the Faculty of Medicine, Pharmacy and Health Sciences, as well as the Faculty of Engineering, is the university you will want to study at.


Offering one of the most competitive costs for private colleges in Turkey, especially for international students who want to study in Turkey whether studying in English or Turkish, keep in mind that English is increasingly widely used in many top colleges in Turkey.