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Transportation card for students in Turkey

Transportation card for students in Turkey

July 05, 2023
Student life in Turkey
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Transportation card for students in Turkey, each country takes care of its students in its own way, in Turkey there is a so-called transportation card, and because Istanbul is a big city in which the individual needs to move between its outskirts using public transportation, because of its large area, so it was necessary to provide these cards for students to facilitate their transportation operations It is repeated during the day and is unified that students can use in all different means of transportation, and these cards also enjoy a 50% discount, so the price of the transportation ball for the student is a very small amount that he can pay without trouble, and in the next article we will learn more about the transportation card for students in Turkey.



Transportation card for students in Turkey

As we mentioned at the beginning that the transportation card is a card made available by Turkey to students in the field of various internal public transportation, and this card enjoys a 50% reduction, so the cost of transportation for the student is much less than its cost for the average citizen, and the card is not limited to the student only, but it is also available to teachers and the elderly over 60 years of age.


What is the method of obtaining a transportation card for students in Turkey?

The method of obtaining a transportation card in Turkey is very simple to make things easier for students. The student can obtain it by filling in some personal data and information about him and his educational status and charge the card with the value he wants as he wants, and to facilitate things more. The state has taken care of setting up special kiosks for these cards next to The main transportation stations can get the card through.

It is also distinguished that you find these cards not only for university students, but for students from primary school to university, unlike teachers and the elderly over 60 years old who can also obtain them, in addition to the new discounts granted by the municipality on the transportation card for these groups where they can fill out The card is 40 liras per month instead of 85 liras, which gives them the number of crossing times of up to 200 crossings in the various means of transportation inside Istanbul.

It is also possible to apply for a transportation card in Turkey through IETT centers or even through the Internet with ease.



Places to use transportation cards for students in Turkey

There are specific places where the student can use the transportation card for students in Turkey. The card is the most important of those places:

  • Various railways and metros within cities.
  • Tramway and cable car
  • Intercity Railroad ( TCDD )
  • Various sea ferries within cities and straits
  • Ships used for intercity travel
  • Autobus (bus express line)
  • This is in addition to public toilets, parks and gardens.
  • It can also be entered into museums and forests.


The price of the transit fare for the transportation card for students

The price of the transportation card for students in Turkey has been set at about 1.25 liras, while the value of the normal card for citizens is 2.60 liras. These cards are considered a personal card that belongs to its owner only and no one else has the right to use it, and whoever uses another person’s card exposes himself to a fine of 85 liras.




Papers required to obtain a transportation card for students in Turkey

The papers required to obtain a transportation card for students in Turkey are very simple:

  • Student document.
  • A personal photo of the student.
  • Proof of residence.
  • Registration fee of 10 liras.

In the following link, you will find the working times and locations of the centers that provide these cards:


 Reducing the price of the student card to half its previous price

The Istanbul City Council issued a unanimous approval decision to reduce the subscription fees for the student transportation card from (5 lira to 40 lira, which can be used 200 times per month, and thus the state has provided many facilities, discounts and various opportunities for students in the field of transportation, in addition to that it is from It is possible for the student to visit museums and archaeological sites for only 30 lira, which is a small and simple amount


How to get the card online

To obtain a transportation card for students in Turkey, there are some simple steps through which to obtain a transportation card, which are as follows:

  • You can enter the company's website, create an account, and fill in all personal data and information such as name, national number, telephone, e-mail and other information.
  • You will then receive the account activation number through the phone number you registered as well as the e-mail.
  • The site will ask you to upload a personal photo, but with a white background, taken within a period not exceeding 6 months.
  • Then you can pay the card fee of 10 lira through the bank account



Discounted transportation fees for students:

Metrobus fee for students

  • 3.85 lira for the regular Istanbul card
  • 1.25 lira per student
  • Two points for the monthly student card

And if the distance traveled by the student in the metrobus is less than 20 stations, he can recover part of the value that was deducted from the card by using the cash machine on the way out to the metrobus station.

Metro, tram and bus fees for students:


  • 2.65 lira for a regular card
  • 1.25 lira per student
  • Points for the monthly student card

Discounted Fare for Students:

If the student uses two means of transportation or more in a period of less than two hours, then 2.60 lira will be deducted in the first time, the second time is 1.85, and the third time is 1.40 lira within two hours, but after the two hours have passed, the value of the normal tariff is calculated



How can Syrian students get a discounted transportation card in Turkey

Students of the temporary Syrian centers can obtain reduced transportation cards once they integrate with Turkish schools, where the revised fees apply to rail and marine transportation systems, as well as public and private transportation.

We would like to point out here that there are some special cards that work in a particular state, but they do not work in another state, so the visitor must buy a new card if he moves to a new state and fill it with a maximum of five liras.

We would also like to point out that car fares for public transportation in Istanbul have increased by an average of 13%.


What are the types of transportation cards inside Turkey

There are many types of transportation cards in Turkey, including the following:

Ordinary card or innum card

It is a multi-use card that can be purchased from the card sales centers, whether governmental, it is sold for 6 liras, or the private ones are sold for 10 liras, and 2.5 pounds are deducted with each use.


monthly subscription card

A monthly card with a subscription value of 215 liras is one of the best transportation cards in Turkey, and it is used 180 times during the month and can be purchased from government centers for 10 liras and can be used with any means of transportation.

Discount card or student card

It is a transportation card for students in Turkey that is used with all means of transportation and is intended for students, teachers and the elderly who are over 60 years old, and this card gets a 50% discount.


free istanbul card

The free Istanbul card is one of the cards that allows those who use it to move freely and use any means of transportation without paying any fees or charges, but it is required to obtain this card that the user must be over the age of 65 years, and the card also constitutes military leaders and their families as well as municipal employees, journalists and martyrs And their families, in addition to the disabled but at a rate of 40%, and athletes and everyone who provides a distinguished service within Turkey.