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the Turkish Religion Endowment Scholarship

the Turkish Religion Endowment Scholarship

May 26, 2022
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The Turkish Religious Endowment Scholarship is a gift from the government there, for those who have ambitions to study more about the Holy Qur’an, that divine constitution, as well as Islamic education sciences, as well as diving into the sea of Arabic language and literature, knowledge of rhetoric, and more about the history of religions, and it gives you the opportunity to learn basic Islamic studies and philosophy Religious and the history of our true religion and its arts, and did not overlook some of the worldly sciences such as physics, health sciences and mathematics, so let us know the details of that opportunity and how to obtain it.

What is the Turkish Religion Endowment Scholarship?


The Turkish Religious Endowment Scholarship is offered by the Ministry of Awqaf there, completely free of charge to students of science from all parts of the world, who are seeking to obtain a Turkish high school certificate in Islamic sciences or a bachelor’s degree in one of the legal disciplines of the Islamic religion, and the grant represents a contribution from the Turkish government in producing scholars with The banner of the true Islamic religion from everywhere on earth.

Advantages of the Turkish Religion Endowment Scholarship:-

The Turkish Ministry of Endowments offers many privileges to the winning students with the opportunity to obtain the Turkish Endowment Scholarship, and all of these privileges are provided to the Ministry with the support of the government; To ensure that foreign students from all over the world are encouraged to apply for this scholarship, and those advantages are as follows:-

1/ As a student, you will not pay a dollar or a single lira. The scholarship is fully funded by the Turkish side, which is also working to secure accommodation and travel expenses, and provide decent student housing for all scholarship winners.

2/ They believe in the importance of good nutrition for the student of knowledge, and therefore decided not to worry about providing food and drink to you, because the scholarship includes providing them free of charge to all students, who come to Turkey for the scholarship.

3/ Transportation money from one place to another that you can keep for yourself, because the grant includes providing the money that each student needs for transportation.

4/ Those in charge of the scholarship are well aware that you are an expatriate student; In order to study forensic sciences, that is, they are considered a scholar in the Islamic religion, and therefore the health of this rising scholar is very important, and they bear the expenses of the scholarship students’ treatment.

5/ In order to further encourage the application of the scholarship, the Turkish Ministry of Awqaf grants a monthly stipend to students, meaning that you will not only have the opportunity to study abroad, but you will be paid for it.

Documents required to apply for the scholarship for high school students:-


If you want to obtain a Turkish Religious Endowment Scholarship in Sharia High School, you will have to prepare the following papers to apply for:

1/ Certificate of completion of preparatory school studies.

2/ The Turkish side not only asks for a preparatory certificate, but they also ask for a transcript of your grades.

3/ The third step is to bring a letter of recommendation, and it is the responsibility of your teacher or principal to write it in your middle school if you are applying for a Sharia secondary scholarship, or in your high school if it is for a bachelor’s degree, and it is very important as the Turkish side considers it the first impression about you, quoting people They have previously dealt with you, felt the size of your expertise and experience and the amount of your contribution to society, and you guarantee to them that you are a person of good behavior.

4/ Now you have to attach with your application a valid passport, and it can be an ID card, but you will need a passport in any case if you are accepted into the Turkish Endowment Scholarship; So that you can go to Turkey, so it is better for you to prepare a passport.

5 / Letter of intent, which is the most important paper in your application that will lead to its acceptance or be a reason for its rejection, so you must put in it all the motives that you have in order to choose Turkey as your place of study, if you make good use of the three thousand characters that you have in Explain your academic experiences and the secret behind your choice of major, Turkey as a country of study, and tell them about your dreams and aspirations for the future, you may be accepted regardless of even your GPA.

Documents required to apply for the scholarship for undergraduate students:

1/ High school diploma.

2/ Bring them your score sheet during this stage.

3/ The necessary letter of recommendation, which I have already explained to you, dear reader, in the previous part of the article.

4/ A valid passport and you can apply with your identity card, but as I have already told you, preparing a passport is always better, for a student to obtain a Turkish Endowment Scholarship.

5/ The most important component of your application is the letter of intent.

Conditions for applying for the Turkish Religious Endowment Scholarship for Sharia High School:


And if the differences are simple between the conditions of Sharia secondary school and a bachelor’s degree, then Al-Fanar decided to divide the matter in order to facilitate for you, dear reader, so let us start with the conditions of Sharia secondary:

1/ You will not be allowed to apply if you have a Turkish ID.

2/ Your date of birth must not be later than January 1, 2004.

3/ At this stage, the organizers of the Turkish Religious Endowment Scholarship believe that you must be tormented.

4/ Your record is free of any disciplinary sanctions during your previous study stages.

5/ They want students who show diligence in their studies, so you will not be able to apply if your GPA is below 70%.

6/ Your morals and behavior are very important, your record should be free of any disciplinary sanctions.

7/ You must also show full commitment during all your years of study without interruption, even for one year.

8/ You will not be allowed to apply if you are a refugee or resident in the Turkish state, not even have you previously studied in a Turkish school, but you must be coming from your home country, receiving your education in its schools.

9/ They will provide you with health insurance that covers your treatment in case you fall ill in Turkey, but you cannot apply if you have chronic diseases, you must be free of health problems.

Conditions for applying for the Turkish Religious Endowment Scholarship for Bachelor’s:-


1/ Go to the Turkish embassy in your country; To obtain an educational visa from the embassy.

2/ It is for foreign students, you will not be allowed it if your nationality is Turkish.

3/ Your date of birth is later than January 1, 1999.

4/ The scholarship will not be accepted if you suffer from a severe health problem, which may cause you to not complete the educational journey.

5/ As I told you about high school, this condition extends to the bachelor's degree, they want good students with a GPA of no less than 70%.

6/ You are coming to study the sciences of Islamic religion, meaning they are in the process of bringing out a religious scholar. You cannot be accepted in any way if you have committed something that reflects a negative image of your behavior.

7/ You are not accepted if you have interrupted your studies for more than two years.

8/ You should not be registered in one of the Turkish universities. Moreover, those who have previously obtained one of the Turkish Endowment Scholarships, or even any other Turkish entity, should not be accepted, as they want to give more opportunities to foreign students.