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Turkish Scholarship Specialties

Turkish Scholarship Specialties

April 26, 2022
Study specialties and exams
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 Turkish Scholarship Specialties There may be a slight difference between the disciplines available for bachelor’s, and other disciplines available for master’s and doctorate, and it is important that the applicant is aware and sufficiently familiar with the disciplines available to him to apply for, so he must study them well and make sure that he chooses the appropriate specialization for him and his field of study, especially for my students Masters and Ph.D.

Turkish Scholarship Specialties

The specializations provided by the Turkish scholarship are very many, and any student can belong to these disciplines as long as he fulfills the conditions of the Turkish scholarship , so we will try to present them to you in a coordinated manner, and start with the specializations of business administration and statistics as follows:

  1. Statistics in Turkish.
  2. Statistics in English.
  3. Business Administration in Turkish
  4. Economy in Turkish.
  5. Economics in English.
  6. Tourism management in Turkish.
  7. Tourism management in English.
  8. Health Department in Turkish.
  9. Marine Facilities Management in Turkish.
  10. Information and document management in Turkish.
  11. Banking and Finance in Turkish.
  12. Banking and Finance in English.
  13. Econometrics in Turkish.
  14. International Trade in Turkish.
  15. Trade and International Operation in English.
  16. International Trade and Finance in Turkish.
  17. International trade and logistics in Turkish.
  18. Management information systems in Turkish.
  19. Management information systems in English.

Literary and artistic disciplines

  1. Radio, television and cinema in Turkish.
  2. Film and TV in Turkish.
  3. Theology of Sharia in Turkish.
  4. Sharia Divinities in English.
  5. Divinities and Sharia in Arabic.
  6. Islamic sciences in Turkish.
  7. Printing and publishing in Turkish.
  8. Psychological guidance and counseling in Turkish.
  9. Turkish language and literature.
  10. Social service in Turkish.
  11. International Relations in Turkish.
  12. International Relations in English.
  13. Public relations and advertising in Turkish.
  14. Political Science and Public Administration in Turkish
  15. Political Science and Public Administration in English.
  16. Political Science and International Relations in Turkish
  17. Political Science and International Relations in English.
  18. History in Turkish.
  19. History in English.
  20. Turkish language press.
  21. Sociology in Turkish.
  22. Sociology in English.
  23. Department of modern Turkish dialects and literature.

Agricultural and urban specializations

  1. Agricultural Economics in Turkish.
  2. Agricultural structures and irrigation in Turkish.
  3. Urban and regional planning in Turkish
  4. Urban and regional planning in English.
  5. Plant nutrition and soil science in Turkish.
  6. Agricultural Biotechnology in Turkish.
  7. Field crops in Turkish.
  8. Zoology in Turkish.
  9. Dairy technology in Turkish.
  10. Garden plants in Turkish.

Medical specialties

  1. Medicine in English at Cerrahpaşa Hospital, Istanbul.
  2. Veterinary medicine at Cerrahpaşa Hospital, Istanbul.
  3. Veterinarian in English.
  4. Physical therapy and rehabilitation in Turkish.
  5. Nursing in Turkish.
  6. Turkish pharmacology.
  7. Medicine in Turkish.
  8. Medicine in English.
  9. Medicine in Istanbul in Turkish.
  10. Dentistry in Turkish
  11. Dentistry in English.
  12. Medical qualification in Turkish.

Scientific disciplines

  1. Computer and educational technologies in Turkish.
  2. Chemistry in Turkish.
  3. Chemistry in English.
  4. Transportation and logistics in Turkish.
  5. Mathematics in Turkish.
  6. Mathematics in English.
  7. Run in English.
  8. Operation of marine facilities in English.
  9. Operating facilities and international trade in English.
  10. Biology in Turkish.
  11. Biology in English.
  12. Physics in Turkish.
  13. Physics in English.

Engineering majors

  1. Electrical Electronic Engineering in Turkish.
  2. Electrical electronic engineering in english.
  3. Environmental engineering in Turkish.
  4. Geoengineering in Turkish.
  5. Geological engineering in english.
  6. Bioengineering in Turkish.
  7. Biomedical engineering in Turkish.
  8. Biomedical engineering in english.
  9. Food engineering in Turkish.
  10. Food Engineering in English.
  11. Electrical engineering in Turkish.
  12. Chemical engineering in Turkish.
  13. Chemical Engineering in English.
  14. Architecture in Turkish.
  15. Architecture in English.
  16. Mechanical Engineering in Turkish.
  17. Maritime Transport Management Engineering in English.
  18. Communications and Electronics Engineering in Turkish.
  19. Communications and Electronics Engineering in English.
  20. Mechanical engineering in Turkish.
  21. Mechanical Engineering in English.
  22. Structural engineering in Turkish.
  23. Structural Engineering in English.
  24. Environmental engineering in english.
  25. Control engineering and automation in Turkish.
  26. Automation and Automation Engineering in English.
  27. Naval and Ship Technology Engineering in Turkish.
  28. Leather engineering in Turkish.
  29. Geomatics engineering in English.
  30. Computer engineering in Turkish.
  31. Computer engineering in English.
  32. Cartography in Turkish.
  33. Cartography in English.
  34. Forest engineering in Turkish
  35. Geomatics engineering in Turkish.
  36. Metallurgical Engineering in Turkish.
  37. Metallurgical Engineering in English.
  38. Water Products Engineering in Turkish.
  39. Water Products Engineering in English.
  40. Materials engineering and encroachment in Turkish.
  41. Materials engineering and mining in english.
  42. Textile engineering in Turkish.
  43. Textile engineering in english.
  44. Petroleum and natural gas engineering in english.
  45. Ship engine operation engineering in Turkish.
  46. Ship engine engineering in English.
  47. Ship engine engineering and shipbuilding in Turkish.
  48. Mechatronic Engineering in Turkish.
  49. Mechatronic Engineering in English.
  50. Communication systems engineering in Turkish.
  51. Energy systems engineering in Turkish.
  52. Agricultural machinery engineering and technology in Turkish
  53. Maritime Transport Management Engineering in Turkish.

educational specialties

  1. Teaching special education in Turkish.
  2. Teaching science the scientific method in Turkish.
  3. Teaching physics in Turkish.
  4. Teaching chemistry in Turkish.
  5. Teaching Biology in Turkish.
  6. Turkish education.
  7. Teaching mathematics in Turkish.
  8. Pre-school education in Turkish.
  9. Child development in Turkish.
  10. Class teacher in Turkish

Turkish Masters Scholarships 2020

The Turkish scholarship specializations are many and varied with regard to bachelor’s studies, but for master’s and doctoral studies, the specializations are somewhat less, and this is considered one of the defects of the Turkish scholarship , but it still includes most of what Arab students want, and below we learn about the most important types of masters and the field of study in the Turkish scholarship:

  1. Master's in Natural Sciences: This type includes a master's study in the following sciences: chemistry, physics, biology, astronomy and earth sciences, in other words, all sciences related to natural phenomena.
  2. Master of Administrative Sciences: This type of master includes the study of the following concepts: primary and advanced management sciences, or marketing and finance sciences.
  3. Master's degree in Environmental Protection and Resources: This type of master's study is a bit new, and its study includes environmental resources and how to preserve them.
  4. Master of Architectural Studies: This type of master's study specializes in studying how to draw architecture, how to plan large spaces, and home technology.
  5. Master of Human Studies: This type includes the study of all humanities and social sciences related to practical need, in other words, a master's degree in human resources.
  6. Master of Design: The Master of Design includes studying how to design tools and machines, as it is an industry-related specialization.
  7. Master of Technology Science: His studies include computer science and digital technologies.
  8. Master of Marketing: It is a famous specialization that aims to enable the student to enter the labor market.
  9. Master of Journalism and Media: This specialization focuses on all skills related to journalism, and professional ethics.
  10. Master of Laws: This major includes the study of domestic law, international law, commercial and interstate relations, and global business transactions.
  11. Master of Engineering Science: One of the most important specializations of the Turkish Master’s Scholarship is the study of engineering designs, mathematics and electrical sciences related to the engineering field.
  12. Master of Economics: This specialization includes the study of economic skills and general economic policies.
  13. Master of Arts: It includes the study of areas related to culinary arts and literature.

specializations of the Turkish scholarship are considered comprehensive for all fields and specializations available in the European and Arab world. The scholarship provides all kinds of engineering, all kinds of medicine, literary and intellectual studies, scientific studies, and agricultural specializations in a broader and more comprehensive field. The only difference lies in the disciplines of master and doctoral studies.