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Studying foreigners in Turkish private schools

Studying foreigners in Turkish private schools

July 05, 2023
Study in Turkey
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In this article, we will discuss the study of foreigners in Turkish private schools, as Turkey is a destination for many around the world, either for the purpose of work, stability or immigration, which puts them in front of a choice in introducing their children to Turkish schools, and the majority prefer international private schools over others, as they have many advantages in addition to The advantage of learning the Turkish language in English, which facilitates integration into society in the future.

Advantages of Turkish private schools

Pre-university education in Turkey is of high quality and low cost. As for special curricula and programs, they support the study of foreigners in Turkish private schools, because Turkish private schools have systems that foreigners prefer, in addition to that they have many advantages, including :

  1. International curricula, where private schools offer a variety of curricula in line with foreign curricula and combine many elements from several systems. These curricula are often more compatible with the requirements of the global market and contribute to the expansion of skills and knowledge and the development of the student's personality towards progress and success.
  2. Learning languages. It is known that private schools offer education in different languages, most of which are in English. You also find some schools that specialize in certain nationalities and offer curricula in their own language, such as Russian or French. However, private schools teach the Turkish language to help integrate the student into society, increase communication skills and learn about Turkish culture.
  3. The special grading system that can be said to be fair and motivating and goes beyond the classical system in the progression of the student through the grades.
  4. A global environment and this is one of the most important advantages of private schools that contain a lot of diverse nationalities, which contributes to multiculturalism and helps the student develop his view of different cultures and increases tolerance, respect, empathy with others and acceptance of difference, and this environment helps in adapting to a global work environment in the future.
  5. Extracurricular activities Each private school has its own rich and varied programs outside the framework of academic programs such as music, art and dance programs and other programs that develop the student's talents and develop his own interests that help in acquiring general knowledge.
  6. Intensive care In private schools, each student is given adequate attention and assistance to students who need support and reinforcement according to their weaknesses. In addition, intensive training workshops are provided for any subject that the student needs to repeat.

The best private Turkish schools

If you are a foreigner residing in Turkey and want to enroll your children in private Turkish schools, you must translate his latest certificate into Turkish with the original copy and a copy of the passport in order to obtain the so-called school diploma equivalency from the Ministry of Education and then go to the school you want and here you have many There are options for each stage of study, so one has to choose the school carefully, and here we will show the best private schools in Turkey.

Ambassador International School Bagcilar

It is considered one of the most popular schools favored by Arabs and offers a program based on American standards. Islamic subjects are offered in both Arabic and English, and the subjects are taught in the three languages, Arabic, Turkish and English.

Istanbul International School in Buyuk chimka

It is one of the most important schools in Istanbul, especially for foreign students, as the main language of instruction is English and includes different stages.

MEF International Schools

It is a co-educational day school that includes students from more than 57 nationalities and includes different levels of study. The school is located on the hills of Ortakoy and has many service facilities. The language of instruction is Turkish and English.

TBS British Schools

They are leading schools in Turkey that combine the Turkish national curricula with the British curricula. Classes are designed to accommodate only 15 students each.

Pushkin Russian School

This school is located in Sultangazi region and contributes to the preservation of the Russian language and culture. It presents in the programs the history of Russian literature and art for Russian speakers, as well as teaches the Turkish language.

Amina Ornic Schools

It was founded in 1998 and offers education in more than one foreign language and has more than one international membership such as CIS (Council of International Schools) and ECIS (European Council of International Schools).

Studying at the primary level

The primary stage is compulsory and the duration of study in it is four years, i.e. from the first to the fourth grade. It is also referred to as the first level, as most schools include the first two stages in one stage. In general, there are some basic subjects that all schools have in common, such as mathematics, Turkish language, science and social studies in addition to languages The foreign language that differs from one school to another with additional materials tracing the affiliation of the school and the students.

middle school education

It is also obligatory and the duration of study in it is four years. It is from the fifth grade to the eighth grade. It is called the second level, at the end of which the student obtains an education diploma. Also, most schools are similar in the basic subjects.

Studying at the secondary level

The duration of the study in it is four years, and it is from the ninth grade to the twelfth grade. It is considered one of the complex stages. At the end of the intermediate stage, a test is conducted to find out which type of school is the best in terms of general, vocational or technical education in order to prepare students for life in accordance with their skills and abilities. Students usually attend six classes Every day, each lasts 40 minutes. After the end of the stage, the student can take a final exam. This test has an impact on university admission. In addition to obtaining a high school diploma, there is a two- part test related to joining a Turkish university.

As for the IB Foundation, it is an institution that was established in Geneva in 1968. This institution was called the International Baccalaureate Organization, but its name was changed in 2007. It contains a global framework for curricula for students who enroll for education in a country other than their own. The International Baccalaureate works with governments and non-governmental organizations to serve as an advisory center As a non-governmental organization in the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, it offers four programs:

  1. International Baccalaureate Diploma Program
  2. IB-related vocational program for students aged 15-19 years
  3. International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program for students aged 11-16 years
  4. International Baccalaureate Program for children aged 3 to 12 years

There are 88 international IB schools in Turkey, of which 79 are in English and 34 provide instruction in Turkish and English or other languages.

The tenth grade students begin the preparatory study for this certificate, where they enter a course that helps them learn about the International Baccalaureate program and increases the progress and development of the individual student. After that, he chooses the groups he would like to join. These groups are

  1. The field of language and literature
  2. Second language and literature course
  3. Individuals and Societies, Economics, Philosophy, Psychology.
  4. Biology, Chemistry and Physics
  5. Mathematics and Mathematical Methods

There is also an approved course for school curricula, and the study should last for 100 hours spread over two years. After completing the study, the student prepares the graduation thesis from one of these groups, in cooperation with his teachers, on the way to obtaining the International Baccalaureate diploma.

There is no doubt that studying foreigners in private schools is better for them for many of the reasons we mentioned, as Turkey contains a huge number of foreigners who often come with their families, so they prefer to provide high-level, multilingual international education to ensure a better future for them.