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University education in Turkey

University education in Turkey

April 26, 2022
Study in Turkey
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University education has flourished in Turkey, especially in recent years, due to the great interest shown by the Turkish government in universities that are distributed all over Turkey .

Many of Turkey's universities have been famous for obtaining distinguished international recognition, as 6 universities, including 6 different universities, have been ranked among the top 500 universities around the world .

Therefore, university education in Turkey has become a dream for students who wish to study in prestigious universities, whether they are from inside or outside Turkey, and to clarify more about this idea, we will mention in this article the most important features that make Turkish universities the focus of everyone's attention .


What makes university education in Turkey so special ?


Many factors play an important role in the development of Turkish universities over the years, and perhaps the most important of these factors are :


Appropriate tuition fee


The Turkish government is working hard to make university education on its territory available to all, by reducing tuition fees in exchange for obtaining a high and prestigious level of education, in addition to the fact that the cost of living in Turkey is acceptable compared to the cost of living in other major countries, which is a good reason to choose to study in its universities .

University fees in Turkey vary from one university to another, starting from $1,000 in public universities and up to $20,000 in private universities .

It is worth noting that if the student obtains high grades, this may qualify him for grants that cover all his expenses .


Providing housing


Most universities in Turkey provide housing units equipped with all the services the student needs to help him obtain a suitable environment for study .

Easy access to Turkish universities


Turkish universities are spread in all cities and regions of Turkey, and are linked by a modern transportation network that is available around the clock, in addition to students receiving special tariffs during their travels .


Providing all types of facilities on campus


Turkish universities provide many advanced laboratories and libraries that contain everything students need during their research processes, in addition to providing recreational, sports and cultural facilities


Getting to know other cultures


Due to the advantages that university education in Turkey has, it attracts huge numbers of foreign students annually, which gives an opportunity for more cultural diversity as a result of this cultural integration among Turkish university students .


The high quality of the education system in Turkey


University education in Turkey competes with the most important educational systems in some European countries, and this is according to British studies, which praised the quality of Turkish education, which depends on the multi-choice system and is rich in modern science and technology, and it is the same standards adopted by the most important educational systems around the world .


Providing education in English in Turkish universities


Turkish public and private universities rely on the use of the English language in their educational system, which primarily serves foreign students, especially those who have difficulty learning the Turkish language .

This is in addition to the many other advantages that university education in Turkey enjoys, such as the independence and uniqueness of its universities in making decisions, in addition to the exceptional partnerships that bring together Turkish universities and American and European universities, which makes Turkish university degrees a gateway to various job opportunities around the world. It has great global recognition, and many other advantages that make Turkish universities take a special place in the first ranks among the advanced universities around the world .

Thus, we have mentioned most of the advantages of university studies in Turkey, and we will now talk about the most important universities in Turkey .



What are the most important Turkish universities ?


The list goes on to talk about the most important Turkish universities, but we can list the most important ones in these ten universities :

Middle East Technical University .

Sabanagi University .

Istanbul Technical University .

Koç University .

Ankara University .

Bilkent University .

Bogazici University .

Gazi University .

Aegean University .

Anadolu University .

Each of the Turkish universities has special admission criteria that it sets annually. We will mention the most important of them in the following paragraph :



What are the conditions for admission to Turkish universities ?


Obtaining an internationally recognized high school diploma is a major condition for admission to Turkish universities

As for the high school certificate rate, some public universities require an average of up to 80%, while private universities do not require this, as students with an average of more than 50% can register in Turkish private universities in all disciplines except for medical specialties that require more than 75%

It is worth noting that being satisfied with obtaining a high school certificate gives you admission only to Turkish public universities of the same level

The humble will not qualify you to study in prestigious Turkish universities, in which study requires high qualifications, such as passing the following two exams :


                         yos exam

It consists of 80 questions about mathematics, intelligence and engineering, and the student can take courses that explain the exam curriculum in many Turkish education centers, and one of the advantages of this exam is that it is conducted in the language of the student's choice .


SAT exam

It is intended to test students' skills in English in addition to literature, science and mathematics .

Where the test is based on English grammar for a period of 70 minutes, then there is a written expression test that lasts for 60 minutes, which is writing an essay in English on a topic chosen by the student, in addition to questions about mathematics, biology, physics and chemistry .

The certificate of this exam is considered universal and can open the doors of the most prestigious Turkish universities for you .

As for the method of applying to Turkish universities, it is done through the official university website, free of charge, but it may include low fees, and it is worth noting that they differ between public universities and private universities .


How is registration in Turkish universities ?


To register in Turkish public universities, the student enters the official website of the university and then inserts the required documents (statement of grades/high school diploma/passport/leave document of one of the Turkish or English languages). Some Turkish universities may request some other documents as a document for passing the YOS test The SAT that we talked about previously, after which a comparison is made between them and they are accepted in a period of up to a month, and in the event that there are additional vacancies, the comparison is made again among the students .

As for registration in Turkish private universities, it is done more easily, as no additional exams are required or a high rate, and the student can register in any specialization he wants, through the official agent of the university .

After you enroll in one of the public and private universities in Turkey, you will be eligible to enter a series of university education stages in Turkey .


What are the stages of university education in Turkey ?


The stages of university education in Turkey are divided into four stages :

Qualifying Education Program : The duration of the study is two years

Bachelor's : Where this stage extends from 4 to 6 years, depending on the specialization .

Masters : The duration of the study is from one and a half to two years .

PhD : Which extends the period of study to obtain her degree four years .

Thus, we have mentioned in this article the most important characteristic of university education in Turkey, in addition to mentioning the most important Turkish universities, the criteria for admission to private and public universities, the method of registration in them, and the last stages that the student passes through during his university studies at a university in Turkey .