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University entrance exam in Turkey

University entrance exam in Turkey

April 26, 2022
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The university entrance exam in Turkey, and because Turkish universities are among the best universities that are characterized by a high level and quality in all fields, many students from different countries of the world apply to study there, but before joining it, foreign students must enter the university entrance exam, which is the YOS exam, and they must Obtain the rate determined by the university in order to be accepted.


University entrance exam in Turkey

The university entrance exam in Turkey is not a difficult exam and it is easy for most students to pass.

  • Exam (abbreviated yabanci uyruklu ögrenci sinavi) , a test for non-Turkish students.
  • This test is done by Turkish public universities so that students who want to study in it are accepted, and it is local and is not recognized internationally.
  • Turkish public universities do not require a specific rate for the student to enroll in the YOS exam, but it is entered for everyone who holds a high school diploma.
  • Each university sets a specific date to take the YOS exam for its students, and some universities accept the exam for other universities.
  • The IOS test for Istanbul University and Ankara University is recognized in all private as well as public universities.
  • Universities hold the YOS exam starting from the third month and continues until the fifth month in some universities.
  • The YOS exam is done in mathematical subjects, so the language does not constitute an obstacle to the student's understanding of the question.
  • Most Turkish universities work to translate exam questions into Arabic and English as well in order to facilitate the students.
  • The translation of some universities is not good in the Arabic language, so it is preferable for the student to choose the English language or the Turkish language, but the translation of Ankara and Istanbul University is very good.


Subjects for admission test in Turkish universities

Turkish universities specify several topics for the student to take the university entrance exam in Turkey .

  • The university determines the topics of geometry, mathematics questions, logic and intelligence questions in order to choose the Yös test.
  • At the beginning of 2016, Turkish universities have developed other topics that the YOS exam student can take the exam with, such as math problems.
  • Universities put 5 questions in engineering topics, 40 questions in mathematics, 35 questions in intelligence.
  • Each university also follows a specific method in sorting students and knowing their abilities, as it makes a comparison for them through the results of these matters.

Admission tests in Turkish universities

Exams differ from one university to another, although the exam topics are similar within some universities, but there are universities that add some other topics.

  • Before the beginning of 2016, all universities used to set the university entrance exam in Turkey, a standardized exam in the same subjects on the same day as well, and they only required a baccalaureate certificate.
  • In conjunction with the large number of students accepting Turkish universities, each university is taking its own exam.
  • It is also possible to conflict because each university does an examination in fields that are somewhat different from the other university, the student must choose carefully the field and the university that suits his abilities.
  • Each university sets its admission requirements according to several things, namely its level, local recognition, as well as its global ranking.
  • There is a company called Tawjihi Company and it works to put the student on the right path so that he can choose the appropriate branch according to his abilities.
  • There are as few as 3 universities that place chemistry, natural sciences and physics subjects on the entrance exam.
  • These universities report on this through their website, there are some universities that ask for the Leos test that they evaluate for admission to the front, and there are other universities that can accept the Istanbul University test.


Places to choose admission in Turkey

Turkish public universities determine a number of places in which the university entrance examination is held in Turkey .

  • The Turkish government establishes many specialized places that work to help the student prepare for the selection of admission, the most important of which is the Metropol Center.
  • A certain period is set in order to prepare for the YOS test, which is from seven months to eight months, and it can be reduced according to the student’s intelligence and quality.
  • The student can take an intensive course of up to four months, and the value of the preparatory course varies from place to place.
  • There are some places that offer grants that may reach up to 100% such as the Alpha Center, and the value of these courses at the Metropol Center is about $900.


SAT 1 Turkish Universities Admission Test Sections

There are three sections that are compulsory sections, these sections are mathematics, writing, reading, and there is an optional section, which is the essay.

Admission to universities in Turkey, reading section in the English language:

  • This selection is accepted for those who can read a group of long English texts and can answer the questions related to them.
  • These questions are in the vocabulary of a group of sciences such as social sciences and humanities, as well as literary novels, and they are somewhat pigmented and must be prepared for.
  • There are many books that can help students to pass this test as they contain 3500 words.

The time given by the university to take this test is 65 minutes for reading with 52 questions that must be answered within this time.

Admission to universities in Turkey, Department of Writing in the English Language

  • A set of short texts is read and then a set of multiple-choice questions are answered, in addition to grammar questions in the English language.
  • The university gives the student 35 minutes to make this choice with up to 44 questions.

Admission to universities in Turkey, Department of Mathematics

  • This choice is highly dependent on the information previously studied within the baccalaureate stage.
  • The questions vary between geometry, algebra and statistics, and there are many axes that the student takes the test with, which are:

1.Number and Operation.

2.Algebra and Functions.

3.Geometry and Measurement.

4.Data analysis and Statistics and probability.

  • The university gives the student 80 minutes to take a math exam with a total of 58 questions.

Admission to Turkish universities, essay writing section

This section is optional, but when the student joins it, he must write literary articles on any topic set by the test administration.

  • The student is given about 50 minutes to take this test and write the essay on the topic presented by the university administration.
  • There are several universities that accept the SAT test, and they are few, and this choice has three main parts:

1.Mathematics section.

2.critical reading section.

3.writing Section.

  • The student of the SAT test must be very familiar with the English language, and this is because it is the official language for studying the SAT curricula.
  • The SAT exams are done during 6 dates each year, $40 is paid for the test and $14 is for the essay test.

There are a number of other fees for those who are late in registering, but the college administrations are working to exempt low-income students from these fees.

In this article, we have mentioned all the information that the student needs about the university entrance exam in Turkey , where we touched on the departments and sciences in which the test is conducted as well as where it is held and many other things.