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The most important majors of the University of Uskudar

The most important majors of the University of Uskudar

October 04, 2022
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Your interest in getting to know a university motivates you to study its most important specialties, so we have prepared an article about the specializations of the University of Uskudar because we know that it is a topic that occupies the minds of students who are thinking of studying at this university and planning to join it, and we have prepared in this article all the information related to the strength of university majors and the advantages of studying at Uskudar University Special in Istanbul and the most important information on this topic.

Fanar Study puts this detailed report in your hands to be your comprehensive guide to learn about the specializations of one of the most prestigious Turkish universities, and to shorten your time and effort so that we do not leave an inquiry that interests you unless we mentioned it here.

A useful follow-up and an enjoyable reading, we wish you

Faculties and specializations of Uskudar University Istanbul
This university is distinguished by the diversity of its faculties and university majors available to students, which can be talked about according to what we have explained in the following paragraphs:

Undergraduate specializations Uskudar University in Istanbul
The university offers the following undergraduate majors:

Human Medicine
Engineering in all its fields: chemical, computer, biological, electrical, electronic, industrial...etc
architecture and design
Political Science and International Relations
Forensic science
the press
New media and communication
Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation
Speech and language therapy
visual communication design
Master's Degrees in Uskudar
Among the most important master’s majors available at this distinguished university:

Clinical Psychology
Applied Psychology
Crime scene and criminology
Forensic Medicine
Criminal justice
Forensic Biology
Pediatric Health Nursing
Information Security
child development
Community Mental Health Nursing
Hospital management
Women's health and obstetrical nursing
Strength factors of disciplines at the University of Uskudar
The university has many strength factors that benefit the specializations of the University of Uskudar because they make studying there more enjoyable and beneficial, and these factors that belong to the university are:

Specialized University Hospitals
Uskudar University is an official partner in each of the following hospitals:

NB Brain Hospital in Istanbul
NB Ettler Medical Center
NB Fanar Yolo Medical Center
Medical College Campus
Laboratories and scientific research centers
In addition to its distinguished facilities, the university owns a number of laboratories and scientific laboratories, as well as centers dedicated to scientific research, the most important of which are:

Medical Skills and Training Center
Neuroscience "Clinical Laboratory"
Neurotechnical Practice Lab
dental prosthodontics lab
the computer
Nutrition principles
University policy and outlook for science and study research
What distinguishes the study of the specializations of the University of Uskudar is that it has a clear policy and outlines the features of great interest in scientific research by the university administration, and the preparation of theoretical and practical applications to ensure the success of the study process according to the following points:

Supporting student development at the local and global levels
Continuous development in the fields of scientific research and funding of various studies and research projects
Continuously improving the curricula, theoretically and practically
Working on preparing an appropriate study research environment to follow the developments of science with the technical and modern development that the world is witnessing
Supporting the arts, developing students' skills and refining their experiences
Working on making use of scientific materials to convert them into economic value in the labor market.
The university’s advanced ranking locally and globally
Since the founding of the university in 2011, the university began to focus on strengthening its presence in front of other universities, and its competitive presence, and in a short time it was able to reach the local ranking of 116 at the level of Turkey in 2022, as well as at the world level, the university ranks among the first two thousand universities at the level of world, they are in the 1959 ranking.

The university initially plans to be among the first 100 Turkish universities, and the first 1000 universities in the world, and prepares to achieve this goal a modern scientific policy, develops its curricula, and prepares the infrastructure and superstructures to build an integrated system that helps achieve the goals of the university

The university's advanced ranking supports academic disciplines and makes the name "Uskudar University" a high and strong rank, adding to the strength of its university majors.

In this article, we have informed you about the most important specialties of the University of Uskudar in accurate detail, and we have made sure that we talk about everything related to this information to provide an integrated picture on this subject, putting in your hands our years-long experience in university services in order to help you choose your university specializations that are suitable for you, as well as To register at Uskudar University and all other services that are required for students coming to study in Turkey.