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Why study in Turkey

Why study in Turkey

May 26, 2022
Study in Turkey
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Some may ask Why study in Turkey, Turkey is considered the ideal destination for the most students wishing to study abroad, as there are several reasons that made it the destination for many students around the world, and Turkey includes a number of universities, and six Turkish universities were chosen to be among the top 500 universities globally.

Why study in Turkey

Turkish universities occupied prestigious international and local ranks, and in order to answer the question of why study in Turkey?, we must mention several reasons that made the Turkish state a preferred place for students from different countries of the world to go to study, and among the most important of these reasons are: follows:

 Turkish government support for the study process in Turkey.

The Turkish government supports education in particular, university fees and the cost of living are much cheaper than European countries and the United States of America, and the high quality of study makes you reach a prestigious position, and the Turkish government provides a distinguished and qualified teaching staff in its universities.

Why study in Turkey?; Because it creates a large world of Persians in order to obtain the skills that students need so that they can catch up with progress, Turkey's universities include the best doctors in various disciplines from different nationalities around the world.

2 - The quality of higher education

Turkey ranks second in the world in terms of higher education, and has 94.2 percent of the education rate, and the country is implementing the Bologna Agreement in the field of higher education, as it obtained five points out of five in the evaluation of this agreement, which states that the certificate Which the student obtains from Turkish universities recognized in all European countries, in addition to the state providing many student exchange programs.

3- Diversity of universities and programs

The population of Turkey is about 82 million, and the Turkish state includes about 207 universities, in addition to the number of students, which is about 8 million students. In this way, Turkey was able to occupy the first place at the level of European countries in the field of higher education.

It includes the existing universities, in addition to various educational programs useful for all students from different countries of the world, and this is the most important reason that answers the question of why study in Turkey?

4- Turkey is a multicultural country

Over the years, Turkey has been able to embrace many Arab civilizations, which made it a beautiful painting that includes diverse cultures. This country includes an endless number of civilizations. When going to Turkey, the student will get to know people of his origin and race.

He will find someone who speaks his own language, making it a suitable environment for students to compensate for the mother environment in which they grew up.

5- Turkey is a student-friendly country

In the truest sense of the word, with universities in every city, students can come together through social clubs, sports teams and cultural events in each university; This makes remote locations seem close, and when you come to Turkey you will find that the most important part of the city is the place for students to mingle.

The city is active 24 hours a day thanks to the cafes, restaurants and offices that the students participate in.

6- Turkey is a university city for science and technology that keeps pace with the times

You can go to any of the 207 universities in Turkey, and you will find that they are all supported by the latest technology, and you will live the life of a modern university city.

7- Comfortable living conditions

Compared to many countries, life in Turkey is more convenient; They can meet your needs in terms of high-quality housing, food, beverages and entertainment, you can live in a university residence or accommodation close to the university, or you can get suitable housing at a reasonable monthly rent.

You can also choose the appropriate means of transportation for yourself, and you will find that you can buy discount tickets, and you can also get discounted prices for the movies you want to watch in the cinema. Turkey is also one of the countries with convenient transportation; Because it is located between the Asian continent and the European continent.

You can also choose the path that suits you as you like, and explore Turkey, there are countless places to visit, and you can use the fastest and most convenient means of transportation to reach your growing place and your way. Through Al-Fanar Company.

8- Accredited certificates and distinguished teaching staff

Faculty members in Turkish universities provide you with a lot of opportunities to acquire the necessary skills to keep pace with the era of globalization. Turkish universities have the best teaching staff in all disciplines of different nationalities from all over the world.

The degrees and certificates granted by Turkish universities are recognized in most parts of the world, and you can consult the relevant education authorities in your country/region to learn more about the recognition of Turkish degrees.

9- Modern college campuses

At the university, the Turkish state provides a university campus that contains libraries, laboratories and places to conduct research and study in order to reach all the information. The student in Turkey will also enjoy the sports and cultural facilities, clubs, and various entertainment facilities provided by the Turkish government in Turkish universities.

10- Accommodation

Most Turkish universities largely have student housing of all kinds, in addition to major university cities, rent apartments and hostels for students, and university housing is available to everyone and its price varies according to the type of rooms and the number of individuals, as well as drinks and food provided to students.

External housing is also available for students who want to live outside university cities at 500 Turkish lira as an average price. Turkish universities offer good and varied food at reasonable prices for everyone, in addition to cafes and restaurants on campus, and the average cost of living for a student in Turkey ranges between 500-600 At least one US dollar.

Expenses may vary according to the lifestyle enjoyed by the student, and the expenses of books and administrative fees for the university are approximately 100 to 150 US dollars per study period.

11- Availability of scientific research

In Turkey there are 70,000 scientific researchers, in addition to the rest, and the number of researchers has increased to 150 thousand, but this number is not enough, because if we look, for example, at Germany, which has a population of about 82.5 million, we find that this number includes more than 500,000 Researcher, it is worth noting that Turkey raised the budget for scientific research to 8.5 billion liras in 2009, so it is faster than the OECD countries in doubling the funding of research and scientific research.

12- The hospitable people

The hospitable Turkish people The distinguished hospitality of the Turkish people has become a novelty in all the languages of the world, and as a student if you ask anyone for help, he will do everything in his power to help you, smile, and the Turks will welcome you as their guest, and offer you many things that make you happy; So please make sure you don't feel homesick when you are in Turkey, as 31% of the country's population is between 12-24 years old and Turkish people are hospitable people who take that from their deep roots.

In the end, did you know why studying in Turkey, contact us through Al-Fanar company and we will provide you with more answers to the question, why study in Turkey.