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Working in Turkey for students

Working in Turkey for students

April 26, 2022
Student life in Turkey
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Turkey is considered one of the most prominent countries in the world in terms of the quality of education, as it recorded remarkable progress in terms of the progress of scientific research and the quality of education, according to all statistics. Among the conditions that young people face in Arab countries, many young people have chosen to complete their study trip and academic education in Turkey, as well as the possibility of working part-time to cover study expenses there, and gain experience and experience, and for this in this article we will discuss the reasons that push you to study in Turkey, and study grants in Turkey , as well as a work permit for a student in Turkey, and we will also give you websites to search for jobs in Turkey .

Part-time work for students :

The heavy burdens that the student faces during the period of his studies in Turkey push him to ask about part-time work alongside his studies and the balance between them to cover some of the costs of study, and to help bear those costs. And here we must point out the necessity of learning the Turkish language, as it is the key that will open the door for you to work alongside studying in Turkey and expand the circle of job opportunities that you will get, where you can apply for a work permit that is taken out by the employer next to the student’s residence, and if it is completed Approval of the application can start working part-time and continue his studies at the same time .

The best websites to search for a job in Turkey

Turkey has witnessed a significant growth in the number of jobs available, and this is linked to the high growth of the Turkish economy, as well as considering Turkey among the new industrial countries, as well as the great technological development that the world has known in general, and Turkey in particular, and with this development websites have also developed to obtain jobs from your home, as well as providing men Businesses looking for manpower, and these sites are :

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It is considered the most famous job search site in the whole world and not only in Turkey, and the LinkedIn account has become an electronic resume for job seekers .


It is the first job site in Turkey, which since its inception in 1999 has been able to assist in the employment of one and a half million employees .


This site is very popular with businessmen and job seekers alike, and it is organized according to cities in Turkey and the educational qualifications of the applicant .


It is known among the Turkish ranks as the Facebook of work, because it provides communication relations between employees and job seekers, and this communication takes place within the framework of providing advice to the job seeker about the nature of work in the company .


It is one of the oldest sites to search for a job, and it is also one of the most famous sites to search for a job in Turkey, and the user can find on this site jobs in various fields and in all kinds of large and small companies .



Reasons for studying in Turkey :

Quality of Education in Turkey :

The quality and prestige of education in Turkey is one of the most important reasons why most young people go to study in Turkey, as we talked about at the beginning of the article .

Diversity of educational programs and universities :

Turkey includes a group of universities estimated at 207, as well as more than 60,000 different educational programs, and with these numbers, you must find a university and an educational program that suits you .

Cultural diversity in Turkey :

Many ancient civilizations and different cultures passed through Turkey, which made Turkey a country with several different cultures, and everyone respected each other, which made it one of the most prominent tourist destinations .

The charming beauty of Turkey and its picturesque nature : •

As we said, Turkey is one of the most prominent tourist destinations that attract the attention of all tourists, as it achieves great numbers in the level of the number of tourists and competes for the first ranks in the field of tourism in the world .

Best country for students :

This is because every city in Turkey has at least a university, and cities become more vibrant when students become social, and are active 24 hours a day thanks to students .

• The hospitable people of Turkey :

And as everyone knows, the Turkish people are famous for their generosity, cooperation and synergy. As a student, if you ask anyone for help, he will help you with the utmost of his energy with a cheerful face, meaning that when you socialize with the Turkish people, you will feel that you are one of them and Turkey is your homeland .

Modern technological universities that keep pace with development :

Turkish universities are distinguished by keeping pace with the latest technology trends, as if you go around all Turkish universities, you will find their support for the latest types of technology and its teaching .


Finally , We hope that you have benefited from some information about studying in Turkey, grants to study there, part-time work permission for international students, job search sites in Turkey, and we wish you success in your journey to study in Turkey .


Advantages of studying with work in Turkey :

Encouraging study environment :

As Turkey is characterized by low cost of living and tuition fees, it is also lower than the cost of most European countries, and you can study in English in some universities .

Part -time work while studying :

As Turkey gives you the right to work part-time legally to cover the study expenses, and there are some universities that study only in the evening shift, so you can take advantage of the morning classes to work .

Accommodation :

You have two options in terms of housing, where you can live in university housing, the fees of which vary according to the type of room and university, or you can share the rent of an apartment with other students, and the average cost of renting an apartment is 500 TL .

Transportation :

All cities of Turkey have plenty of transportation, as buses, minibuses, and the subway are available, and all students can get cheap tariffs, especially inside and outside the cities .


Finally , We hope that you have benefited from some information about studying in Turkey, grants to study there, part-time work permission for international students, job search sites in Turkey, and we wish you success in your journey to study in Turkey .