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  YKS Exam in Turkey

  YKS Exam in Turkey

April 26, 2022
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 The YKS exam in Turkey is one of the most important exams that take place in Turkey. The word YKS is an abbreviation of a Turkish sentence, which means an entrance exam for a higher education institution. More clearly, it is an exam for the end of high school and the entire secondary stage for Turkish students. This test measures the different abilities of students in each of the areas of mathematics Language, science, and science, and according to the results of this test, the students' averages in each subject are qualified to enter the university .


What do you know about the YKS exam in Turkey

There are many students in Turkey, whether nationals or other Arabs, who go to Turkey to study for free scholarships or others, and ask about this exam and how important it is .

The YKS exam in Turkey is an exam that the student must take at the end of his study years, specifically at the end of high school .

This exam tests the student in some important subjects such as mathematics, science and language, and the student's level is determined in each of those subjects in order to choose the university that suits his level .

This type of examination did not exist before, but it was established since the beginning of the 2017-2018 academic year .


How to take the YKS exam in Turkey

There are a lot of students in Turkey who want to know the YKS exam in a short and clarified way, and here are the details of this exam :

  1. The YKS exam consists of sessions held over two days from the end of high school studies each year, and the date is usually in mid-June .
  2. The student must book this exam and sit for it between the months of March and February of each year .
  3. This exam consists of three sessions only, and each session is for a specific section .
  4. The first session is about basic skills, the second session is about specific skills, and the third and last session is about languages .



YKS exam and its sections

This exam is divided into three sections, and each section is concerned with a specific specialization. We mentioned that the first session is concerned with basic skills, the second session is concerned with specific skills, and the last session is specialized in languages. We will talk about each session in detail in this part :

  1. The first session, which contains the basic skills, consists of one hundred and twenty questions that are divided and distributed over the subjects studied, which are forty questions for the Turkish language, forty questions for mathematics, five questions that include religion and ethics, five each in geography, history and also philosophy, in addition to twenty scientific questions in Both chemistry, physics and science .
  2. As for the specific skills test, it is divided into two types, a literary section and a mathematical section, and each section in these two sections includes forty questions .
  3. As for the language test, it also includes eighty questions in each of the following languages: German, English, Arabic, Farsi, and French .


Who can take this exam?

This exam includes all Turkish and non-Turkish students, but with great difficulty, foreigners can apply for this exam .

The non-Turkish student applies for this test through the affiliated universities linked to the Higher Education Council, because it contains and gives him a special exam for foreigners called YOS .


Papers and documents required to take the exam

There are some papers and documents that you must bring in order to complete the application process for this test, and these papers are :

  1. One copy of the student's personal identity .
  2. One photo of the student, and clarity is required .
  3. A copy of the certificate proving the student's graduation from high school, which is called the General Secondary Certificate .
  4. The fee that is paid in each section of this exam is only ninety Turkish Liras .
  5. The student pays the amount before entering the exam, through the bank or electronically, through the electronic link for the exam .


How to Apply for YKS Exam

One of the most common questions among students is how to apply for this exam and the easy and simple way that helps to join it. Answer this question in that paragraph :

  1. The student must first make sure that he is registered in the electronic system of OSYM, the institution that takes care of organizing all Turkish exams .
  2. After making sure that he is registered in this system, he must go to the student's page .
  3. All blank data on the page must be filled in in terms of writing the address and residence, and also the examination center is chosen in accordance with the place in which the student resides .
  4. The student can also apply through the OSYM electronic system by reviewing the places closest to home and being able to obtain a code for his page and through that he submits to the exam .


Who has the right to take the YKS exam

The official website called OSYM mentioned the students who have the right to register for this exam and apply for it. Not everyone has the right. Rather, it has conditions that must be present in the applicant, and this is what we will mention in that paragraph :

  1. Students who are very obliged to wait in the upper and final classes .
  2. Students who have successfully completed secondary education .
  3. Also, those who have been nominated by foreigners who do not meet any of the conditions we mentioned above and who have lost their original nationalities for any reason can also apply for the YKS exam .



YKS exam for Syrians who received Turkish scholarships

All Turkish scholarship students coming from Syria are wondering about this exam and whether they can apply for this exam or not :

  1. The decisions of the Turkish administration regarding grants came to talk about this exam and recognized that all students of those grants have the right to enter this exam .
  2. Indeed, the study platform acknowledged this matter and stressed the need for Syrian students present in Turkey and on its soil to go to take the YKS exam .
  3. Syrian students must apply for the YKS test, according to their major .
  4. The aim of Turkish students to take this test is to accurately determine their levels and also to evaluate these students and their requests .
  5. The Turkish Scholarship Administration decided not to evaluate students who failed to attend this exam and ignored it .


At the conclusion of this article, we talked about the YKS exam in Turkey and we talked about everything related to this exam in terms of students who have the right to enter it, the papers that must be brought, how this exam, its system, its sections, and how to apply for it, whether electronic or otherwise .