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Study Public relations in Turkey

The public relations major in Turkey is one of the most diverse, in terms of scientific, applied and professional fields as well. It focuses on the study of public relations skills and media research methods. It is an essential branch in every company and institution. The task of this major is to form a general image of the company and also includes institutions Governmental, non-governmental, for-profit and non-profit, as well as charitable organizations.
In this article, you will find all the information about the public relations specialization in Turkey, its advantages for the duration of its study and the most important universities that study this specialization, as well as the disadvantages of this specialization.

Advantages of studying public relations and advertising in Turkey:
The study of public relations and advertising in Turkish universities is one of the distinguished disciplines, and it has a lot of importance and advantages, including:
Turkey is one of the countries that is witnessing a major movement in the relations associated with various companies and organizations.
A student majoring in public relations at Turkish universities has many practical and theoretical studies
The theoretical study is represented in many advanced academic curricula offered by public relations professors of different nationalities.
 Studying in Turkey is of practical importance, especially in identifying the fields of public relations and developing their functions in all institutions of society.
 Studying in Turkish universities gives students skills in how to find job opportunities through these means.
It works to understand the aspects of dealing with media from the personal and professional skills of the student of this major.

Duration of studying public relations in Turkey:
The number of years of study for the public relations major in Turkey is 4 years, and if the student does not hold a Turkish language certificate, this period is more than one year beyond the basic four years, which is a preparatory year for the Turkish language.

Job opportunities for public relations graduates in Turkey:
A public relations specialist in Turkey can work in several areas, including:
A public relations graduate can work in communications departments in all its fields, such as marketing and advertising.
He can also work as a public relations expert in the public sector, as well as in institutions, companies and organizations.
In the field of foreign relations and even dealing with companies outside the country.
Work in the field of planning and organizing advertising and promotional campaigns.
Supervisor of the activities held by many organizations, centers and cooperations established by institutions.

The most important Turkish universities that study public relations:
There are many Turkish universities that study this specialty, including:
Eden University, taught in Turkish
Bahcesehir University, English language
Gelisim University, Turkish language
Bilgi University, English language
Okan University, Turkish language
Istinye University, Turkey
Uskudar University, Turkey
Medipol University, Turkish and English
Ankara Medipol University, Turkey
Yeni Yuzel University, Turkey

Conditions for studying public relations in Turkey:
Acceptance to study the public relations specialization depends specifically on the success of the American abilities test “YOOS”, in addition to the presence of a high school certificate at a high rate that varies from one university to another, and unfortunately many also require language proficiency, or study a preparatory year before specializing to master it. It does not require students to have any conditions to study it, only the presence of a high school certificate with a minimum average of 50%, along with the language, is sufficient.

Disadvantages of studying public relations in Turkey:
There are also advantages and importance to studying public relations in Turkey, there are also disadvantages, which are:
There are many sections with the same content and with different names.
Many do the same functions with similar partitions.
The number of graduates from similar departments is very high.
The appointments of employees in the state is very limited.

Advantages of studying Public relations in Turkey

What are the conditions for studying a Public relations in Turkey

Study conditions Public relations in private universities in Turkey. You must have a high school diploma 50% at least.
Having a TOEFL certificate or its equivalent to study in the English language. The presence of a Tomer certificate or its equivalent to study in the Turkish language